Review: Doctor Who 6.02: Day of the Moon

By Heather S. Vina

[spoilers through 6.07]

Written By: Steven Moffat

The Doctor arranged for Amy, Rory and River to meet him in present-day America – Utah, to be exact – only for them to end up witnessing his death at the hands of a mysterious astronaut. Only, it turns out that the Doctor they saw killed was an older version of himself, and the younger version is still alive and has no idea it happened. The gang follows the older Doctor’s clues to 1969 and a man named “Canton Everett Delaware”. They end up in the Oval office with President Nixon and Amy has several encounters with an alien race called “the Silence”. The bad news about the Silence? As soon as someone looks away from them, they completely forget about them! Nixon tells the gang about this little girl that keeps calling him, no matter where he is, asking for his help and telling him about aliens. The gang, with Canton in tow, end up at a warehouse, where they find a creepy examination table and a bunch of Silence in underground tunnels. Rory and River are trapped underground with the Silence coming for them, Canton is knocked unconscious, and Amy and the Doctor are being confronted by the astronaut, who is the little girl that has been calling for help, and whom Amy just attempted to shoot.

Recap: The episode opens three months later, in July of 1969. Amy is running for her life in the Utah desert (Valley of the Gods, to be exact, and good Lord, that is some gorgeous scenery! I can see why they filmed there. You can’t fake that), being chased by Canton (Mark Sheppard) and some G-men. Canton and the gang run her to ground, where Canton has one of his men pull out a body bag. An empty one. Wow, that’s not cold at all! Amy asks him if he has any idea why he’s doing this, if he remembers what happened. We get flashbacks to the warehouse. Seems that Amy’s shot missed the astronaut and she, the Doctor and a now-awake Canton went running. River and Rory made it out of the tunnels somehow, and they met up with the rest and took off together. Canton, having been unconscious, has no idea what is going on and stops running. The Doctor keeps telling him to look behind him, but Canton is strangely resistant. When he finally does turn around, he is shocked to see a Silence standing behind him.

Present-day Canton ignores what Amy says and, instead, shoots her. She falls to the ground and we can see that there are lines drawn all along her arm.

Area 51, Nevada. In the middle of a black platform sits the Doctor, bearded and chained up in a straitjacket. Canton shows him some pictures of Amy, and the marks on her arm, and asks the Doctor what they’re about. When the Doctor tells Canton to ask her, he just smirks at him in reply.

New York, nighttime. River is on the top floor of a partially-built building, and has the same marks on her arm as Amy does, with both the Silence and Canton and goons chasing her. When she sees the Silence, she pulls out a pen and draws a line on her arm, telling them that she “sees” them. Canton calls out to her, and when she turns away, the Silence seem to disappear.

River runs from Canton and ends up being trapped between Canton and the empty space that stretches out from the unfinished building. She tells Canton that “they’re here; they’re everywhere.” She frantically tells him that “America has been invaded,” but he is disbelieving and tells her that there’s no way out for her this time. She tells him, “There’s always a way out,” and proves it…by jumping off the building.

Back in Nevada, Canton tells the Doctor that they found River. But the Doctor is more preoccupied by the material that they are using to wall him in. The Doctor realizes it’s “zero balance dwarf star alloy”. It’s the “densest material in the universe”; nothing can get through it. They are building him the “perfect prison”, but he tells Canton defiantly that it “still won’t be enough.” How in the world did humans in 1969 get their hands on this kind of material to build a prison for a being like the Doctor, or even know how to use it?

Glen Canyon Dam, Arizona. On top of the dam, Rory is trying frantically to escape, but Canton and his men have him surrounded. Rory has lines drawn on him as well, but unlike the ladies, his aren’t just on his arms but on his face as well. Canton pulls out a gun and shoots him.

Back in Nevada, the Doctor is completely walled in by the alloy. Canton has his men drag the body bags – bodies included – of Rory and Amy inside the prison. Canton explains that he wants the Doctor to know where he stands: He’s in a cell where nothing can penetrate. The men leave and Canton turns to seal off the door. Really, that’s way too advanced for human beings in 1969 to have created!

“In here, you’re literally cut off from the rest of the universe.”

