Singer Sierra Viciously Attacks Photographer

Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Los Angeles, CA – Pop singer Sierra lashed out at a paparazzi photographer who tried to take her picture when she was exiting a nightclub late last night. The ‘Delicious Tempo’ singer kicked, punched and bit the photgrapher during the scuffle.

Horrified onlookers called the police. “She wouldn’t stop. They couldn’t pull her away from the guy. She was so incredibly strong. We couldn’t believe it.”

A spokesperson for Sierra said she was under “extreme stress” due to her long rehearsals for the upcoming biopic about Innsmouth native and silent star Filipa Darlo.

Insiders on the set of the movie said Sierra is moody and often aggressive to crew members. Lily Van Allen, who was playing Darlo’s sister, has reportedly walked away from the project after Sierra threatened her with, of all weapons, a shoe.

“She wears these really high-heeled red shoes. Very pretty. But she had taken them off for a scene and Lily was looking at them. Just looking. Well, Sierra saw her and accused her of trying to steal her property. Then she grabbed one of the shoes and brandished it high, swinging it and hitting Lily on the arm. I thought she was going to kill her. My God, the look in her eyes.”

Sierra’s spokesperson denied these allegations, saying that Sierra does own a pair of antique, red shoes she purchased from Filipa Darlo’s estate auction, but the rest of the story is “pure rubbish.”

Fan boards are rife with criticism against Sierra, but she does have her defenders. Some fans allege this is all a publicity stunt for the movie or claim that Sierra is merely “keeping in character” and emulating the 1920s movie star who once tried to run over a lover who had jilted her.

Most people, however, are questioning Sierra’s mental state. Dozens of popular blogs mention phrases like “mental breakdown” and “losing it.” There’s even a Sierra Looney Watch website, which chronicles the star’s recent scuffles, complete with unflattering pictures and videos, including snapshots of the photographer who was recently attacked.

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