Letters to the Editor Regarding Unexpected Treasure

by Mari Ness

RE: Survey yields unexpected treasure

Whatever happened to respecting the dead?  Does no one remember how many sailors and women have perished out on Black Reef?

In my day, when we found anything left from a shipwreck, or clearly from historical times, we left it there, out of respect for the dead. But now, Arkham’s divers are just pulling stuff off the reef, without even bothering to find out why the necklace is there. What if it was still around someone’s neck when it reached the reef? And even if it wasn’t, simple respect would say to leave it there.

No good can come of this.


RE: Survey yields unexpected treasure

To those citizens upset about spending federal money on fish and wildlife surveys out on Black Reef, can I respectfully suggest selling the necklace recently found by Arkham University researchers to fund future expeditions? That way, the necklace doesn’t just get lost in some university desk drawer someplace, and we all save on federal tax dollars.

–  TIBERIUS CABOT, Innsmouth

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IFPLetters to the Editor Regarding Unexpected Treasure