Monster Byte: Marine Biologists Set To Reveal New England’s Oceanic Past

By Lynne Jamneck

Innsmouth, MA – Marine biologists from Harvard University have been causing a stir around the greater New England countryside as they continue to investigate the waters of the Kingsport and Innsmouth harbours.

The investigations follow on the back of groundbreaking anthropological studies collected from universities around the world, published in Smithsonian Magazine as “The Russ Report”.

After what they have described as “startling findings along the Kingsport coast”, the team of marine biologists have settled in Innsmouth, where they have taken up longterm residency in the Marsh Hotel.

A handful of unexplained incidents have since been reported at the hotel, the likes of which the manager insists came down to curious residents trying to investigate what the scientists have dragged up from the bottom of several New England harbours.

Despite this, the Harvard researchers have hired a handful of locals to guide them out to Devil Reef. The partly submerged reef features at the centre of the Russ Report, its authors all endorsing its importance in an apparent anthropological oddity that calls into question the lineage of several prestigious New England families.

At least one scientist has been injured during the reef exploration, spending two days in the Innsmouth Medical Center, before doctors suggested he return to Cambridge for specialist attention.

The Marine biologists are tonight spending their third night on the reef. The hired locals have all gone back to the mainland, save Saul Marsh, the great grandson of Obed Marsh. Head of the scientific team at Harvard, Professor Paul Shepherd, has openly expressed his gratitude toward Marsh for his assistance in navigating the reef and steering clear of its infamous riptides.

The Harvard scientists are expected to remain in Innsmouth for another week.

Bio: Lynne Jamneck lives in Auckland, New Zealand. Short-listed for the Sir Julius Vogel and Lambda Awards, she has published short fiction in various markets, including Jabberwocky Magazine, H.P. Lovecraft’s Magazine of Horror, Fantastique Unfettered, and Tales for Canterbury. She edited the SF anthology, Periphery, forthcoming from Untreed Reads, and is currently writing her first speculative novel. You can find her at:

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IFPMonster Byte: Marine Biologists Set To Reveal New England’s Oceanic Past