Innsmouth welcomes prodigal son with film crew

Paula R. Stiles

Innsmouth, MA – 3D horror production, Tentacles from the Sea, has decided to film on location in Innsmouth. According to Director John Mbuntu, it was the idea of his star Peter McCallister. McCallister plays Dave, a young man who tries to save his town from a watery horror despite having a disturbing connection to it.

“I was looking for a setting that would be more inclusive than the usual all-white milieu of horror,” Mbuntu says. “Then Pete mentioned these local stories his grandmother used to tell him about Innsmouth, how a lot of fishermen from the South Seas came here to stay because they were welcomed by the town fathers

“I found that history quite fascinating, especially since our story is set in a coastal town and involves a sinister mystery coming from the sea to threaten the townspeople. I saw no reason why all of those townspeople should be white. Originally, I was thinking of filming in Hawaii, but that was far too expensive. Pete’s stories gave me a better alternative.”

McCallister agrees. The affable Baton Rouge native has a unique connection to Innsmouth–his ancestor was our very own native son, Captain Obed Marsh, who presided over the town’s prosperous fishing industry of the 19th century. Marsh was noted for his friendliness toward those in the fishing and whaling industries who came from all over the world to ply the Grand Banks. Portuguese and Cape Verdean fishing communities sprouted all up and down the North and South Shores and Cape Cod, but they were never so welcome as here in Innsmouth.

“I’ve always wanted to come up here because this place is  part of my family history,” says McCallister. “The film was a great excuse. I know that a lot of people don’t have much respect for a slasher, but any film deserves to be done well. And there’s no reason why you can’t make a good slasher film, too–just look at Hitchcock’s Psycho. Once I got the role and started talking to John about the vision he had for the film, I thought, ‘Why not Innsmouth?’

“What really drew me about the setting was all the crazy ghost stories my grandmother would tell me about Devil’s Reef and the woods and the river. I loved those; they really drew me in. 3D is a very different way of filming–it’s not about throwing things at the audience and making them jump. It’s more like creating a diorama and inviting the audience to step inside. The woods just outside of town are really great for that. The trees frame everything and kind of suck you in, even when you’re looking at them with your own eyes and not the cameras.”

Tentacles from the Sea will be filming all summer in Innsmouth. Please contact the Innsmouth Tourism Bureau if you wish to apply as a crewmember or extra.

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IFPInnsmouth welcomes prodigal son with film crew