Monster Byte: Town Abuzz about Bladel’s Disappearance

By Carrie Cuinn

INNSMOUTH, MA – While Innsmouth Police continue the search for Kyle Bladel, missing since last week, townspeople have freely volunteered their time, and their opinions.

“Kyle was a very sweet boy and very polite, too. He never yelled or ran around my shop like other children do,” said Lisa Whaley-Hapsburg of the local Stop-N-Shop. “He waited for his mother to offer him a toy or candy, and when he found one he liked, they’d buy it. No fussing at all.”

“I think that boy may have ‘special needs’,” whispered local protester Caleb McHenry. “I ain’t never seen him talk at all. He just watches the world with those big brown eyes.” Though he was outside the Library at the time of the child’s disappearance, the usually fiery McHenry was subdued and seemed to have no interest in talking to this reporter. Officer Dunedin of the Innsmouth Police Department says that McHenry has been working tirelessly to help in the search and rescue efforts. A long-time resident, McHenry has a keen eye, Officer Dunedin said, and is among those who refuse to give up looking.

Jake Hawthorne, an actor with the Innsmouth Philoneiros Ensemble, is among the volunteers who have been combing the nearby beach for any sign of the child. “Well, we’re between productions at the moment, so I have some free time, and walking the beach is a great way to stay in shape. Of course, we’re doing something important, aren’t we? Looking for a lost little boy and all.” When pressed, Hawthorne insisted that he hadn’t seen anything to indicate that Kyle Bladel had made it as far as the beach.

Angelica Suarez, manager of The Tome bookstore, was among the volunteers at the Library fundraiser and had worked closely with Mrs. Bladel in the weeks leading up to the event. “She just adored that little boy; you could see it in everything she did,” Suarez said. “Such a shame. She’s devastated, just broken up over it. I hear she had to be taken to the hospital, herself, with the strain of it all. It’s no wonder – that husband of hers was never home before all this happened. Always working on some medical thing, she said, which is why he was never home for dinner when we were putting together the fundraiser.”

“Doctor Bladel? No, I’m afraid I can’t comment on his work at the Medical Center,” said Dr. Adrian West. “Yes, Dr. Bladel has been working a lot of overtime at the Center, but we all have. As we get into winter, the seasonal illnesses start to make their rounds and medical staff always gets called in to assist. There’s certainly nothing suspicious about that.”

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Officer Dunedin at the Innsmouth Police Department.


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IFPMonster Byte: Town Abuzz about Bladel’s Disappearance