Micro-interview: Steve Toase

Innsmouth’s Editorial Assistant Nathaniel Katz interviewed Steve Toase, author of “Call Out,” part of Innsmouth Magazine issue 12. Remember, you can buy an issue for $2 at Amazon.com, Weightless Books or Smashwords. Or subscribe to Innsmouth Magazine and never miss an issue.

IFP: What drew you to writing horror fiction?

ST: I’ve always written unsettling fiction. Even my more mainstream stories still have an edge to them. I find that in the gaps, you have more freedom to play with identity and experience. I’m a professional archeologist, which is all about writing stories based on physical evidence. Now I just write stories based on ideas in my head – and I have some pretty dark ideas.

IFP: What was the inspiration for “Call Out”?

ST: Where I live is best known for a very famous series of vet stories. A couple of years ago, I discovered a story about a bargest, a monstrous black dog, entering the town down the street where the veterinary surgery is. I started thinking what would happen if the vet had encountered the bargest in the course of his work. The story grew from there.

IFP: Do you have a favorite horror beast?

ST: I don’t know if they are strictly horror beasts, but I’m always fascinated by Faery, the amorality of them and the different rules they play by. Their human form leads to people letting their guard down and breaking rules they don’t realize are in place.

Steve lives in North Yorkshire, England and occasionally Munich, Germany. His stories tend towards the unsettling and unreal, dealing with revenge, loss, faery, chess playing bears and ancient gods. In his writing Steve explores the places where other worlds seep into ours. His work has appeared in publications such as Jabberwocky Magazine, Sein und Werden, Cafe Irreal, streetcake magazine, Weaponizer and nthPosition. His favourite time of the year is Autumn, because it is beautiful with a hidden darkness.

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IFPMicro-interview: Steve Toase