Monster Byte: Fight Breaks Out Between Film Crew and Local Gang at The Siren

by Paula R. Stiles

Innsmouth, MA – Local college watering hole The Siren saw a bit of excitement, as well as unwanted publicity for film production Tentacles from the Sea 3D, last Thursday night when a brawl broke out between the film crew and local gang, the Lichens.

The film’s star, Peter McCallister, was in the bar at the time. He found himself at the centre of the fracas when local gang leader, Hermann Krahen, got into a shouting match with him that soon came to blows.

Cameraman Darrell Lehane was at the bar having a drink with McCallister right before the fight. According to Lehane, “They went at it pretty hot and heavy after that guy, Krahen, started insulting our director. Said he didn’t see what a black guy could know about Innsmouth, what right did he have doing a film that insulted the culture and history, said we’d all pay, and crap like that. Then he shoved me and Pete totally lost his cool. I’ve never seen him so mad. He’s a big boy, so you really don’t want him mad at you. He just about took the guy’s head off.”

A friend of Krahen, Greg Hasler, agreed, though not in a way that was complimentary to McCallister: “Herm was just minding his own business, ordering a beer, when that movie bigshot got in his face. Herm wasn’t gonna take that from some [expletive deleted] who thought he was better than us just because his grandma took him outta here when he was a baby. He thinks he can escape the town curse just like that? He better think again! Uppity [expletive deleted]. And when Herm told him that, the guy went right after him with a broken bottle!”

“The hell I did,” McCallister said, when reached for comment on the film’s set the following morning. “Try the other way around. And I don’t know what he’s talking about with that other thing. Yeah, my grandmother raised me after my parents died, bless her for it, but I was born in Baton Rouge.

“I’m not trying to look down on anybody. But I do think I’m entitled to have a quiet drink in a bar after work with friends without getting hassled by some loser who doesn’t like the fact that I’m making a movie in his town. Or whatever his problem was.”

McCallister professed to have little knowledge about his parents or their deaths: “All I know is that they were involved in some kind of accident. The car went into the water and they didn’t get out in time. From what I heard, they never did find the bodies. So, they don’t know if they died from the impact, or drowned, or what. My grandmother didn’t tell me a lot about it. I was really little at the time. I don’t even remember them, just my grandmother.”

No arrests were made and McCallister has said that he won’t press charges, even though he claims Krahen shoved him and punched him in the shoulder before they wrestled briefly. “But that doesn’t mean I’ll be so nice next time.”

“We were lucky to get out of there unhurt,” agreed Lehane. “I don’t know what could happen if there’s a next time. Pete actually kinda scared me.”

Hasler was less live-and-let-live. “That bigshot, he better watch himself. There’s forces in this town you don’t mess with. He’s as beholden to them as the rest of us.”

Hasler refused to give any further details on what he meant. The Innsmouth Police Department is currently looking into the matter.

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Paula R. StilesMonster Byte: Fight Breaks Out Between Film Crew and Local Gang at The Siren