Found on the Net: “Codex L’ng”

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Cardinal Cox is at it again. Periodically, this British gentleman releases free poetry pamphlets of Lovecraftian fiction. Cox has previously produced the Lovecraftian pamphlets Codex Cthulhapalooza (2010), Codex Dagon (2010) and Codex Ulthar (2011). This time comes Codex L’ng.

As you can imagine, the slim little pamphlet is inspired by the “inaccessible Leng” of H.P. Lovecraft and the “legends of the Tibetan land of gLing.” The pamphlet contains notes discussing some of the references used in the poems.

Here is a bit from “Sky Burial”:

Sutras said over corpse
We wish the spirit well
Knife blossoms of cold flesh
Free the soul to re-birth

Lovecraft first described Leng in “The Hound”. It is later mentioned in “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath”, as well as numerous post-Lovecraftian works. Its location varies greatly in each tale.

Leng might have had a counterpart in real life – or, at least, a real source of inspiration. The Epic of King Gesar narrates the tale of of the ruler of the kingdom of Ling or gLing. It is an epic cycle, believed to date from the 12th century. Ling was a kingdom located on the eastern part of the Tibetan plateau.

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