Monster Byte: Missing Boy Found Safe

By Carrie Cuinn

INNSMOUTH, MA – At approximately 3 a.m. last night, Kyle Bladel was found walking toward his family’s home on Green Street, dressed in the same clothes he was wearing when he disappeared. Nathan Gill, local resident, was out walking his terrier Ginny when he spotted the child.

“Luckily for that boy, Ginny’s sleeping less as she gets on in years,” Mr. Gill said. “She’s been getting me up for a 3 a.m. walk, off and on, for the past few months. We were just making the turn to head home when, out of the darkness, I see this little child, no jacket on, walking straight down the center of the street.”

Though chilled, Kyle Bladel seemed to have suffered no ill effects from either the cold night air or his time away from home. Gill reported that the boy asked for his mother and a cheese sandwich, as if nothing was wrong.

“While we still have a lot of questions that need to be answered, at the moment, we can all rejoice that Kyle was found safe,” said Officer Carl Dunedin, who has been overseeing the investigation. “We’ll continue to pursue any and all leads in the days ahead. This is still considered an open case until such time as we have a reasonable explanation and, if necessary, a suspect in custody.”

The boy’s father, Dr. Kenneth Bladel, was seen walking his son, wrapped in a blanket, into the family home early this morning. When asked for a comment, Dr. Bladel waved reporters away, but Kyle flashed a big smile and said, “Hi!”

We, the editorial staff of the Innsmouth Free Press, are pleased to announce such a happy conclusion to this chilling tale.


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IFPMonster Byte: Missing Boy Found Safe