Monster Byte: Charming Victorian House for Sale

By Carrie Cuinn

INNSMOUTH, MA – Charmingly renovated, the sunny yellow Victorian on the center of the 1200 block of Green Street seems like a dream home and it could be yours! The current owners, the Bladel family, have decided to move back to their hometown in northern California. Shelly Wasenstein, of Innsmouth’s own Umbra Realty, is handling the listing and she says the home is priced to move.

On a recent tour of this updated classic, Ms. Wasenstein was able to point out several key features sure to make this a purchase to die for.

“As you walk up to the home, you can see this lovely shingled exterior, freshly painted a creamy yellow the color of butter. The house has that charming set of gables, and small covered entry on the side of the building which leads to a workspace in the basement,” Wasenstein said. “The whole porch was redone, with a new railing and new planking. A white picket fence and an English cottage-style garden complete the picture.”

The front entry has a checkerboard tile floor in white and a speckled black, which looks almost like the night sky. That pattern of speckled black tile appears in the kitchen, in the form of a custom sink backsplash, and in the master bathroom, where it takes the shape of a huge whirlpool tub. In addition to the master bedroom and child’s room on the second floor – colourfully decorated in a clean-but-energetic display of sea creature paintings – there is also a brightly lit guest room. On the main floor is an ample dining area and formal living room. The home even includes a wood-paneled library with a custom copper bar.

“The books alone are worth a fortune and they’re being included in the home for a modest price,” says Wasenstein. “The current owners are actually planning to move out this weekend, which means the home will be available the moment a new owner wishes to take possession.”

Prospective buyers can arrange for a private tour by calling Umbra Realty.

Editor’s note: Elaine Bladel was last reported to be under the care of Dr. Chen at the Innsmouth Memorial Hospital, but has not been seen by any of her neighbors since before Kyle was found. Dr. Bladel was not available for comment.


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