The doors close, sealing the Doctor and Canton inside. As soon as they do, the Doctor shakes free of his chains, and Rory and Amy break free of their body bags. It was all a ruse. Inside the box is the TARDIS as well, cloaked and safe! The Doctor, Canton, Rory, and Amy board the TARDIS, and the Doctor maneuvers the TARDIS to catch River from her freefall off the building. She safely dives into one of the swimming pools. As the Doctor tells Canton, “She’s done this before” (5.4, “The Time of Angels”).

The Doctor explains about the Silence, and how they have been on Earth a very long time, but no one knows about them because they forget about them as soon as they look away. The Doctor has no idea what they are up to, but he tells them that there is good news. They have a secret weapon: the Apollo 11 moon landing.

“Apollo 11 is your secret weapon?”

“No, no, it’s not Apollo 11. That would be silly. It’s Neil Armstrong’s foot.”

Graystark Hall Orphanage. It was a dark and stormy night…no, really. It’s a dark and stormy night as Canton and Amy arrive at the orphanage, just as the radio announcer talks about how the moon landing will take place in “just a few days”. They both look down at their hands, where they have a small dot in the middle of their palms, and make sure that they are “clear”. Canton flashes back to how they got their palm marks.

Flashback: The Doctor injects a recorder into everyone’s palms and they explain what they’ve found out in the three months that they were separated: The Silence are all over the world, but there’s a higher concentration of them in the States. Rory, Amy and River explain to Canton that the Silence edit themselves out of your memory as soon as you look away from them, and the reason that they were marking their skin was to mark when they had seen them. Despite having seen them numerous times, they still don’t know what they look like. This scene is a bit strange, as it seems like Canton hasn’t been in contact with the gang since the warehouse incident, yet he had to have been to some degree, for them to all come up with this elaborate plan. So, this whole “Canton doesn’t know what’s been going on” bit doesn’t make sense to me.

Anywho, there’s a moment where the Doctor asks Amy if she’s okay, and she tells him that she’s “all better”. She basically informs him that she was wrong and she isn’t pregnant after all. The Doctor looks at her with puzzlement on his face, but doesn’t say anything more as Rory interrupts them.

The Doctor theorizes that the Silence have been on Earth for a very long time. The gang aren’t fighting an alien invasion, they’re “leading a revolution.” He explains to them that he’s injected them with nano recorders, and as soon as they see a Silence, they are to press their palm and record what they are seeing, so that later on, they have a record of it. When they have a message, their palms will flash, so they need to keep checking their palms to see if they have had an encounter. When Canton asks why he didn’t tell him this at the very beginning, the Doctor explains that he did, but “even information about these creatures erases itself over time.” He couldn’t remind Canton because he couldn’t talk to him.

Canton turns away for a moment and when he turns back to the gang, they are all looking at him strangely as he fixes the Doctor’s bowtie. River quietly tells him to look at his hand, and when he does, he sees that the light is flashing. The Doctor reminds him what he just told him, and tells him to play it. When he does, he hears himself seeing a Silence in the TARDIS, with the Doctor telling him that when he turns back to look at the Doctor, he is to straighten the Doctor’s tie. It was just a hologram of the Silence, but even a Hologram has the ability to erase the viewer’s mind as soon as they look away!

I have to say that was a very spooky scene to me. That moment where everyone is looking at Canton and you know something has happened, but you don’t know what, just like Canton, and then he looks at his palm…it just creeped me the heck out!

Even though they just saw the Silence as a hologram, no one is able to describe what they saw, not even the Doctor. The Doctor explains that the Silence are able to plant suggestions in people’s minds – a la what he just did to Canton – similar to posthypnotic suggestions. They can make people do things and they wouldn’t even know why they were doing them. Which, frankly, makes the Silence even scarier than before.

The Doctor changes the subject back to the little girl, and tells the gang they need to find her, while he heads off to NASA.

Back to Canton and Amy arriving at the children’s home. They’re greeted by Mr. Renfrew (Kerry Shale), who runs the home, and talk themselves in the door. He’s a strange and skittish man, and they find the place pretty rundown, with writing on the wall saying, “Get out; leave now!” Renfrew explains that it keeps happening, no matter how many times he cleans it off. He even has “Get out” written on his arm.

