Monster Byte: The Clock is Broken Debuts. Startling Guest Appears at Cast Party

By Maria Mitchell

Innsmouth, MA – The Clock is Broken made its debut tonight to a wide reception. While the storyline is odd, the equally strange music composed by Ian Hastings, Neville Tillinghast and Errol Crump succeeded in offering Innsmouth something musically unusual. Some of the numbers are spoken rhythmically, giving the piece a staccato-like humour that brings to mind Gary Cheese, a comedian based out of Ipswich who records comedic bits set to music.

Gyrating lobster-slime molds in spandex aside, the musical poses some unsettling questions about the nature of time. Time may yet be proved to be just a distortion of gravity. If gravity’s influence over matter is nullified, perhaps time itself could be rendered an obsolete concept. This is unsettling because, if time is an obsolete concept, then, one day, other mechanics of the physical world might be questioned.

While the horror-comedy tone of the musical was interesting, it was what happened at the after-hours cast party that was more startling. The function was crashed by Mrs. Jenna Gilman, who went missing in mid-2010. No one had seen Jenna since her disappearance. Her husband, Ian Gilman, assistant to co-producer of the musical, Erin Waite, frantically embraced his wife amidst the shock and disbelief of the Innsmouth Philoneiros Ensemble. Mrs. Gilman looked well, but Ian Gilman spirited her home before anyone had a chance to speak with her. The only person Ian Gilman briefly spoke to was Erin Waite. Waite has not commented directly on what Gilman said to her, but she issued this statement to Innsmouth Free Press: “Faith is a funny thing. It often feels wrong to have since it can feel like it’s disproven on an hourly basis. Especially when a loved one vanishes so suddenly and so senselessly. But I would say Jenna Gilman’s shocking return is nothing short of a miracle. As to her whereabouts all the time she was missing, I am not at liberty to say because it is not my business to pass on. I’m sure she and Ian will elaborate on that subject at their discretion.”

Neville Tillinghast, who will be returning to California shortly, added this statement: “At the risk of sounding like a shill, I can’t help but point out that this eldritch turn of events parallels the character of Constance Harper’s return to Arkham in the conclusion of The Clock is Broken. Constance returns to the Arkham she’s lived and worked in all her life, as if nothing unusual had happened, after escaping from a multitude of parallel Arkhams and facing the sanity-shattering experience of learning all the possible fates of her town brethren. Perhaps one should not underestimate the strange resonance between art and life. When art flourishes, wonderful things can happen.”

Innsmouth Police have not pressed Jenna Gilman for details concerning her whereabouts, deciding that this is a personal matter. The odd animals and saurian groundskeepers thought to have played a part in Jenna Gilman’s disappearance have always been confined to Azathoth’s grounds and cared for by Erin Waite and her employees. Waite, who initially had clashed with Ian Gilman over Jenna’s disappearance, had been allowed to keep the care of the animals and saurian specimens. Erin Waite has never given any indication of altering Azathoth’s grounds, which she has proudly boasted to her customers in the past is a dimension unto itself. Being a dimension unto itself carries responsibilities, not the least of which is not harming anyone.

About Maria Mitchell

Maria Mitchell is Innsmouth Free Press's soundtrack columnist. Her poem," Broken Notes," was published in Innsmouth Free Press's gothic horror anthology, Candle in the Attic Window, and her short story, "The Kadath Angle," was published in Future Lovecraft. She wrote Monster Bytes concerning the eerie Garden of Azathoth.

Maria MitchellMonster Byte: The Clock is Broken Debuts. Startling Guest Appears at Cast Party