Monster Byte: This Month in Innsmouth (February 2012)

By Amanda J. Spedding

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Blood Drive

Innsmouth Remembers, in conjunction with Innsmouth Hospital and Innsmouth Medical Center, are organising a Blood Drive for the first week of February. Organiser Lyle Cordeaux said, “The Blood Bank is running desperately low and, with the return of those missing from the [Trophonian] caves, we need blood now, more than ever.”

Mr. Cordeaux confirmed that “donations can be made at any time during the week, at either Innsmouth Hospital or Innsmouth Medical Center. No need to make an appointment. Someone will be there to help you when you arrive. We’re asking anyone who can spare an hour and some of their ‘claret’ to help others, it would be more than appreciated. And imagine how good you’ll feel, knowing you’ve helped save someone’s life.”

Anyone wanting further information is asked to contact Innsmouth Hospital or Innsmouth Medical Center, or you can speak with Mr. Cordeaux at Dyer College.

The search team, missing since mid-December, was led out of the caves by Prof. Chris Farrugia and Captain Jim Rose on January 24. All members of the search and rescue team remain in quarantine, with only Professor Farrugia, Captain Rose and Samuel Young conscious. The bodies of Dr. Daniel Ashkinawan and paramedic Alvin Chechin await autopsy by the CDC.

Paine Street Cinema’s “Month of Love”

Cinema Manager Denise Fuller has confirmed that “this month, one of our auditoriums will be dedicated to screening nothing but love stories. Be it the classics, epics, or love-gone-wrong, we’ll be showing it. There’ll be something on the screen for everyone!

“We’ll be showing Love Actually, Valentine’s Day, and, for those who like a little blood with their romance, My Bloody Valentine.”

Mrs. Fuller also confirmed that the ticket sales on Valentine’s Day will be donated to the Trophonian Caves Memorial Fund: “It’s just tragic. All those lives lost and with so many more lives hanging in the balance….”

For full movie listings and times, contact Paine Street Cinemas.

The death toll for the Trophonian Caves expedition and rescues currently stands at five.

Valentine’s Day Ball

After much committee discussion, this year’s Valentine’s Day Ball will go ahead. Organiser Phyllis Houston said, “It was a difficult decision for the committee, considering what happened with Jolene [Condy] last year, but we’ve received tremendous support and encouragement from the community, and that swayed the committee’s decision.”

Ms. Houston confirmed that, following a community vote, the theme for this year’s Valentine’s Day Ball is “Fables and Fairytales”. Ms. Houston explained, “This doesn’t limit your costumes to the standard Cinderella or Snow White. Try thinking outside the box. The prize for the best costume is an all-expenses-paid week away at Dunwich House Bed’n’Breakfast.”

Tickets for the Valentine’s Day Ball are $50 per couple and can be purchased at Innsmouth Antiques, Innsmouth Bank and Innsmouth Mystical. The Ball begins at 8pm. Anyone wanting further information is asked to contact Ms. Houston at Innsmouth Antiques.

Jolene Condy has been charged with the murder of her husband of 38 years, Peter Condy. She remains under guard at Arkham Sanitarium in a “state of catatonia”. Anyone with information regarding the murder is asked to contact Innsmouth Police.

Singles Soiree

For those singles out there, the Singles Soiree will be held on February 14 this year. Organised in memory of local lothario, Dr. Casper Argentine, the second year of the Singles Soiree is a “celebration of singledom”, says event director April Carnegy. “Last year, we held the Soiree on Dr. Argentine’s birthday, but we’ve had a lot of people asking to switch the date to February 14 and we’re sure Casper wouldn’t mind one bit.”

Ms. Carnegy also confirmed another change to the Soiree: “Following numerous requests for a themed Soiree, we’ve caved. So, this year, the theme is…drum-roll please…Film Noir! That era was so much fun that we think it’s perfect for the first themed Singles Soiree.”

The Soiree will be held at 8pm at Dyer College’s Grand Hall. Dress: Smart Dinner Attire. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased from Dyer College. All proceeds from the Soiree will be donated to the Innsmouth Hospital Burns Unit, where Dr. Argentine was a Patron.

Dr. Argentine’s murder remains unsolved. Anyone with information is asked to contact Innsmouth Police or your local authorities. A $10,000 reward is offered for information which leads to a conviction.

Old Lighthouse Revelry Memoriam

A memoriam will be held at 8pm on February 19 at the Old Lighthouse. Organised by Innsmouth Remembers’ coordinator, Lyle Cordeaux, the memoriam will take place on the Lighthouse surrounds.

“The Lighthouse is still structurally unsound,” said Mr. Cordeaux, “but with the help of Innsmouth Police, a safe area has been cordoned off for our use. We’re asking anyone who attends the memoriam to make a small donation to the Innsmouth Hospital Burns Unit, to help those so badly injured in last year’s Revelry fire.”

Queries can be directed to Mr. Cordeaux at Dyer College, or Pater Knox at Innsmouth Mystical.

The Old Lighthouse Revelry was initially abandoned in 1968, following the deaths of Lee-Anne Oldham, Misha Levinstein, Noelle Prastivani, and Donna Marks in a suicide pact. ‘Pledge’ owner Luke Gaha resurrected the Revelry last year to raise funds for the Lighthouse’s restoration. During the Revelry, at approximately 11.45pm, fire broke out at the base of the Lighthouse and spread quickly upwards, trapping Ellen Grodin, Sharnie Bulleen, Tracie Winter, and Charlene Mogashen. All four women remain in the Innsmouth Hospital Burns Unit. Mr. Gaha is continuing skin-graft surgery, after receiving burns to 50% of his body. The fire remains under investigation and anyone with information is asked to contact Innsmouth Police or the Innsmouth Fire Department. Anonymity is assured.

Anyone with information on the fire is asked to contact either Innsmouth Police or the Innsmouth Fire Department Investigation Unit – anonymity is assured. The arson attack remains under investigation.

In Memoriam

Daniel Martin Ashkinawan

A memorial service will be held at the Trophonian Caves at 10am on February 22 for Dr. Daniel Ashkinawan. Organised by Marcus Greene and Caleb McHenry, the memorial service is expected to be attended by some of the country’s most noted speleologists. “Danny loved those caves,” Mr. Greene said. “There’s no better place to honour his memory.”

Mr. McHenry has asked that anyone wishing to attend “do so outta [sic] respect, no some sick, twisted need to gawk. Dan died helping others, so unless’n [sic] you want to say thanks for his sacrifice, stay the hell away.”

A funeral will be held for Dr. Ashkinawan, once his body is released to his family.

Alvin Guillermo Chechin

A memorial service will be held at the Tch-Tcho Community Center on February 25. The service begins at dawn and will continue until dusk. Anyone wishing to attend may do so at any time during the day.

Mr. Chechin’s body is yet to be released, pending autopsy.

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