Canton tells Renfrew they almost didn’t come, since the place was supposedly closed in 1967. Amy and Canton are surprised when Renfrew tells them that “that’s the plan.” Canton tries to explain to the man that it’s July 1969, two years after the place was supposed to be closed. Renfrew just shakes his head and leads Canton to his office, while Amy goes off to check upstairs. And, really? Why the heck are these two splitting up? That just didn’t seem like a smart idea to me the first time I saw this episode. On rewatch, it still doesn’t. At this point, they should be working in pairs, together at all times, rather than splitting up. Especially in a spooky home with writing on the wall saying  “Get out!” and a man who thinks it’s two years earlier than it really is.

Anyways, Amy goes upstairs and enters a large bedroom with rows of children’s beds, finding more writing on the wall saying, “Leave me alone.” Amy calls the Doctor and informs him that she thinks they found where the child was taken from. The Doctor tells her not to stick around, and then hangs up. Turns out he’s working on the space capsule, and has just been caught by the scientists there. He explains that he “put everything back the way” he found it.

Well, almost everything.

Back with Amy in the creepy children’s room, the door slams behind her and she rushes to get out, only to find it locked. Looking down at her hand, she finds her palm recorder lit up and she has lines drawn on her arm again. She plays the message and it’s her, saying that she thinks she’s found them, but they’re asleep and she needs to leave, now. Amy tries just that, but she’s trapped, the doors and windows locked. She looks down at her hands and sees even more marks. In the reflection of the window, she can see that she even has lines drawn on her face. I don’t get why they draw lines on their face, unless maybe it’s to make sure that they see them? She looks up and sees a crowd of Silence hanging on the ceiling, sleeping like bats. She goes to make a recording, when she bangs into something and one of them wakes up and sees her. The previously locked door opens, distracting her before she can, and she shakes her head, promptly forgetting the Silence hanging over her head, and leaves.

At NASA, the Doctor is being interrogated over how he got on base, and he informs them that he’s on a top-secret mission for the President. The NASA guy clearly doesn’t believe him…until Nixon (Stuart Milligan) walks in with a disguised Rory and River, and convinces them to release the Doctor. Love how you can see the TARDIS in the background when they enter! Nixon, the first President of the United States to ride in the TARDIS. Cute little moment where Rory says, “America salutes you” to the NASA members, and then promptly salutes like a British person instead of an American!

In the head office at the orphanage, Canton asks Renfrew what he’s still doing there, since the place has been closed for years. Renfrew explains that he’s there because of the child: “She must be cared for; it’s important. That’s what they said.”

Upstairs, Amy is walking down a hallway when she is surprised to see a woman with an eye patch (Frances Barber) slide open a hole in a door and look at her. Amy asks her who she is, but the woman ignores her, and turns to someone and says, “No, I think she’s just dreaming” before she closes the window. And thus, we have the very first appearance of the woman with the eye patch! And thus, we also know that by this point in the narrative, Amy is most definitely already captured and been replaced by her Flesh doppelganger.

Amy enters the room and is shocked to see that there is no window on the door, and no woman in the room. Instead, she finds a child’s room, with a little bed and toys, a mobile, and a dressing table with pictures on it. And one of those pictures is of her, with a newborn baby. Amy’s shock over the picture is interrupted by the arrival of the astronaut. Even more shocking to her is seeing that the astronaut is really the little girl (Sydney Wade) that they have been looking for. Amy apologizes for shooting her, but explains that the little girl is going to shoot the Doctor, and she has to know who she is. The little girl begs her for help, and in walk two Silence, flanking the child. Amy screams….

Canton and Renfrew are interrupted by a knock at the door. Renfrew goes to talk to the person there. It’s a one-sided conversation, as we hear Renfrew explain what is happening to the person on the other side of the door, but can’t see that person. He comes back into the room. Canton asks him who was at the door, but Renfrew doesn’t remember. Canton heads for the door, but a Silence enters. Canton starts his recording and asks the Silence what they’re doing here, if they have any weapons. The Silence finally speaks. It explains that they’ve ruled the world since the days of “the wheel and fire”, and thus, they have no need of weapons. Canton pulls out a gun and shoots the Silence, saying, “Welcome to America” before running off to rescue a screaming Amy.

In the Oval Office, the Doctor explains to Nixon that he needs to record everything in this office, and that he has to trust him and no one else. He’s interrupted by River telling him that Canton needs them, and follows her into the TARDIS.

Back at the orphanage, Canton has found the room where Amy is and is about to break in when the others arrive. The Doctor uses the sonic screwdriver, but when they get in, Amy isn’t there. But the astronaut suit and her palm recorder are. Around the corner, unseen by the others, is the little girl, free from the suit.

