Monster Byte: This Month in Innsmouth (November 2011)

By Amanda J. Spedding

November Donation Drive

Following last month’s raid by the Massachusetts National Guard, Caleb McHenry, in conjunction with locally-shot TV show, Cryptozoological, has organised a donation drive for the month of November.

“Anything you can give,” Mr. McHenry told Innsmouth Free Press. “There are a lot of displaced persons from Sarnath Heights who are in need of clothing, food, blankets, anything you can spare. There’s people in need, and it don’t [sic] matter from where they came; they need our help. The Tcho-Tcho community are doing a hell of a lot, but it can’t just fall to them. Some of the doctors are helping out where they can, too. So, pitch in and help, dammit.”

Cryptozoological star, Peter McCallister, confirmed that cast and crewmembers had donated $10,000 to the “Start-Up Fund for temporary accommodation and anything else that’s needed. We’re not taking a political stand on this, but after all the help and support we’ve received from Innsmouth residents, we want to give back.”

Anyone wishing to make a donation of goods and/or services is asked to contact Mr. McHenry via the Tcho-Tcho Community Center. Anyone wishing to donate cash to the Start-Up Fund can do so at Innsmouth Bank.

A spokesperson for Nightcroft Holdings confirmed that a “sizeable donation will be made to the Start-Up Fund.”

Nightcroft Holdings Demonstration

A demonstration against Nightcroft Holdings’ “militant uprising” is being organised by Noah Gram for November 20th. Mr. Gram said, “What happened last month was unbelievable. I ain’t [sic] seen nothing like it since the war [WWII]. Like damn Stormtroopers they were. Barrelling into town with their tanks and weapons – we were under siege; don’t you doubt it.

“And there’s something they’re [Nightcroft Holdings] hiding. All that gunfire, those medical tents. Too much secrecy. Transparency, that’s what we’ll be demanding from those Nightcrofts. What the hell’s going on over there?”

When asked if some residents might find Mr Gram’s demonstration ironic in light of his ‘Nights of Vigilance’, he replied, “People can think what they want. But not once did I carry a weapon, let alone drop half the town into a sinkhole.”

Anyone wishing to join Mr. Gram in his peaceful demonstration is asked to meet him on the steps of Nightcroft Holdings at 8am on November 20: “Make your own placards if you want, but I’ll have to plenty to spare.”

Nightcroft Holdings issued the following statement:

Nightcroft Holdings understands the community’s concerns and, as such, we are working with the relevant authorities. We fully support a citizen’s right to protest, and the Constitutional right to Freedom of Speech.

Mr. Gram issued a response to the Nightcroft Holdings’ statement: “A lot of nothing about nothing. Typical.”

Innsmouth Free Press has been advised that Caleb McHenry will be joining the demonstration: “Run through my town with tanks and guns, will they? Them [sic] Nightcrofts are up to no good, I tell you. The sooner this town stops kissing their blue-blood behinds, the better off we’ll all be.”

Heir of Dracula Innsmouth Fundraiser Auction

The producers of Heir of Dracula will be running an auction to aid in the “rebuilding and other needs of Innsmouth, following the events of October 31,” said one of the show’s directors, Colin Cranshaw. “It’s the least we can do after all Innsmouth has done for us.

“We’ll be auctioning off some props, clothing, signed scripts and, for one lucky bidder, a ‘walk-on’ part in an upcoming episode. There’ll be a lot more available and we will be providing a list of auction items in the next few days.”

Corrine Darden has confirmed the auction will be held at Innsmouth Antiques, on November 22 at 8pm: “We’re very excited to be a part of this altruistic event, and will be working closely with Mr. Cranshaw and other cast members to ensure we make the most of this to help those residents who are struggling in the aftermath of last month’s…debacle.”

For more information on the auction, contact Mrs. Darden at Innsmouth Antiques. Anyone wishing to make a straight donation can direct their enquiries to either Mrs. Darden or Innsmouth Bank.

Prayer Vigil

A prayer vigil will be held on November 25 for Caleb Gram, whose condition took a turn for the worse on the evening of October 31. Organised by a close friend of the Gram family, Georgie Ng, the vigil will be held in the Remembrance Garden of Innsmouth Hospital. “Caleb was fighting his way back to us,” Ms. Ng told Innsmouth Free Press. “The doctors had changed his status from ‘critical’ to ‘serious’, and he’d squeezed Michaela’s (Gram) hand a couple of times. Then…when all this trouble started with the National Guard, it was uncanny…he…It was awful, just awful. But he and the family need our prayers now more than ever.”

Pater Knox of Innsmouth Mystical has kindly donated candles for the vigil, which will begin at 8pm.

Anyone wanting further information is asked to contact Ms. Ng at Innsmouth Public Library or Pater Knox at Innsmouth Mystical.

Under the circumstances, Innsmouth Free Press did not seek further information regarding the “uncanny” link between the National Guard incursion and Mr. Gram’s condition. However, we were contacted by an anonymous hospital source who said that when the first shots rang out, “Mr. Gram’s body began to jerk as if hit, [and] his brain-activity went wild. Make of it what you will, but it wasn’t natural.”

Tree of Sorrow March

Lyle Cordeaux and Caleb McHenry will be organising a community march to the Tree of Sorrow, which was vandalised during last month’s ‘Walk in the Dark for Caleb’.

“Sickos!” Mr McHenry raged. “That tree is part of Innsmouth history and some mongrels think it’s funny to hack off its branches and paint it with black goop? If I find out who did this, they’ll be running to the police for protection!”

Mr. Cordeaux was “pained by the desecration. I can’t understand what goes through people’s minds when they set out to do something like this. The Tree of Sorrow was planted by Rev. Gideon Samuels not long after he built the Well of Tears and has helped so many of us cope with our troubles. We should all be outraged by what has happened.

“We’re hoping that, by marching through the streets of Innsmouth, we will show those…monsters who did this that we will not stand for this kind of behaviour. It’s a peaceful show of force.”

Innsmouth Police Captain, Jim Rose, who will be leading the march, is decidedly angered: “What was done to the Tree of Sorrow is beyond unconscionable. So many of our residents have had their ashes scattered around its roots. My brother loved that tree and no one spits on his memory.”

The march will begin at midday on November 28 and leave from the Happy River Retirement Village.

For more information, contact Mr. Cordeaux at Dyer College, or make your enquiries with Innsmouth Police.

The Tcho-Tcho Community and Caitlan Sharpe of Garden of Azothoth are working together to reverse the damage to the Tree of Sorrow.

In Memoriam

Mrs. Winifred (Winnie) Shanboldt

A service will be held at Innsmouth Presbyterian on November 30 at 11am. Mrs. Shanboldt’s son, Andrew, has asked that anyone wishing to attend if they could find it in their hearts to bring a resident of the Happy River Village Retirement with them: “Mom would want this final journey to be shared with her friends. Please help us help her with that wish.”

The buses organised to ferry the Happy River Village Retirement residents were destroyed on the night of October 31. The incident remains under investigation. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Innsmouth Police.

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