Monster Byte: This Month In Innsmouth (June 2012)

By Amanda J. Spedding

Paine Street Cinema – Month of Horror

Paine Street Cinema is holding its annual Month of Horror and cinema manager Denise Fuller told Innsmouth Free Press there’ll be “something for everyone. This year, our focus is on the ‘monster’. Each week, we’ll be showcasing one particular nasty and all those who dress as our weekly star will get free popcorn.”

Mrs. Fuller has also confirmed that Paine Street Cinema will be holding a fundraising drive for the month of June: “We’ll have a large cauldron set up in the foyer for anyone wishing to donate to Innsmouth Remembers. The charitable group is organising a memorial for those lost during the Dragon Boat races. Any spare change is always welcome.”

The first week of June features Vampires: Nosferatu, Blade, The Lost Boys, Twilight, Cronos, From Dusk ’til Dawn, 30 Days of Night.

Week Two is Werewolves: Underworld, The Howling, Dog Soldiers, The Feeding, The Wolfman, Eclipse (Twilight Saga), Wild Country.

Th third week of June is Zombie Week: Dawn of the Dead, Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things, Shaun of the Dead, I Am Legend, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Zombieland, Night of the Living Dead.

The final week of June heralds all other nasties: Nightmare on Elm Street, The Exorcist, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Alien, American Psycho, The Birds.

Contact Paine Street Cinema for full listings.

The Dragon Boat accident that killed Eric Zane, Joanne Alder, Penelope Chau, and Joaquim Dinar remains under investigation. Anyone with information on the whereabouts of event organiser Enoch Elder is asked to contact Innsmouth Police or their local authorities.

Pelm Family Fundraiser

Zack Hunt of Tasty Encounters, in conjunction with the Cryptozoological cast and crew, will be holding a fundraiser for the Pelm family on June 16. Mr. Hunt said, “The Pelm family are struggling both emotionally and financially with the loss of Levi and Jacob. The family needs a helping hand.”

The fundraiser will be held at Innsmouth Girls’ School “with all manner of carnival things,” Mr. Hunt said. “Jacob and Levi’s kids all need something to lift their spirits and a carnival is the perfect thing. So, come down for rides, stalls, and a meet-and-greet with the Cryptozoological cast and crew.”

Mr. Hunt confirmed that all funds will be dedicated to helping the Pelm family with financial obligations, schooling and “anything else they need.”

Anyone wishing to donate their time, goods, services, or funds is asked to contact Mr. Hunt at Tasty Encounters or contact the office at Innsmouth Girls’ School.

Levi Pelm was last seen heading north down the banks of the Manuxet River toward Ankou Swamp, on May 24th, 2011 at approximately 1:15am. Anyone with information on Mr. Pelm’s whereabouts is asked to contact Innsmouth County Police or their local authorities.

Jacob Pelm has been missing since April 20, 2011, following a fishing expedition outside Devil Reef. Information is still being sought on his disappearance.

June Solstice Society Memorial

The June 20th Solstice celebration has been cancelled this year, with a memorial service being held in its place for the Society’s past presidents: Nicolette Burrows, Giselle Howard and David Duke.

The memorial service will be held at the Old Lighthouse at 10pm, with Pater Orin Knox presiding over the proceedings. Pater Knox said, “We are all deeply saddened by the loss of these three wonderful individuals who were such a valuable part of the Innsmouth community. We ask the townsfolk to come together and celebrate their lives.”

Pater Knox advised Innsmouth Free Press that “all aspects of the memorial service have been looked after [and] just bring yourselves and your prayers.”

Anyone wanting further information is asked to contact Pater Knox at Innsmouth Mystical or Paolo Varsi at the Innsmouth Solstice Society.

The investigation into Nicolette Burrows’ murder remains open. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Innsmouth Police or their local authorities. Any information will be treated as confidential.

The Innsmouth Solstice Society is offering a $5000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in Ms. Burrows’ murder.

In Memoriam

Nicolette Angelique Burrows

A memorial service will be held at midday on June 12 at Persephone’s Point. Ms. Burrows’ family have asked that anyone wishing to attend wear a daisy for the memorial. “It was her favourite flower,” Ms. Burrows’ brother, Anton, said. The family have also asked that a donation be made to the Pelm Family Trust in lieu of flowers.

Agnes May Davies

The funeral service for Agnes Davies will be held at Innsmouth Congregational Church on June 22 at 10am. Mrs. Davies’ husband, Jobe, has asked anyone wishing to attend the service to wear white. “She was my angel for 63 years,” Mr. Davies said. “Ain’t [sic] no one wearing black around my angel.”

Seamus Michael Curran

A private service will be held at the Garden of Azathoth on June 27 for Seamus Michael Curran. Family spokesman Michael Curran has asked that “the community respect Joe and Elaine’s wishes that this is a time for family. Little Seamus was with us such a short time that we’re still healing, so please, if you’d like to do something for them, make a donation to the Children’s Heart Foundation.”

The Tcho-Tcho community will be holding a prayer vigil from dusk until dawn on June 27 for Seamus Michael Curran. All are welcome to attend at any time to offer up prayer for the family.

Charlotte “Charlie” McKenzie-Boone

A “celebration of life” will be held on June 30 at 10am at Persephone’s Point for “Charlie-Mack”. The celebration will be presided over by family and friends, and anyone else wishing to join in the “joyous celebration of a joyous soul,” said Charlie-Mack’s husband, Caleb Boone. “Charlie lived life to its absolute fullest; this is the right send off for my firecracker.” Mr. Boone has asked that a donation to cancer research be made in lieu of flowers.

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Amanda J. Spedding is a Sydney-based freelance editor, proofreader and award-winning author. She has a love of all things horror (except clowns; clowns must die a slow, painful death) and her stories tend to explore the darkest of humankind. You can follow her machinations at Screaming Ink.

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