Interview: Emma: Supernatural IMDB Guerilla Advertisement Team

Today, we’re sitting down with Emma, founder of the Supernatural IMDB Guerilla Advertisement Team. This is a group of fans from around the world who have decided to advertise Supernatural on their own before its fifth season starts on September 10.

IFP: Tell us a little about the Supernatural IMDB Guerilla Advertisement Team. How old is it? What was the reason for founding it?

SIGAT: The Supernatural IMDB Guerilla Advertisement Team advertises Supernatural where the CW does not. The Team is split into two separate teams: the Street Team and the ‘Net Team. The Street Team handles advertisement on the street and the ‘Net Team handles it on the Internet. Members advertise in many ways. Some include making posters/flyers, telling people about it, and a member has even made arrangements to have a Supernatural night in Vegas.

The Supernatural IMDB Guerilla Advertisement Team was founded about four months ago [Spring 2009] by myself and a few other IMDB [Internet Movie Database] message board users. There are many users who think Supernatural deserves more viewers. It all started when I started a topic that said that we should advertise the show ourselves. One of the users said that it would be cool if it was called the “Supernatural IMDB Guerilla Advertisement Team” and that was it. I made another topic calling for members to join and, over the last few months, the Team has grown.

IFP: Who is on the team?

SIGAT: The team is made up of IMDB message board users. The team includes:
Agent Threadophile
like the gun
evil leprechaun
Loyal Xan

IFP: What kind of role do you want the team to fill in the Supernatural fandom?

SIGAT: I want all the fandom to know that the Team exists. I want the Team to be the trekkies of the Supernatural fandom. I want the Team to be looked at as fans trying to make Supernatural more popular.

IFP: What activities do you engage in/have planned for the Team?

SIGAT: In the last few months, members of the Team have been making posters and telling their friends about the show. On September 3rd, we will start advertisement for the Season Premiere [on September 10th]. Also in the last couple of days, I have been focused on expanding the Team around the Internet by making Bebo, Twitter, MySpace and Facebook pages. The plan for the Team is to advertise the episode that is going to air that week and the aim is to try and beat the ratings from the week before.

IFP: What plans do you have for the future of the Team?

SIGAT: Originally, I wanted the Team to try and help give Supernatural the viewers it deserves for its last season, but they are talking about making a sixth season, so maybe the Team will keep advertising until the end of Season 6. Also, lately, I have been thinking that the Team shouldn’t be used just for Supernatural. There are other shows out there that don’t get the attention they deserve.

IFP: Tell us about some of the challenges you have encountered in working on the Team.

SIGAT: Since I don’t live in America, I am on the ‘Net Team and have been sending emails and have been making Twitter and MySpace pages. So, it’s hard to tell if I’m getting through to anyone or convincing anyone to watch the show. Also, it’s hard to know if any Team members are actually advertising the show. I know that some of the members are doing great things for the Team. But I just wish I could be in America, advertising on the streets.

IFP: What other genre projects (fan or otherwise) have you done? Which was your favourite?

SIGAT: Nope, this is the first, but I hope it’s not the last.

IFP: What is your favourite character on Supernatural? Why?

SIGAT: Umm, this is hard. Well, at the moment, I’m loving Castiel. He was just such a surprise and is such an interesting character. I can’t wait for his storyline in Season 5.

IFP: What is your favourite storyline on Supernatural? Why?

SIGAT: I remember, back in Season 2, I would always be excited to see what happens next in the Special Kids storyline. But I loved the emotion in Dean’s Hell storyline. Oh, and the Sam-is-evil storyline was so good. Yeah, it would have to be Dean’s Hell storyline because it just opened so many other storylines, such as Dean being the guy who started it and without Dean going to Hell, how would we have got Castiel? But my favourite could change because of what I’ve heard is going to happen in Season 5.

IFP: Who is your favourite writer on Supernatural? Why?

SIGAT: Umm, I would have to say Sera Gamble. It seems she knows Supernatural like the back of her hand. I would have to give a mention to Eric Kripke, though, for all the finales, and Jeremy Carver for “In the Beginning” and “The Rapture”.

IFP: What is your favourite episode of Supernatural? Why?

SIGAT: I would have to say “On the Head of a Pin”, followed closely by “The Rapture”. The acting was just so amazing in “On the Head of a Pin” and we learnt so much. Watching Dean face off with Alastair was one of the best scenes in the history of the series.

IFP: What are you anticipating the most about the upcoming season? Why?

SIGAT: There is heaps I am anticipating. The return of Meg and Castiel’s storyline. Oh, and Bobby’s storyline. I really have always wondered what happened to Meg, and Bobby has never had a real storyline, so I’m excited.

IFP: Please tell us about your upcoming projects. What is your dream project?

SIGAT: I haven’t got any planned right now, but I would love to get started on advertising more shows. I guess my dream project would be the Team having hundreds of members and be advertising many shows.

You can find the Team, so far, on Bebo and Twitter.

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