Publisher’s Updates: Fall/Winter Timeline

As the leaves turn brown and red around Innsmouth, it’s time to update you on the going-ons in our small company:

Demonstra_coverDemonstra, the poetry collection by Bryan Thao Worra, has been laid out and is undergoing its final proofing. Expect it before the end of the year.

Issue 14 of Innsmouth Magazine, the special Wings issue, is going to copy-editing and then layout in a couple of weeks.

The Sword and Mythos anthology will be heading into copy-editing and layout during November/December. The release date for this has now been moved to the spring of 2014, but we should have some interior pages to show you as a preview by the end of next month.

The urban fantasy novel Confraternitas shoud be undegoing layout and a final round of proofing in the next few months and will also have a spring 2014 release date.

For 2014, we are focusing our efforts on two books: The Nickronomicon, a collection of Lovecraftian stories by Nick Mamatas, and Jazz Age Cthulhu, a collection of three longer fiction pieces set in the 1920s. Both of these titles should be out in the fall/winter of 2014. Innsmouth Magazine will remain closed to submissions unter further notice and issue 15 will be out in 2014.

It’s been an interesting year so far, to say the least, and sadly our publishing schedule has shifted, but we are back on track and will adhere to these new timelines. In the meantime, you can check out some of our older titles and magazine issues!


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IFPPublisher’s Updates: Fall/Winter Timeline