Amy’s palm recorder is transmitting. Wherever she is, it’s dark and she’s scared. Unfortunately, the transmission is one-way, so she can’t hear Rory promising her that they’re coming for her. Renfrew interrupts, telling them that he thinks someone has been shot. They rush back to the office to find the Silence that Canton shot lying wounded on the floor. The Doctor asks who they are. The Silence tell him their name – the Silence. This causes the Doctor to flashback to 5.01, “The Eleventh Hour”, when Prisoner Zero told him that “Silence will fall,” as well as several other instances in season five where the Silence were mentioned. (5.06, “The Vampires of Venice”, where Signora Calvierri tells him they were running from the Silence: “We saw silence and the end of all things”). The Doctor sits back as the Silence tells him that “Silence will fall.”

Back at the cube where Canton supposedly locked up the Doctor, the military are shocked when Canton finally exits, as it’s been days since he’s been in there. They’re even more shocked when Nixon walks out of the box and sheepishly gives another speech about “appreciating” their hard work. You have to love how they keep trotting out Nixon as their “Get out of trouble free” card!

At the warehouse, the Doctor and River are investigating the astronaut suit. River tells the Doctor that there are about “twenty different kinds” of alien technology involved. It has communication technology that can hack into anything, even the phone lines, and it defaults to the highest authority around. So, when she got scared and called for help, it went to the most powerful man around, the President of the United States. Oy, feed into American’s arrogance that we’re the most powerful people around, why don’t you! I thought it was just the American shows that did that, yet here’s a British one doing it, too.

Anyways, the Doctor jumps from the subject of the little girl, to wondering about the mysterious summons with the blue envelopes, back to the little girl, explaining to Rory that everything they find out about the Silence helps them find Amy. River postulates that the little girl is human, but incredibly strong, because she was able to tear her way out of the suit. In the background, the Apollo 11 launch is showing on a little TV. The Doctor realizes that the Silence don’t make anything themselves. They just get other life forms to do it for them and have been influencing the human race for thousands of years. He postulates that even the race to the moon was influenced by the Silence, all because they needed a spacesuit.

In the box, Canton has brought a human scientist named “Dr Shephard” (Peter Banks) to treat the injured Silence. Using a video recorder, he starts taping the Silence, who explains to him that they have ruled humans since their lives began. Canton asks it what it would do if it were in Canton’s place. The Silence explains that they should “kill us all, on sight,” but humans won’t. That’s just what Canton needed, and he emails the video to the Doctor.

River realizes that the suit is repairing itself. She asks the Doctor if the suit could ever move on it’s own. When the Doctor asks why, she tells him that the little girl said the spaceman was coming to eat her, and maybe that’s what it did.

Rory is still holding on to Amy’s recorder and listening to her talk. She tells a mysterious ‘him’ that she loves him. She knows he thinks it’s him, and should be him, but it’s not. Both the Doctor and Rory obviously think that she’s talking to the Doctor and telling him that she’s in love with him, and not Rory. Have to admit, I thought that, too, when I heard it, which made me roll my eyes, hard. They talk a little bit about Rory’s time as a Roman Centurion, waiting two thousand years for Amy, and Rory admits that he remembers sometimes.

Amy wakes up on a Silence ship, strapped to a table. The Silence tells her that she will help “bring the Silence”, but her role will soon be over. She tells them that they have no idea what is coming for her, but they tell her she has been there for several days. She refuses to believe them, and resists when they try to make her sleep. Their coercion is interrupted by the arrival of the TARDIS.

The Doctor, Rory and River arrive, and the Doctor realizes that he’s seen one of these ships before (5.11, “The Lodger”). He pulls out a television set and sets it on the console, explaining that he’s confident and, therefore, the Silence should be afraid of him. He and River flirt a little while he threatens the Silence, with Amy and Rory watching. Fine-tuning the TV, he tells them about the history of the first moon walk, how, for billions of years, every single human being at some point in their lives will watch this moment, Neil Armstrong taking the first step on the moon, and they will never forget it. He calls Canton. Canton puts the video phone on a contraption, and this contraption transmits it to the modifications that the Doctor made on the space shuttle. Right in the middle of the “It’s one small step for a man” bit, the video flickers and the Silence appears, saying, “You should kill us all, on sight” for the whole human race to see.

