Recap and Review: Lost Girl 1.03: Oh, Kappa, My Kappa

By Paula R. Stiles

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[spoilers ahoy]

Recap: Kenzi tries to persuade Bo to go into the private investigation biz, since Bo seems to be rather good at rescuing people and it’s a way to make money. Bo is reluctant until a woman shows up, looking for her daughter, Gina. She says that the police won’t investigate because they think it’s just a case of a rebellious college student going off on a shopping spree. When they investigate, Bo and Kenzi discover that Gina hasn’t used her student ID, ATM, or credit cards all weekend, which seems odd.

Bo then sets Goth Kenzi up to go undercover as a pastel-and-khaki-clad, blonde-wig-wearing pledge at Gina’s sorority, Kappa House. Kenzi thinks the girls have a cult thing going on. Scenes of Gina being threatened by a watery creature (the other Kappa of the title) in some downright spacious sewers underneath the college, as well as a list of missing names found in the female dean’s office (the dean being an alumna of the sorority), appear to support this theory. There’s also a case Dyson shows Bo of a young woman who was found with her organs sucked out. Naturally, it’s not entirely true – because where would you get a twist out of that? Instead, the sorority girls are simply normally weird rich twits and the bad guy turns out to be a security guard, Wayne. He kidnaps Bo, who has been undercover working campus security, herself, and tries to feed both her and the kidnapped girl to the Kappa. Seems that the Kappa releases the energy of its young victims into the water. When Wayne drinks it, it keeps him young.

Fortunately for Bo, Kenzi is talking to her on the phone when she’s kidnapped. Kenzi calls Dyson for help. Dyson shows up. In order to facilitate the search, Dyson takes his Fae form – a werewolf. I thought his Fae nature was pretty obvious from the Pilot, but I guess Bo wasn’t aware of his wolfy side until now. It’s news to Kenzi, too. Dyson catches Wayne and rips him to pieces. Meanwhile, Bo has broken free of her bonds and is fighting the Kappa when Dyson (in human form) and Kenzi show up. Dyson brains the Kappa, causing it to fall over and spill the water in its crown (Hey! Somebody did their folklore homework!) that it must keep to survive. It dies. Gina is rescued and safely returned to her mother.

But all does not end happily. Bo and Dyson’s romance has been clocking along swimmingly until the bartender of the Fae bar, Trick, points out to Dyson that he’s supposed to be watching her not screwing her. How does he intend to maintain his objectivity? And how will Bo feel when she finds out her boyfriend of longer than a night is her watchdog and knows more about her background than she does? What if it pushes her to go with the Dark Fae?

Dyson’s solution is elegantly stupid – he picks up a barmaid who’s come on to him in front of Bo, and makes sure Bo catches him banging her in a backroom. Yeah, ’cause that won’t piss her off or make her feel betrayed at all. She’s furious and hurt, but won’t show it. As she leaves, he looks sad. I fail to sympathise.

Review: Sadly, I felt as though the best parts of this episode were the least explored. The sorority red herring was actually pretty fun. Watching Kenzi, who was torn between loathing and loving the attention, try to navigate a world with which she had so little prior experience, was a hoot.

The rest, unfortunately, was far more predictable. The moment we saw Bo and Dyson all lovey-dovey, I knew the writer of the episode would toss in some random grenade of plot-driven stupidity to screw it all up and I didn’t feel the least bit of pity for Dyson at the end. The way he broke it off with Bo (or, essentially, manipulated her into breaking it off with him) was brutal and cold. Boohoo if it made him sad to hurt her like that. It should. As for the barmaid, honey, hitting on a woman’s boyfriend right in front of her always should end in tears – for the homewrecker.

As for the twist about Dyson’s Fae nature, Dyson was really obviously a werewolf in the Pilot. He even wolfed out at a rival Fae. So, that revelation fell pretty flat for me.

On the other hand, Kenzi’s impressed reaction to Dyson wolfing out was great. It’s so nice to see a Good character respond with unalloyed delight rather than pointless, moody, reflexive horror and angst at witnessing something that, really, is pretty wondrous. In fact, I find myself liking Kenzi quite a bit. Too bad that the show is already overusing her Sidekick to the Rescue shtick, in which she has saved Bo’s bacon, now, for three episodes in a row. Whatever did Bo do before Kenzi came along? Come on, guys, let Bo win on her own, sometimes.

The whole conversation between Trick and Dyson was an eye-roller and did no favours for either character. Worrying that Bo might feel betrayed and turn from the Light Fae to the Dark Fae is fairly understandable, considering how underhanded they’re being with her. But then, how is the right solution to lie to her and deceive her even more? Not only does it seem like a short-sighted, short-term goal that will drastically backfire in the long run (and hardly prevent her from wanting to check out the Dark Fae), but how does it make the Light Fae look like the better option? Seems to me the folks who are being sneaky and underhanded right now with Bo are the Light Fae not the Dark Fae. Hardly a ringing endorsement for her taking their side.

Next Week: Faetal Attraction: Bo has a one-night stand with a Fae couple that goes disastrously wrong.

You can watch the first season of Lost Girl on Syfy, either Monday nights at 10pm or on the official site.

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Paula R. StilesRecap and Review: Lost Girl 1.03: Oh, Kappa, My Kappa