Review: Supernatural Spoiler and Discussion Sites

by Paula R. Stiles

Are you a Supernatural spoiler junkie? Looking for your fix? Look no further. Supernatural has a variety of television-devoted sites that put out spoilers and engage in discussion. Gearing up for the new season, they’ve been on overdrive. This list is not comprehensive (and isn’t intended to be), but the sites below encompass confirmed spoilers and major fanwank/some fanfic. Most reliable rumours ends up on them eventually.

Spoiler sites
Buddy TV and Spoiler TV are general sites about television. They have specific pages for the show. They tend to get news first, or quickly spread what they find. SuperWiki (whom we interview today) is a wiki about all things involving the show, but is also very up-to-date, including news that the general sites might not put out, such as con reports. SpoilerFix is another general site. It tends to be less fresh than Buddy TV and Spoiler TV, but organizes its spoilers by date and episode, which is very useful (the other two have a more disorganized blog form). YouTube is very confusing to navigate and best accessed via links from other sites, but it also is the best source for promos and episode clips. I’ve included links to all currently-known videos for season five.

Buddy TV

Spoiler TV


ComicCon ’09 clip

Supernatural 5.01: Sympathy for the Devil Promo

Supernatural: There Is No Lucifer trailer

Supernatural 5.01: O Death trailer

Supernatural: All Four Sneak Peeks

Discussion sites
Discussion sites tend to mix discussion (or original articles about aspects of the show) with spoilers. The first three below are the most likely to contain new spoilers and articles., originally an independent site, has recently been taken over by Buddy TV. The latter three are discussion sites (and the last one has a lot of fanfic), but will include links to spoilers. TWOP also includes episode reviews.

Supernatural Sisters

Television without Pity



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