Column: Gods and Monsters: Recap and Review: Being Human (Syfy) 3.05: Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth

[spoilers ahoy]

Recap: Sally’s new job hits a snag when it turns out she can see her new employer’s dead mother, Linda, along with a bunch of other ghosts she refuses to help (due to her post-Todd feelings that she’ll just do them more harm). Linda is a Mrs. Bates who is thrilled to find someone who can see her – and immediately uses that to harass Sally. She really crosses the line, though, when she possesses Sally and uses her body to break her up with her son, Max. Using a protection talisman from Zoe, Sally forces an exorcism on Linda, who breaks down and admits she just wants what’s best for her son. Taking pity on her, Sally says she wants that, too, but that keeping him alone and lonely isn’t that. They come to an understanding and Sally apologizes her way back into Max’s good graces.

At the hospital, Bubble Boy Kenny is convinced that Aidan is a vampire and tries out all the usual ways (like mirrors and crosses) to find that out. It doesn’t work. Aidan is outwardly amused but inwardly suffering from blood withdrawal. He had raised the kid’s suspicions in the first place by surreptitiously taking blood at night for “tests,” which also alerted his supervisor. His withdrawal is marked by the return of the hallucinations (or are they ghosts?) of two of his victims – the party girls/hookers he and Henry killed last season at the house. Things come to a head after he is forced to kill the supervisor when she threatens to expose him. It turns out to be a dream, but when he wakes up next to Kenny’s glass room, Kenny sees his black vampire eyes. Whoops.

Meanwhile, Liam has discovered the hard way that Aidan’s not like the sick and dying Bostonian vampires he and his pack have been putting out of their misery. Aidan whales on them in an alleyway and a furious Liam follows him home to Josh and Nora’s house. Josh and Nora get an ultimatum from Liam: Either give up Aidan or suffer. A panicked and conflicted Nora wants to give in to his demands, but Josh adamantly refuses to hand Aidan over to Liam or otherwise aid in harming him. Josh even goes to Liam’s apartment and threatens him with a gun full of silver bullets. Liam is so furious that Josh has to flee, but, later, Liam seems impressed by Josh’s loyalty. As a peace offering, he brings Erin back home.


Review: This one was a little slow. I liked the storyline with Sally best. The switch between her getting Ghost Mom from Hell off her back to helping her out was handled well. I was right there with her, trying to get rid of Linda, but I found myself approving of her deciding to have compassion, once that transition occurred.

I would like to believe that a similar process of reconciliation is occurring between Liam, Josh and Nora via Erin, but the four parties involved have goals that are entirely too disparate for that to work. I can’t believe that Liam really has just given up his quest for revenge, just like that, and Erin is a very damaged young woman. Not to mention, impressionable as hell and not too smart, as last week’s sojourn with Nora’s brother proved.

I was disappointed in Nora. I get that she’s freaked out. And I can kind of see why she tends to slip into follower roles, from what we saw of her family and its treatment of the women in it. However, giving Aidan to Liam is just plain dumb. Leaving aside the morality of betraying a friend, Liam’s obsession with Aidan is the only thing that stands between him and his then looking for Brynn. And since Nora’s the reason Brynn is both missing and dead, it’s in her best interests to keep Liam focused on Aidan for as long as possible. Which won’t be happening if Aidan is dead.

Josh, of course, has the purest motives in all this, though it is a bit of a whitewash of his hypocritical stance about Aidan’s blood-drinking last season (which Nora now seems to have picked up). Despite that, it was nice to see him put himself on the line for Aidan.

I can understand Liam’s motives, even if he is the bad guy in the story. I’d probably like him more if his children hadn’t been such entitled brats. Obviously, he spoiled them rotten and raised them with no boundaries, then didn’t bother himself about the consequences to others of unleashing them on the world. It’s hard for me to sympathize with his grief and anger now at the results of his overindulgence. The world just happened to be a lot bigger and badder than his kids, as the world generally turns out to be.

The storyline between Aidan and Kenny was…okay, it was confusing and dull. The snarky dead hookers was the best part of it and they were really just the Greek Chorus for the proceedings. The dream murder of the supervisor was a nice fake-out, but the ending it set up was the only really interesting part about this and that was a cliffhanger. I suppose this could turn into a mentor-new vampire relationship with the kid, but what would the two of them eat? So, I don’t see that ending well.

Next Week: What’s Blood Got to Do with It?: Aidan has to deal with a freaked-out blood source, while Liam comes up with a new plan to take out his enemy. Meanwhile, Sally runs into her estranged brother.

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Paula R. StilesColumn: Gods and Monsters: Recap and Review: Being Human (Syfy) 3.05: Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth