Monster Byte: This Month In Innsmouth (March 2012)

By Amanda J. Spedding

Tasty Encounters’ Weird Encounters Take 2!

This year’s Weird Encounters will take on a “darker, more sinister feel” says Tasty Encounters owner, Zack Hunt. “The last few months…hell, this last year…has been one Innsmouth could well forget, but what we want to do is stare those dark times in the face and say, ‘You can knock us down, but we’ll get up every time.’

“With the Raid and all the losses at the [Trophonian] Caves, we want people to dress as the monster that scares them most and beat that fear back.”

Tickets for the Weird Encounters party can be purchased from Tasty Encounters for $15 each, with $10 from each ticket sold going to the Daniel Ashkinawan Scholarship Fund.

March 9 is the date to get your ‘weird on’, with the doors opening at 8pm sharp!

Dr. Daniel Ashkinawan perished during the search and rescue mission in the Trophonian Caves last month. The coroner has yet to release his findings on the case.

‘Weird Encounters’ Protest

Caleb McHenry will be protesting the Weird Encounters party. “Every year, thems [sic] morons got to do something to beat last year’s idea of stupid,” Mr. McHenry said. “Dressing up to face your fear? Ayuh, that’s real bright. Pagans, the lot of them!”

Mr. McHenry has assured Innsmouth Free Press that his protest is a peaceful one. Anyone wishing to join him is asked to meet at the front of Tasty Encounters at 7pm: “So we can shame these folks for what they’s doing.”

St. Patrick’s Day March

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day March will see the return of the horse-drawn Guinness cart. Out of respect to the loss of ‘Nag’, last year, Innsmouth made its journey without their beloved horse. Paddy’s Day March organiser Daniel Kinneally said, “No horse will ever replace Nag, but the Innsmouth Animal Shelter got in touch with us about a Clydesdale they’d recently rescued from a hoarder, and we’d like to have this old boy lead our march.

“So, Innsmouth, come celebrate this great St. Patrick’s Day, down a Guinness or three, and meet our new star, Bull.”

The march begins at 9am at Persephone’s Point and will be led by Bull. And keeping with last year’s tradition, the Guinness Cart will be Innsmouth’s biggest collection plate – toss any spare coins in to support the Innsmouth Animal Shelter.

The reward for anyone with information that leads to an arrest for the brutal killing of Nag now stands at $3000.

Well of Tears Pilgrimage

March 25 marks another year for the Well of Tears Pilgrimage, and a long and sorrowful march it will be for many Innsmouth residents. Organiser Juliet Carter says that this year’s Pilgrimage “will be one of the largest and it pains me to say that. The loss of one life is too much, but this last year has been harrowing for so many of us.”

Mrs. Carter has also asked that Innsmouth residents “find it in their hearts to volunteer to help a resident of the Happy Valley Retirement Village make the journey, as well. The Pilgrimage is a time for us to come together and share our grief, and one of the things that keeps our community strong.”

The Pilgrimage leaves from Innsmouth Congregational Church at 5pm on Friday, March 25. Anyone wishing to accompany an elder of our community is asked to contact Mrs. Carter at the Happy Valley Retirement Village.

Candles for the Pilgrimage have kindly been donated by Pater Knox at Innsmouth Mystical.

Investigations into the ritualistic killing of Dr. Dashell Cooney are ongoing. Dr. Cooney was last seen alive arguing with Caleb McHenry at last year’s protest of the Well of Tears Pilgrimage at approximately 9pm. Innsmouth Police have confirmed that Mr. McHenry is not a person of interest, but ask that anyone who saw Dr. Cooney after 9pm, or anyone with information on the doctor’s murder, contact their local authorities.

In Memoriam

Daniel Martin Ashkinawan

The funeral of Dr. Daniel Ashkinawan will be held at Innsmouth Congregational Church on March 20 at 10am. Dr. Ashkinawan’s father, Martin, has asked that those wishing to attend his son’s funeral “make a donation in Danny’s name to the families of those who lost someone in the Caves. Danny wouldn’t want a fuss made over him; he’d want you to help others.”

The coroner has yet to release his findings on Dr. Ashkinawan’s death.

Alvin Guillermo Chechin

A traditional funeral pyre will be held at Persephone’s Point for Alvin Chechin on March 22 at dusk. Anyone wishing to pay their respects is asked to wear white and not adorn themselves with any jewellery.

The coroner has yet to release his findings on Mr. Chechin’s death.

John ‘Jack’ Mullins

A non-denominational service will be held at Innsmouth Crematorium at 11am on March 29 for Jack Mullins. Mr. Mullins’ wife, Daphne, has asked that a donation to the Innsmouth Search & Rescue be made in lieu of flowers.

Mr. Mullins succumbed to injuries he received during the original search and rescue effort at the Trophonian Caves. He is survived by his wife Daphne and their three young children: Jack, William and Ruby.

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Amanda J. Spedding is a Sydney-based freelance editor, proofreader and award-winning author. She has a love of all things horror (except clowns; clowns must die a slow, painful death) and her stories tend to explore the darkest of humankind. You can follow her machinations at Screaming Ink.

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