“You’ve given the order for your own execution. And the whole planet just heard you…You just raised an army against yourself. And now, for a thousand generations, you’re going to be ordering them to destroy you, every day. How fast can you run? Cause today’s the day the human race throws you off their planet, and they won’t even know they’re doing it. ”

While the Doctor gives his speech, a scene of the Oval Office appears where Carl (Chuk Iwuji) the Secret Service agent pulls out his gun on a Silence, and some random bar, where the patrons get up to confront a Silence in their midst. The human revolution is happening, and humanity won’t even remember it.

The Silence don’t react well to this change of events and begin charging up to attack. The Doctor tells his people to run. The Doctor sonics Amy free and Rory helps her to the TARDIS, as the Doctor and River fight off the Silence. River points out that the Doctor just has a sonic screwdriver and tells him to get on the TARDIS. She manages to fight off the Silence and kill them all, impressing Rory at the end.

Back on the TARDIS, Rory tells Amy that she called him “stupid”, and he realizes that he is the man she was confessing to loving, all along. Even though the speech she gave earlier sounded remarkably like a confession of love towards the Doctor, I’ll take it, because I really don’t enjoy love/hero worship triangles on the TARDIS! Plus, in her speech, she had called the man she loved “Stupid Face”. In the fight, she told Rory to get his “stupid face” out of there and leave her behind when she was trapped. So, you know, whatever works for keeping us from a lame triangle, I’ll take it!

In the Oval Office, the Doctor tells Nixon that they’re not safe, but if he wants to think that way, he can. But they’re not. He explains that Canton just wants to get married, and it’s no reason to kick him out of the FBI. Nixon promises to do something about that. Before the Doctor leaves, Nixon asks him if he will be remembered as President of the United States. The Doctor promises “Trickie Dickie” that he will never be forgotten. The gang takes off in the TARDIS, and Nixon comments to Canton that Canton’s love must be black, since in those days, interracial relationships were taboo. Canton replies, “He is,” much to Nixon’s discomfort.

The Doctor drops River off at her prison cell. He tells her that she can come with them, but she reminds him that she has a promise to live up to, and he will find that out soon enough. He starts to leave and she says, “Is that it?” He asks if he’s forgotten something. She tells him to shut up and kisses him. The Doctor isn’t quite sure how to react, amusingly enough, but River is even more surprised when the Doctor admits that they haven’t done that before. This is the first time that River has ever expressed surprise over the Doctor’s reaction to something. It’s as if she believed they had one set of experiences, but it turns out that wasn’t true. Which makes me wonder if the set of experiences that River had with a Doctor that she has kissed before, ended up being with the alternate, potentially Flesh Doctor, that was killed at the beginning of 5.01, “The Impossible Astronaut”, and not this one. He was the one who had experienced a bunch of history with her, when they synced up their diaries. Maybe that fact wasn’t just because he was older than the current Doctor is, but because this was the Doctor that HAD experienced all of those things with her, the alternate Doctor.

Anyways, as the Doctor leaves, he tells River, “There’s a first time for everything.” To which River sadly replies after he’s gone, “And a last time.”

On the TARDIS, the Doctor quietly asks Amy if she’s okay. She replies that she’s fine, though there are some things she can’t quite remember. She flashes back to the room and seeing the picture of herself with a baby, and the little girl in the astronaut suit, before forgetting it again. The Doctor tells her that that’s natural enough, but what he is talking about is the fact that she told him she’s pregnant. She tells him she thought she was, but it turned out she wasn’t. He asks her why she told him. She tells him it’s because he’s her best friend. He asks why she didn’t tell Rory, and while they’re talking, you see Rory listening in on the conversation with the recording device. Oh, Rory, eavesdroppers never profit! Although, in this case….

Amy explains to the Doctor that she didn’t tell Rory because she was afraid: What if her travelling in the TARDIS for part of her pregnancy affected the baby? What if it had a time head? The two laugh a bit at her ideas, and she calls out to Rory and tells him she knows that he is listening. Rory sheepishly admits he was. He then tells her that he’s a nurse; he’s good with pregnancy. She can tell him. They laugh and hug together, and the Doctor interrupts to tell them, “It’s about the little girl.” They can go after her, or can go have a few adventures. After all, you only live once. At that, Rory and Amy share a guilty, sad look. The Doctor doesn’t notice, focusing on his own secret: a scan he does of Amy, where it flips between “positive” and “negative” for pregnancy.

An alley at night in New York city, six months after the events in 1969. A homeless man (Ricky Fearon) is digging around the dumpsters, when he’s surprised by the little girl, who is coughing and sick. He asks her if she’s okay. She says that it’s all right; she’s dying. But she can fix it.

To the man’s horror, the little girl starts to regenerate, just like the Doctor.


Review: Ah, season 6 of Doctor Who, bringing up lots of questions and providing few answers! So far, anyways.

I wonder if the Silence will show up again. It seems anticlimactic if this is it for them. They were made to be a big deal last season, having been mentioned so many times and by so many frightened people. Yet, in this episode, it seems as if the Doctor defeated them by turning their own weapon – forgetfulness – against them. That just seems too simple, for it to end like that for them.

And one of the strangest things for me about the Silence is the whole “Silence will fall” line that started in 5.01, “The Eleventh Hour”, and continued here. Even the Silence said, “Silence will fall.” Now, perhaps there’s confusion with definition of verbs here, but for me, “fall” has always been a negative thing for the people doing the falling. The “fall” of the Roman Empire certainly wasn’t a good thing for the Romans. So, why do beings speak of the Silence “falling” in fearful terms? Why would the Silence themselves be gleeful about their fall? This leads me to believe that there might be something more here, a different meaning to “Silence will fall,” but I haven’t figured out what yet. And the show hasn’t hinted at it, since nothing has been mentioned of the Silence since the opening two-parter.

Are the Silence working with the people who kidnapped Amy? We know that, at the very least, Amy was definitely ‘replaced’ by the “three months later” that occurred in this episode. The Doctor postulated in “The Almost People” that Amy had been replaced before she even came to America, but I am thinking it’s in the three months between when they first met up with Canton in 1969 and the moon landing. She goes from believing that she is pregnant and telling the Doctor, to telling him that she was wrong. A big clue, right there. Since it seems like Amy, Rory and River had no contact with each other during this three-month period, nor with the Doctor, this would have been the perfect time to grab her and replace her, with no one being the wiser.

Which begs the question: Are the Silence in on it? There was the one who told Amy that she had a role to play and that her role was almost done. Perhaps her role was to give birth to Melody Pond, AKA River Song, and once she did, her part was done. But why was the Silence working with those who had kidnapped Amy and were trying to steal her baby? They didn’t seem like the type to play nice with other races, especially human ones. Could they possibly be using the humans again to do their dirty work? Not only in 1969, with the creation of the astronaut suit, but in the future, with the hatred against the Doctor (even possibly promoting it with their hypnotic suggestions), and the kidnapping of Amy and Melody? That would make more sense to me than the Silence working with humans, but so far, it’s just a theory.

Considering what River said to him in “A Good Man Goes To War”, it was ironic seeing the Doctor make another speech to the Silence as he took them down and proved that, even though he’s just one being, he can take down the worst of races. I love those speeches, though. I cheer during them. For me, the Doctor never comes off as pompous and self-righteous, so much as righteous. He’s only ever about protecting the innocent and trying to save lives, not about some grandiosity for himself. He’ll give these speeches to whoever is the one in the wrong, even humans if they’re in the wrong. Which is why I still have issues with River’s speech to him, as if he’s been wrong all of those times he’s saved the day. Because all of those times, like this time, he had to save the day. Otherwise, the human race would be wiped out, or humanity would continue to suffer, and innocent lives would he hurt and lost. So, that speech from River still doesn’t cut it for me. Especially when you see the Doctor defeat beings like the Silence.

Speaking of…the Silence really are almost as creepy as the Weeping Angels! Steven Moffatt said he wanted to create a villain that was as scary as the Angels and I think he came close. It is terrifying to come up against a foe that is able to make you forget about them as soon as you turn away. Watching these people forget the danger they were in as soon as they looked away was scary and frustrating, and yet, you couldn’t blame the characters because it wasn’t their fault. They couldn’t help it. Well, unless they split up like Amy and Canton did. Then, I had no problem blaming them!

But for all the Silence’s scariness, there’s still something more viscerally terrifying about the Angels for me. I think it’s the lifelike-statue thing. I don’t know about anyone else, but that’s a scare button for me! Wax museums and lifelike statues creep the heck out of me!

This two-parter was well-written and exciting, but even so, I have to admit that it left me vaguely dissatisfied. I don’t mind unanswered questions, but I felt like there were too many of them. And many of them were not necessary.

How did Canton and the military get their hands on the Doctor? Why had they decided to wall him up? Nixon seemed to be willing to let the Doctor help them, and Canton was as well, and both were obviously allies of the Doctor after. So, at what point did the tide turn from the Doctor helping them, to them deciding to lock him up and track down his companions to ‘kill’ them? When did this plan come in to place? Why did River, Amy and Rory split up? Did the humans get the dwarf star alloy from the Silence? What did the Silence mean when they told Amy in the last episode that she had to tell the Doctor what he didn’t know and must not know? What happened to Rory, River, and Amy during that 3 months? What happened to Canton? If everyone forgot things about the Silence, even if the Silence hadn’t been there, then how did everyone continue to remember what the plan was?

I understand that the big questions of the little girl, Amy’s pregnancy and hallucinations, the Doctor’s death, who River is, the Silence’s Fall, etc., were not going to be answered. But it just felt like too much of the basic stuff that could be answered, wasn’t. And it left me a little frustrated at the end of the episode.

Aye, matey, next week, it be Pirates!


River: Apollo 11 is your secret weapon?
The Doctor: No, no, it’s not Apollo 11. That would be silly. It’s Neil Armstrong’s foot.

The Doctor [working on the space capsule]: Don’t worry. I put everything back the way I found it. Except this. There’s always a bit left over, isn’t there?

The Silence:
This world is ours. We’ve ruled it since the wheel and the fire. We have no need of weapons.
Canton: Yeah, (pulls out a gun and shoots the Silence) welcome to America.

The Doctor: Who and what are you?
The Silence: Silence, Doctor. We are the Silence. And Silence will fall.

River: Our lives are back to front, your future’s my past; you’re first to my last.

The Doctor: Incredibly strong and running away. I like her!

Canton: This is a video phone…whatever a video phone is.

The Silence: You are Amelia Pond.
Amy: And you’re ugly. Has anyone ever mentioned that?
The Silence: We do you honour. You will bring the Silence. But your part will soon be over.

The Doctor: Ah, stay where you are! ‘Cause look at me: I’m confident. You want to watch that, me, when I’m confident. Oh, and this is my friend, River – nice hair, clever, has her own gun. And unlike me, she really doesn’t mind shooting people. I shouldn’t like that, kind of do a bit.
River: Thank you, sweetie.
The Doctor: I know you’re team players and everything, but she’ll definitely kill at least the first three of you.
River: Well, the first seven, easily.
The Doctor: seven, really?
River: Well, eight for you, honey.
The Doctor: Stop it.
River: Make me.
The Doctor: Well, maybe I will.
Amy: Is this really important – flirting – because I feel like I should be higher on the list right now.

The Doctor:
All I really want to do is accept your total surrender and then I’ll let you go in peace. Yes, you’ve been interfering in human history for thousands of years. Yes, people have suffered and died, but what’s the point in two hearts if you can’t be a bit forgiving now and then? Oh, the Silence. You guys take that seriously, don’t you? Okay, you got me. I’m lying. I’m not really going to let you go that easily. Nice thought, but it’s not Christmas.

The Doctor: Don’t let them build to full power.
River: I know! There’s a reason why I’m shooting, honey. What are you doing?
The Doctor: Helping!
River: You’ve got a screwdriver; go build a cabinet!
The Doctor: That’s really rude!
River: Shut up and drive!

River: My old fellow didn’t see that, did he? He gets ever so cross.
Rory: So…what kind of Doctor are you?
River: Archaeology. (She shoots a Silence behind her, without ever looking back) Love a tomb.

Nixon: So, we’re safe, again.
The Doctor: Safe? No, of course you’re not safe. There’s about a billion other things out there, just waiting to burn your whole world, but if you want to pretend you’re safe, just so you can sleep at night, then okay, you’re safe. But you’re not, really.

Nixon: Doctor…Canton here tells me you’re from the future. Hardly seems possible, but I was wondering….
The Doctor: I should warn you – I don’t answer a lot of questions.
Nixon: But I’m a President, at the beginning of his time. Dare I ask…will I be remembered?
The Doctor: Oh, Dickie. Trickie Dickie. They’re never going to forget you.

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