Micro-interview: KL Pereira

Innsmouth’s Editorial Assistant Nathaniel Katz interviewed KL Pereira, author of “Unkillable Girl ,” part of Innsmouth Magazine issue 12. Remember, you can buy an issue for $2 at Amazon.com, Weightless Books or Smashwords. Or subscribe to Innsmouth Magazine and never miss an issue.

IFP: What about Weird fiction attracts your interest?

KLP: Weird fiction to me is all about possibility; Weird is and can be anywhere and in anything. For a genre-hopping writer, Weird catches my attention because it appears in everything from horror, fantasy and noir, to literary fiction, gritty realism and stream-of-consciousness. It’s like the creepy secret passageway that opens up on the page of an otherwise “normal” story.

IFP: Where did the inspiration for “The Unkillable Girl” come from?

KLP: I’ve been working on a collection of flash fiction fairy tales and this started, in some ways, as a retelling of Snow White, but quickly took on my obsessions with carnivals and sideshows, medical oddities, and destructive vs. constructive love.

IFP: Resilience – a blessing or a curse?

KLP: Both. Absolutely. In “The Unkillable Girl,” the protagonist’s curse is that she is able to endure the most horrific abuses at the hands of those who should care for her (but who obviously do not), without reprieve. Because she is resilient, she is shown no mercy. Her blessing is that she is able to live through everything and move beyond it, to receive what, for her, is love.

IFP: What’s your favorite short story?

KLP: This is an insanely difficult question. Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery,” Stephanie Vaughn’s “Dog Heaven,” and Denis Johnson’s “Emergency” all come to mind, but, in the end, I could read Kelly Link’s “Flying Lessons” every single day and marvel at the sheer magic of it.

KL Pereira likes to traipse around dark, woody crevices where most would rather not wander. Her fiction, poetry, and nonfiction has been published or is forthcoming in Mythic Delirium, Bitch Magazine, Clamor Magazine, Jabberwocky, The Medulla Review and other fine magazines, anthologies, chapbooks, and journals. Currently, she is completing a collection of paranormal erotica (published under her fabulous and cheeky pen name) and a series of flash fiction fairy tales. Her website is: darknesslovescompany.com and you can chat with her about monsters anytime on Twitter (@kl_pereira).

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IFPMicro-interview: KL Pereira