Contest: Horrific Romance Classifieds

We are doing a themed week in February related to Valentine’s Day here at Innsmouth Free Press. Ah, romance and monsters. There is nothing more delightful and we are running a contest to celebrate it: Horrific Romance Classifieds. You know those little classifieds in the newspaper? Girl seeking guy? What if it was girl seeking ghoul?

Send us your classifieds, maximum 100 words and we’ll pick the top seven most creative ones. Each of the seven winners gets $5 CAD sent via PayPal.

Here’s one we came up with quickly:

Cthulhu Cultist Seeks Innsmouthian Woman: Blood-thirsty, cult-abiding citizen seeks kind, fish-headed wife for fun and play. Must live in Arkham or nearby parallel dimension.

E-mail them to innsmouthfp AT before February 5, 2010. Subject line: Horrific Romance Classifieds. One entry per person.

We’ll post the winners on Valentine’s Day! Try it! It’s fun!


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IFPContest: Horrific Romance Classifieds