Gang members to blame in Williams disappearance

Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Innsmouth, MA – Mary Williams might have been a victim of gang violence, a confidential source told Innsmouth Free Press.

The old Innsmouth Lighthouse, which has been periodically vandalized over the years, is a favourite spot for members of the Lichens, an infamous gang known for its violence and drug-dealing.

“Mary saw something that she should not have seen,” the source said. “She messed with Crow.”

Friedrich “Crow” Krahen is the youngest of the Krahen brothers, who are all well-known to Innsmouth police and have been linked with the Lichen gang.

Innsmouth police said the Krahens are of interest to police, but they are not suspects in the case. However, the source insisted there was a connection between Mary Williams, the old lighthouse and the Lichens gang.

“You ever gone down there? ‘Specially at nights when the fog is coming in? There’s something bad on those nights. If you’ve gone there, you know that I mean. You can see fires burning around the beach. It’s the Lichens, having a party. Only, with all the fog the fires look like eyes and there’s no mirth in that celebration. No. It’s a bad place when the fog comes.”

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IFPGang members to blame in Williams disappearance