Monster Byte: Breaking News: Child Disappears

By Carrie Cuinn

INNSMOUTH, MA – Residents of Innsmouth were shocked last night at the sudden disappearance of Kyle Bladel, young son of the newest member of the Innsmouth Medical Center staff, Dr. Kenneth Bladel. His mother, Elaine Bladel, was hosting a fundraiser at the Innsmouth Public Library, where she volunteers. Kyle, age 5, disappeared from a group of children playing in the Young Readers Room.

“It’s terrible news,” Alice Headington, Library archivist and friend of the boy’s mother, said. “Elaine was dressed as Emily Bronte, looking quite lovely, and was reading from one Miss Bronte’s novels, when Marberly [Phillipson] came running out of the children’s room in a panic. Kyle was just gone, she said. Elaine asked her to repeat it and the whole room went quite still. Marberly said it again and Elaine fainted dead away in front of everyone.”

According to Ms. Headington, the fundraiser guests immediately began looking for the child and the police were notified. After an extensive search of the Library building revealed no clues, the search was moved outside.

There has been no reported sighting of Kyle Bladel since.

Dr. Kenneth Bladel and his family had recently moved to Innsmouth from northern California. They fear that their young son doesn’t know the town well enough to find his way home from the Library at night.

If anyone has any information about Kyle Bladel, or has seen him, please contact the Innsmouth Police Department immediately. The Police have set up a command center, headed by Officer Carl Dunedin, in the Library, to coordinate volunteer efforts, and additional officers have been called in to assist with the search.


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