Interview: Samroz83 (Supernatural Abridged Series)

Today we interview UniqueWinchester (known as samroz83 on Livejournal). Unique is the author of a parody photo series on LJ called the “Supernatural Abridged Series”. Unique’s accounts on LJ and IMDB were recently hacked and deleted by hostile parties who expressed jealousy on IMDB of her popularity in the SPN fandom. Alas, every fandom has its lunatic fringe. However, Unique did manage to preserve the “Series” and we have included some screencaps and links to Google caches to give you an idea of it until she gets it back up online.


Google cache links: Provenance; Faith; Dead Man’s Blood; Children Shouldn’t play with Dead Things.


IFP: Tell us a little about the “Supernatural Abridged Series”. What’s it all about?

UW: The “Abridged Series” is a five-part series that has captions and pictures about Supernatural, that looks at episodes, plot holes, less than stellar characters, etc. and just pokes innocent fun at it.

IFP: When and why did you decide to start the series?

UW: I started the “Series” in my junior year of high school. My friend had shown me a voiced-over series called “Yugioh: The Abridged Series”, (I’d never seen the original series myself). In the following months, a lot of people were doing their own thing to whatever anime episodes they had. So, one day, I figured, why not do the same for Supernatural? I’ll admit, I was scared to death when I posted the abridged version of the Pilot, but people seemed to enjoy my weird sense of humor and it’s just taken off from there.

IFP: What kind of role do you want the “Abridged Series” to fill in the Supernatural fandom?

UW: I just want it to be something that a person who watches the show (or someone who doesn’t, but knows enough about it to understand some of the jokes) can sit down and enjoy.

IFP: What plans do you have for the future of the “Abridged Series”?

UW: One of these days, I’m hoping to get back permanently and finish up. College has been busy and prevents me from doing it.

IFP: Where do you get your screencaps? How do you choose them?

UW: At first, I used screencaps from But, recently, they gave their site over to BuddyTV, who changed up the gallery in a way that confused me. So, for the last three or so episodes, I’ve used VLC media player to get my own.

IFP: Tell us about some of the challenges you have encountered in working on the “Abridged Series”.

UW: One of the most challenging things I’ve had to work around is real life. Family problems, high school and college being the main things.

Once, someone saw how semi-successful the “Series” was on the websites I posted it on and tried to do an episode for herself. Unfortunately, because the series is semi-successful, that move didn’t go as well as they hoped it would.

And right now, someone’s been hacking into my sites and deleting them. So, here’s hoping the “Series” is still up when this interview is published.

IFP: What other genre projects (fan or otherwise) have you done? Which was your favourite?

UW: I write fanfiction, but I enjoy writing the Abridged Series a lot better. The fanfiction’s just practice in case I do get a book published one day.

IFP: Who is your favourite character in the Abridged Series? The show?

UW: For the “Abridged”, it’s often a toss-up between Castiel and Sam. At first, Castiel was just going to be a smart mouth to Dean. He still sort of is, but it’s migrated towards poking fun at the Dean/Castiel slash pairing. As for Sam, he’s just my favourite to poke fun at.

For the show, definitely Castiel. Misha Collins has done a great service to the show. Bobby, too. I would love to watch a spin-off that had those two cruising around the country. We could call it a remake of Highway to Heaven. What a great time to do it since remakes seem to be the Hollywood thing right now.

IFP: What is your favourite “Abridged Series” episode? The show? Why?

UW: Oh, that’s a tough one. I’d have to say “Dead in the Water”. Just because it’s the one where I think I hit my stride.

As for the show? “Home”. Definitely. I hadn’t been watching the series for very long (two weeks) and that was the episode that caught my attention and got me into the show.

IFP: What is your favourite storyline on Supernatural?

UW: I’ve really enjoyed the angel storyline, a little weary on the “God has left the building” thing, but I have enjoyed the fact that they are capable of being evil and have their own separate personalities, whether it’s the calm, sympathetic Castiel, or the vengeful Uriel.

IFP: Who is your favourite writer on Supernatural?

UW: Edlund. I know he’s not much of a favourite compared to the others, but I enjoy his comedy. His drama episodes are brilliant.

IFP: What are you anticipating the most about the upcoming season?

UW: Besides the premiere date? Hmm… Ooooh, spoilers! I’m looking for the return of several previous cast members.

IFP: Please tell us about your upcoming projects.

UW: Well, I’ve been sort of planning to make an “Abridged” for Sanctuary, a show on SyFy that stars Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Emilie Ullerup, and Christopher Heyerdahl (He played the second Alastair in [Supernatural] 4.15-4.16) and maybe, one of these days, when “SPN Abridged” is over and done with, I’ll get started on Heroes and abridge that. Seasons 2 and 3 have it coming. I’m planning out a book series that’s based loosely on the Sherlock Holmes short stories, but told modern-day.

IFP: What is your dream project?

UW: Write a book series. I have one series that won’t see publication. I’m just writing it for several close friends to read. But I’ve got some ideas on what I want to write.


Bio: Born in 1989, Samroz83 has spent her life abridging various TV shows, growing up. She’s currently working on her Medical Assistant certification and resides in Texas. You can find her at

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