Shivers and Sighs Week: Interview: Lynsay Sands

Lynsay Sands is a Canadian bestselling author of many romance novels. The 16th book in her Argenau paranormal romance series, which focuses on a family of vampires, is scheduled to be published this spring.

IFP: When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

LS: When I was old enough to pick up a pen and string words together. That’s not really a joke. I’ve been writing full stories (like 60 page stories and longer) since I was 12. Most kids were out playing, whereas, I was sitting at my desk in my walk-in closet, writing out my current story.

IFP: How did you try your hand at writing vampire stories?

LS: It was a fluke that I even came up with them. I never intended to write vamps and don’t even read them, but one night, two writer friends and I were chatting on MSN. One of them was Christine Feehan, who writes the Dark series; the other is Melanie Jackson, who didn’t write vamps, but suggested the three of us should write an anthology together for Halloween. CF could do a dark story, I could do humorous and Melanie would do her own version. I was known for humorous historicals at that time, and I laughed and said if we did that, you know my vamp would have to faint at the sight of blood or something. I threw out a couple of more ideas we laughed over, then we changed the subject. We never did the anthology, but the ideas stuck with me and I finally had to write them down. The minute my editor heard I was writing it, he asked to see it and then contracted for the first three books. It really was just a strange turn of events.

IFP: What is the hardest part about writing a series?

LS: Hmm…the hardest part is keeping track of all my characters. It does get to be a problem at times, especially now that there are so many characters in the Argeneau series, but generally, I do pretty well at keeping it straight. The occasional mistake has made it into the books, but no one’s perfect and that includes myself and my editors. Besides, readers tend to enjoy pointing it out!

IFP: We are here for Valentine’s Day. So, let us talk about love. What makes a good romantic lead?

LS: A strong character that’s also vulnerable, just like the rest of us. A leader that is willing to let their partner take the lead at times. Someone that has a sense of humor, is attractive in their own way, and must be fallible, as no one’s perfect, and really, perfect is boring!

IFP: Any trends in paranormal romances you’ve observed? Are mummies going to be back in style anytime?

LS: I don’t really follow the paranormal trends. I sort of stumbled upon my own immortal series by accident, as I described above, so I’m not sure what I can say here. I do know vamps are still very popular, though paranormals seem to be expanding to include many other types of creatures: werewolves, fairies, witches, demons, angels, etc. But I have no idea where they’re going with paranormals, or what’s trendy. I’ve never followed trends. I write for myself and hope others enjoy it. Fortunately, that’s worked for me so far.

IFP: I read that you actually are a bit of a horror fan. What kind of horror stories do you like to read? Would you ever try your hand at horror?

LS: I definitely have an appreciation for horror. I tend to like horrors that have a bit of humor thrown in and hate reading stories that are depressing. As for authors, I like Dean Koontz’s older works…Tick Tock is one that comes to mind.

As for writing horror, I would, and have, considered it, but I have my hands pretty full with what I’m writing right now. And although my stories are categorized as ‘historical romance’ or ‘paranormal romance’, there are elements of different genres littered throughout my stories, including romance, sci-fi, mystery, thriller, humor, etc., so I really do have the best of all the genre worlds because I get to write pretty much what I like.

IFP: What are you working on right now?

LS: I have started working on Lisa Madison’s story. She’s the youngest sister from the Madison sisters’ series and the last single Madison that is still vulnerable to some pretty ruthless people who are after the Madisons. It’s due March 1st and then I jump right into writing the next Argeneau story for an April 1st deadline. I’m planning to write Jeanne Louise’s story, but it depends on how cooperative she is. If her story won’t flow, then I might switch to someone else, but right now, she’s targeted as the next vamp book.

Visit Lynsay Sands at her official website.

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