Micro-interview: Jess Kaan

Nathaniel Katz, editorial assistant extraordinaire, has gone out into the virtual world and interviewed the writers in issue 13 of Innsmouth Magazine (purchase it!). Learn more about the people behind the pen! Today: Jess Kaan.

IFP: What kind of research went into your depiction of the time period and the way that the Pious Adélaïde operated?

JK: I worked with several books in French, especially one about Haiti, which depicts the conditions of slavery (how some African kings worked with white men, trading) and another one about Voodoo to learn about the myth. I did some research in the museum. And I found an extract from a captain’s diary. When slaves are killed on board, it’s not invention but the sinister reality ….

IFP: What drew you to Weird fiction?

JK: I searched for an American magazine with a public interested in fantastic stories, fans of HPL. I’m really happy to be published in your country. I have other stories, but the barrier is translation.

IFP: Do you have a favorite aquatic monster?

JK: Several, of course! Kraken, Leviathan …. Oceans are full of life and I’m a fan of H.P. Lovecraft, who offered us a modern and terrifying mythology.

I was born near the sea in Dunkirk and in November, the sea seems to be hostile. When you write strange stories, it makes your imagination work a lot!

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IFPMicro-interview: Jess Kaan