Micro-interview: E. Catherine Tobler

Innsmouth’s Editorial Assistant Nathaniel Katz interviewed E. Catherine Tobler, author of “Where She Slumbers Still,” part of Innsmouth Magazine issue 12. Remember, you can buy an issue for $2 at Amazon.com, Weightless Books or Smashwords. Or subscribe to Innsmouth Magazine and never miss an issue.

IFP: What attracts you to dreamlands?

ECT: First, for me as a reader, so many of the Lovecraft stories that appeal most to me are set there. “The Outsider,” “The Strange High House in the Mist,” “The Cats of Ulthar.” Second, for a writer, it’s awfully fun to be able to play in that landscape – it’s a place of dreams, so it’s a somewhat broader canvas than the waking world.

IFP: What are some of your favorite contemporary horror stories?

ECT: Contemporary horror isn’t my favorite genre. I often feel I’ve read too much of it that doesn’t show me anything new. <em>Zone One</em> by Colson Whitehead was, however, striking, and has stayed with me a good long while. I wish I could read it for the first time all over again.

IFP: Does your work at <em>Shimmer</em> affect how you write your fiction?

ECT: It definitely does. It often reminds me of those standard tropes; when I find a story that rises well above them, it encourages me to try to go even beyond that, to find fresh snow for footprinting.

E. Catherine Tobler lives and writes in Colorado. She is the senior editor at Shimmer Magazine. Her debut novel arrives this summer.


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IFPMicro-interview: E. Catherine Tobler