Monster Byte: This Month in Innsmouth (October 2011)

By Amanda J. Spedding

October Screens Horror

Paine Street Cinemas will be holding their annual Horror Month throughout October. Cinema Manager Denise Fuller said: “It’s that time of year we all love so much and we’ll be having a deluge of horror movies, from the classics to recent releases.”

Ms. Fuller confirmed that there’s “no set theme” this month: “We’ve got everything, from sci-fi, fantasy and psychological, to the beloved B-grade ‘screamers’. But on Halloween, entry to the cinema will be free. However, we’ll have donation buckets in the lobby for those wishing to make a donation to the Caleb Gram Fund.”

Contact Paine Street Cinemas for a full listing of movies for the month.

Nights of Vigilance

Noah Gram will be holding ‘Nights of Vigilance’ on October 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 29th, beginning at 7pm. Mr. Gram said, “It worked. I don’t care what the cops said. We were a presence in the streets and, that night, there wasn’t one robbery or defacing of public property. So, we’re going to keep going and we’re going to make those punks sit up and take notice. We won’t be pushed around.”

Capt. Jim Rose, of the Innsmouth Police, said he “doesn’t like the idea of civilians taking on law enforcement roles. It’s just not safe. More often than not, they end up victims themselves, which is the last thing anyone wants. This needs to be left to the police.”

In reply, Mr. Gram said, “If [Captain] Rose and his lackeys did their damn job, then there’d be no need for the good citizens of Innsmouth to patrol our town and keep it safe from the lowlifes who run wild here.”

Mr. Gram has asked that anyone wishing to join him, on any or all nights, to meet him on the front steps of Innsmouth County Hospital at 7pm sharp.

Note: While Innsmouth does not support vigilantism in any way, we are proud supporters of freedom of speech and the right to walk our streets without fear.

Nights of Vigilance Protests

Caleb McHenry sighed when this reporter spoke to him: “Ayuh, I’ll be busy this month. That Mr. Gram is taking too damn many risks, doing what he’s doing. His boy survived the operation and, God willing, will be up and about soon enough. He should be looking after his boy, not trolling the streets, lookin’ for trouble.”

Mr. McHenry also wanted Innsmouth Free Press to pass on a message to Mr. Gram. “Sir, nothing good can come of this. I understand you’re angry, rightfully so, but how’s your boy gonna [sic] feel if somethin’ happens to you? Think, sir. That’s all I ask.”

Anyone wishing to join Mr. McHenry in opposition to the Nights of Vigilance is asked to meet him on the front steps of Innsmouth County Hospital at 6.30pm each night.

A Walk in the Dark for Caleb

Following the success of last year’s ‘Walk in the Dark’, the fundraiser will be become an annual event. Organiser Lyle Cordeaux said, “The ‘Walk’ was a huge financial and community success. We raised enough funds to help with the Prof’s [Professor Chris Farrugia] and Marcus’ [Greene] rehabilitation, and we brought a community together to fight dated views of homosexuality.”

“This year, we’ll be raising funds for Caleb Gram. The hospital bills are mounting. While Innsmouth Bank has put his mortgage payments on hold, the family is struggling, through no fault of their own. We want to show that victims of violence won’t be forgotten once they’re no longer front page news.”

‘A Walk in the Dark for Caleb’ will be held at 8pm on October 14, around the outer regions of Ankou Swamp. Mr. Gram’s wife, Michaela, has asked that no one venture into the swamp: “We couldn’t bear it if someone got hurt.”

Anyone wishing to attend the ‘Walk’, or to make a donation to the Caleb Gram Fund, is asked to contact Mr. Cordeaux at Dyer College. Donations can also be made at Innsmouth Bank.

Caleb Gram is in a medically-induced coma, following brain surgery to remove a bullet after a robbery at the family’s hardware store.

Anyone with any information on the robbery is asked to contact Innsmouth Police. A reward of $5,000 is being offered for information that leads to an arrest.

‘Walk in the Dark’ Protest

Caleb McHenry will be conducting a peaceful protest of the ‘Walk in the Dark’. “I don’t know how many times I gotta say it. Don’t. Go. Into. The. Damn. Swamp. How many people do we have to lose before you get it? Idiots, the lot of ’em.”

Mr. McHenry confirmed that he will be making a donation to Mr. Gram’s fund. “No one deserves to be shot in the head. Poor man was just doin’ his job, and him [sic] with a family to raise. It ain’t right. It just ain’t right.”

