Lots of Changes at Innsmouth Free Press

We’ve got lots of changes coming to Innsmouth. Don’t worry! These are good changes!

Columns and television coverage

We have covered a lot of television shows in the past few years. It’s been fun, but we are changing our direction. Starting in 2013, we will review fewer TV shows and they will be integrated into a column format, joining our other current columns. For example, Paula R. Stiles will continue to cover TV shows with an urban bent like Supernatural, but her column will also reflect some of her other interests, such as myth and folklore. We think the columns will allow our regular TV show reviewers more flexibility and allow us to cut down on some of the recaps and do some other fun stuff.

News section

We hope to do a weekly section of assorted horror news (television, movies, books, comics, and the like), as an expansion of our current spoilers column. We are going to be looking for someone to write for this section, covering horror movies. We’ll also be looking for someone to tackle video games and some TV shows we don’t currently cover. Are you interested in contributing? It’s just a few lines of text every week, but if you love to keep tabs on upcoming horror stuff, it’s great fun. E-mail us for more information.

Goodbye Monster Bytes

We loved the Monster Bytes, but we are bidding them goodbye. In their place, we will be actively seeking flash fiction to publish in between the February, June and October issues of Innsmouth Magazine. The flash fiction will then be featured in the e-book issues of Innsmouth Magazine. This will offer more exposure to our writers who liked creating byte-sized fiction.

Pay increases

Beginning in October 2012, we will increase contributor rates. Until now, we have paid a flat rate of $25 for short fiction and $10 for flash fiction included in Innsmouth Magazine. As of October 1, we’ll pay 1¢ per word for all fiction.

Line of novelettes and novellas

Starting in 2013, Innsmouth will release Innsmouth Presents, a line of Weird novelettes and novellas. We are mostly interested in the e-book market, but they will also be available in print. The first title is tentatively called Jazz Age Cthulhu.

Novels, anthologies and website

In 2013, we will release Confraternitas, the sequel to the urban fantasy novel, Fraterfamilias. Fraterfamilias was the first book we published and the time for the sequel has now come. In addition, we will be editing the anthology, Swords and Mythos. We will be reading stories early in 2013. Look for our guidelines toward the end of the year.

There is also a mysterious new anthology percolating through the imagination of our publisher. New Flesh is in the very early stages of planning.

Innsmouth will also sport a fancy, fishy new look in 2013.

Supporting Innsmouth

We do a lot of stuff at Innsmouth with the help of volunteer contributors. However, we do need a bit of cash to continue existing. Consider donating to the site or purchasing our books.

If you want a subscription to the magazine, Weightless Books is selling Innsmouth titles and magazine issues. Plus, you can purchase a one-year subscription to Innsmouth Magazine (includes three issues) for $6. E-reading formats are ePub and Mobi, which are compatible with Nook, Kobo and Kindle readers.

Even if you can’t donate or buy our products, please tell people about us, review our books and spread the word.


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5 Comments on “Lots of Changes at Innsmouth Free Press”

  1. IFP

    By the way, all the current columnists remain in place. That’s the comic books columns (the three of them), soundtrack, movies. Found on the Net also remains.


    Silvia Moreno-Garcia

  2. Margaret L. Carter

    Good luck with your changes! However, I’ll miss the Monster Bytes — does that mean the whole theme of being the news outlet for the “real” Innsmouth is disappearing? That’s one of the main features that attracted me to the site in the first place.

    I’ll also be sorry to see the SUPERNATURAL recaps cut back, because I depend on them so much. Every week, I turned to your review to answer the haunting question that lingered in my mind after watching the week’s episode: “What the heck just happened?” To exaggerate a bit less, the recaps seriously helped me keep straight all the little details that zipped past me while viewing the episodes. Also, I have long since lost track of most of the occasionally-appearing supporting characters, so your reviews answered my other perennial question, “Who WAS that anyway?”

    1. IFP

      The MBs are leaving, yes, and sadly the reporting for the real Innsmouth with them. They didn’t get much attention. 🙁
      Paula will still be talking Supernatural. She’ll just have a column now instead of being a reviewer without a home, so to speak.

      1. Margaret L. Carter

        To me, the “real Innsmouth” premise was what made this site unique. I’m quite sorry to see it go. (All old posts will be archived, I hope? There are probably quite a few I missed reading.)

        Don’t worry, though, I’ll remain a faithful reader. 🙂

  3. Pam

    I will miss the Monster Bytes section also, even though I am new to this site. I’ll be sorry to see it go so soon after I became a fan.
    Perhaps they were getting attention but people were not commenting often.

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