Monster Byte: This Month in Innsmouth (May 2012)

By Amanda J. Spedding

May is ‘Adopt and Foster a Pet Month’ at the Innsmouth Humane Society

Following the arson attack on the Innsmouth Humane Society last week, a call has gone out to Innsmouth residents for help.

Innsmouth Humane Society spokesman Callum O’Connor said, “We desperately need Innsmouth’s help. We have a number of animals in need of homes, both temporary and permanent.” Mr. O’Connor confirmed that some of the animals required special care: “Yes, some of our dogs and cats were injured in the fire, and need minimal medical care, but they also need emotional care, especially after the trauma of the fire.

“Many Innsmouth business have come to our aid, with the lads at the fire station adopting one dog and fostering two others, and the Innsmouth Library adopting two kittens, but we need more help,” Mr. O’Connor said.

When contacted, Captain Jim Rose said he was “appalled by the blatant disregard for the animals in the Humane Society’s care.” Captain Rose also confirmed that the police department’s investigation was “closing in” on the responsible party.

Anyone wishing to adopt a pet, or help with fostering a pet, is asked either to contact Mr. O’Connor via Innsmouth Bank, or to make inquiries at the police and/or fire station.

Anyone with information regarding the arson attack is asked to contact Innsmouth County Police. All information is confidential.

Spring Dance Memorial

It’s been one year since the Spring Dance explosion and Innsmouth is still coming to terms with the losses of that fateful night. ‘Innsmouth Rebuilds’ founder Lyle Cordeaux will be organising a memorial service at the Garden of Azathoth. “The wounds are still fresh,” Mr. Cordeaux said, “and the memorial will hopefully help those wounds heal a little more.”

Mr. Cordeaux advised, “If people are so inclined, donations to the ‘Spring Dance Fund’ can be made either on the night or at Innsmouth Bank. There are still many residents requiring help with rehabilitation and therapy costs, and other needs.”

The memorial will be held on May 9 and begin at 7pm. All are welcome to attend. The Garden of Azathoth has kindly donated a “very special pink flower for the occasion,” for all attendees to wear.

The inquest into the Spring Dance explosion, which killed nine and injured seventeen, will be held next month.

Dragon Boat Memorial

A lone, unmanned Dragon Boat will be launched from Persephone’s Point on May 21 to commemorate those lost in the race last year. Memorial organiser Janey Branks told Innsmouth Free Press, “This will be the last Dragon Boat to sail Innsmouth waters for a very long time. After the losses of the 2008 accident, and the devastating losses of last year, it’s the most fitting memorial.”

The Dragon Boat, named ‘Innsmouth‘, will have the names of those who lost their lives in both 2008 and last year. Ms. Branks explained, “At the request of the families, when the boat reaches Devil Reef, the Coast Guard will set it alight.”

Those wishing to attend the memorial are asked to wear white. Pater Knox from Innsmouth Mystical has kindly donated candles for the memorial.

The memorial begins at 8pm at Persephone’s Point. Anyone wishing for further information is asked to contact Ms. Branks at Innsmouth Medical Center.

The Dragon Boat accident that killed Eric Zane, Joanne Alder, Penelope Chau, and Joaquim Dinar remains under investigation. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of event organiser Enoch Elder is asked to contact Innsmouth Police or their local authorities.

In Memoriam

Grace Evelyn Phillbury

The funeral service for Grace Phillbury will be held at Innsmouth Congregational Church on May 15 at 11am. The long-term Innsmouth resident will be sorely missed, and Mrs. Phillbury’s sons, James and William, have asked that those wishing to attend “wear the brightest colours you can find.” James Phillbury said, “Mom was the happiest person we knew and her garden reflected her love of colour.” They have also asked that donations to the Innsmouth Humane Society be made in lieu of flowers.

Eric James Zane

A memorial service will be held for Eric Zane at the Old Lighthouse on May 21 at 10am. Mr. Zane’s family have asked anyone wishing to attend wear blue, “Eric’s favourite colour.” Mr. Zane’s aunt, Susan Anton, said, “We never got to say goodbye to Eric and there’s still some part of us that believes he’ll come back safely.”

Mr. Zane’s body was never recovered from the Dragon Boat accident last year.

Wolfie, Tom, Babs, Bronson, Jax, Mr. Bojangles, Pete, Duke, Sally, Foxy, and TC

A very special funeral service will be held at a newly designated section of Innsmouth Central Cemetery for the victims of the Innsmouth Humane Society fire. Following a specially convened meeting of the Cemetery’s Board of Directors, a small section of land on the eastern side of the cemetery has been designated four “our four-legged friends.”

The service will be held on May 27 at 4pm and all are welcome to attend.

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