Anyone wishing to join Mr. McHenry’s protest is asked to meet him at The Tree of Sorrow, on the southern side of Ankou Swamp at 7.30pm.

Halloween ‘Fishman’ Frenzy Cancelled

The ‘Fishman’ Frenzy has been cancelled this year, following the death of event organiser, Andie Jarrod, last month. Press secretary Joe McClintoch said, “We know Andie would want us to go ahead with the ‘Frenzy’. She worked so hard last year to organise the event, but the committee’s vote was unanimous. Our hearts are just not in it.”

Mr. McClintoch advised that full refunds would be given to those who had pre-paid for their tickets. “We’re sorry for those who are disappointed about the cancellation, but next year, we’ll be back, bigger and better than ever.”

Ms. Jarrod’s body was found on the north side of Cutler Lake last month, with unusual bite marks on her hands and feet. Her death remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact Innsmouth Police or their local authorities.

Bloody Big Appreciation Halloween Party

Heir of Dracula producers will be holding a “bloody big” party, in appreciation for the removal of graffiti in and around Innsmouth Cemetery. A spokeswoman for the producers said, “Innsmouth Cemetery was what drew the producers here. All the graffiti was really starting to affect production and no one wanted the cemetery desecrated like it was.

“The atmosphere is back in a place all cast and crew have grown very fond of. In appreciation of the efforts, the producers decided a party was needed. We’re well aware there’s been some…contention surrounding the clean-up, but the invitation is to all of Innsmouth for the hospitality that’s been extended to us.”

While the spokeswoman would not confirm which cast members would be in attendance, she did say, “Three fan favourites will definitely be there. You’ll just have to turn up to see who.”

The Bloody Big Appreciation Party will be held on the outskirts of Innsmouth Cemetery, with all catering provided by Heir of Dracula. “The party starts at 8pm. Just bring yourselves and feel free to dress in your ghoulish best. We love that!”

Tales from the Crypto

Innsmouth will have a choice of parties to attend this Halloween, with the producers of Cryptozoological announcing that they, too, will be hosting a “Halloween Horror”. A spokesman for the producers told Innsmouth Free Press, “We want to do this for the people of Innsmouth, for all the support they’ve given us over the seasons. And horror is what we do, so Halloween is the best time for us to show our thanks.”

‘Tales from the Crypto’ will be held at Persephone’s Point from 8pm, with the show’s set designers “making their magic to bring frightening reality to the party. We’re really going all-out for this. We love Halloween and want to share that love with the town that helps make Cryptozoological the masterpiece it is.”

All catering will be provided by the show and the spokesman confirmed that “all cast and crew will be in attendance. Come as you are or dress the part. It’s entirely up to you…just come!”

In Memoriam

Andrea “Andie” Marie Jarrod

A memorial service will be held at the Old Lighthouse on October 18 for Andie Jarrod. Ms. Jarrod’s partner, Quinn Nixon, will be presiding over the memorial, at Ms. Jarrod’s parents’ request. The family has asked that a donation to the Innsmouth Battered Women’s Shelter be made in lieu of flowers. The memorial will begin at midday, “when the sun sits high above Innsmouth,” Mr. Nixon said.

Ms. Jarrod’s death is still under investigation and her body has yet to be released to the family. Anyone with information about Ms. Jarrod’s death is asked to contact Innsmouth Police.

Luke Preston MacGill

A private service will be held at Innsmouth Presbyterian on October 21. The MacGill family have asked that only those invited attend the funeral service. Luke’s uncle, Declan O’Halloran, asked Innsmouth residents to understand the family’s choice for private service: “We’re all shattered, but John and Sinead can’t do this any other way.” Mr. O’Halloran asked that, if anyone wanted to support the family, they could do so by making a donation for, or spreading awareness of, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Tcho-Tcho Prayers

The Tcho-Tcho community will be holding prayers for Luke Preston MacGill at 11am, on October 21. Mr. Dau Pranvinom said, “All are welcome to join us in prayer. We understand and respect the family’s wishes to be alone with their grief, but the Tcho-Tcho community feels deeply the loss of any child. We weep for them and with them. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this terrible, terrible time.”

Mr. O’Halloran asked Innsmouth Free Press to pass on the family’s gratitude to the community and that the prayers offered are warmly felt.

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