Monster Byte: This Month In Innsmouth (July 2012)

By Amanda J. Spedding

July Blood Drive

It’s time to open up a vein, folks! Innsmouth’s Blood Bank is dangerously low, and a call has gone out to residents for help. Blood Drive organiser, Sister Mary Margaret of the Sacred Order of Hastur, said, “We have our regular donors, but, sadly, with the amount of tragedy lately, the blood bank has been unable to keep up with the demand for transfusions.

“We’re asking for the townsfolk to come together for a common good and donate blood, to help us save lives and heal those who so desperately need it. Please.”

Sister Mary Margaret also confirmed there was no need to make an appointment at Innsmouth Hospital: “Just turn up and you will be seen to immediately. Donors can also contact Innsmouth Medical to make an appointment for the blood drive.”

Innsmouth Fire and Police will be “regularly donating” over the course of the month. Captain Jim Rose of Innsmouth Police said, “We see first-hand the need for blood donors and fully support the July Blood Drive. If anyone wishing to donate doesn’t have transport, give us a call and we’ll organise it.”

Anyone wishing to be a blood donor is asked to contact Innsmouth Hospital, Innsmouth Medical, or the Innsmouth Police and Fire Departments.

Those residents who donate blood will be given a $10 voucher from Tasty Encounters. Owner Zack Hunt said, “It’s the least we can do for those giving so generously of themselves.”

Summer Splashdown

The 2012 Summer Splashdown is set for July 14. The annual flotilla will be launched from Persephone’s Point and make its way down the Manuxet River at 10am. The banks will be abuzz with stalls, rides and games, with the Tcho-Tcho community putting on a special feast for all.

Event organiser Lyle Cordeaux said, “We’re hoping for warm weather so all of Innsmouth can come together and celebrate how wonderful a community we have. As with each Summer Splashdown, this year, we will be raising money for the Little Angels Fund, which specialises in helping terminally ill children and their families.”

Mr. Cordeaux confirmed that “[those] children well enough would be making a special trip to the Splashdown courtesy of the Innsmouth Fire Brigade. Our wonderful firefighters and police officers will be circling with donation buckets, so please give generously to help the little angels.”

Anyone wishing to donate their time, goods, food, or money is asked to contact Mr. Cordeaux at Dyer College.

For information on the flotilla, contact either Mr. Cordeaux or Captain Rose of Innsmouth Police for a registration form.

Dragon Boat Burning Vigil and Remembrance

July 22nd marks one year to the day since the Dragon Boat Burning tragedy. A silent vigil will be held on July 22nd at 8pm on the banks of the Manuxet River, where, organiser Evelyn Banyan says, “the quiet coming together is out of respect for the sea and all it’s taken from us.

“This is a time of reflection. Inner reflection to help heal the soul, and outer reflection to understand our place in the universe, to not overstep our bounds as we did last year.”

When asked to elaborate, Mrs. Banyan explained, “Last year’s Dragon Boat Burning was an affront to those whose place in the universe is greater than ours. We made a mistake and paid the price.”

Mrs. Banyan would not be drawn any further on the subject.

Innsmouth Free Press contacted Pater Knox and asked if he would be attending the vigil. “I’ve been specifically asked not to participate,” he said. “I’m not sure what Mrs. Banyan believes I’ve done. What happened last year was a tragic accident, brought on by the overwhelming loss felt by Mrs. [Coraline] Gray.”

Pater Knox also confirmed that a remembrance ceremony would be held at the Old Lighthouse on July 22nd at 9pm “for all the victims of the Dragon Boat tragedies over the years.”

Anyone wishing to attend the silent vigil is asked to contact Mrs. Banyan at the Innsmouth Bank. Those wishing to attend the remembrance are asked to contact Pater Knox at Innsmouth Mystical.

The investigation into the drowning deaths of Charles Gray and Olive Bistre last year remains open. Anyone with information is asked to contact Innsmouth Police.

The death of Coraline Gray was ruled an accidental drowning by the Innsmouth Coroner.

Silent Vigil Protest

Caleb McHenry will be protesting the July 22nd silent vigil: “Something ain’t [sic] right with that woman. Ever since Coraline passed, she’s been spouting nonsense about p***ing off some otherworldly god and how the town’s gonna pay. I know she’s been tellin’ you lot it’s some kind of…silent vigil, but, word is, she’s got some whole other thing planned. Called it a…’Ritual of Appeasement’.

“Now I don’t rightly know what that is, but, far as I’m concerned, when you start bringing back those pagan rituals, nothing good comes of it.”

Mr. McHenry confirmed that his protest will be a peaceful one and that anyone wishing to join him can do so at 7.30pm near the Rotunda.

When Innsmouth Free Press contacted Mrs. Banyan regarding the Ritual of Appeasement, she said, “Caleb McHenry is a crazy old fool. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

The Tome’s “Taneki Nakuma’s Four Elements” Poetry Competition Closing

The deadline for The Tome’s “Four Elements” competition closes July 31, so get your submissions in! Competition judge Professor Aiken Nakuma said, “We’ve had some wonderful submissions, so far, and it’s been an absolute pleasure reading the offerings of Innsmouth residents. There’s an enormous amount of talent here. Taneki would have been so pleased.

“But there’s still time to get your poetry on and send it in. Poems can contain just one of the elements: earth, water, fire, air; or any combination of the elements – it’s entirely up to the poet.”

The Taneki Nakuma Poetry Prize will become an annual event “in honour of the gifted poet taken before her time,” Professor Nakuma said.

The winner of the poetry competition will receive $1000 and a fully-funded creative writing course at Dyer College. Two honourable mentions will each receive $250. The winner and both honourable mentions will be published in Innsmouth Free Press.

Taneki Nakuma’s murder remains under investigation. Anyone who saw Mrs. Nakuma on June 27th after 9pm is asked to contact their local authorities or Innsmouth Police.

In Memoriam

Dartanian Joseph Harper

A “celebration of life” will be held for one of Innsmouth’s elder statesman, Dartanian “Darty” Harper at Innsmouth Congregational on July 12 at 11am. Darty’s great-granddaughter, Piper, asked that anyone wishing to attend the service wear colour: “We want Great-Grandpa to look down and see a rainbow. He’d like that – for everyone to be happy, not sad that he’s passed.”

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