Column: Gods and Monsters: Recap and Review: Being Human (Syfy) 3.04: I’m So Lonesome I Could Die

By Paula R. Stiles

[spoilers ahoy]


Josh and Nora are kept up all hours by Aidan’s way of grieving for Henry – which is to hold wild, all-night bacchanaliae for complete strangers in the living room and drink total strangers who could be infected (the parties, not the vampirism). Sally, on the other hand, finds this rather attractive. AT least it means she can hang out with total strangers and not risk killing any of them.

Sally is having nightmares about accidentally running into people from her former life, who die upon seeing her, while Aidan keeps flashing to all of the vampires on the series that he’s watched die. The two of them try to resolve these feelings by going to a biker bar and slow-dancing. But after Aidan feeds on a biker, and Sally has to call 911 for the guy, she wakes Aidan up in bed and forces him at stake-point to admit to his death wish. Finally deciding he wants to live (well…in the usual undead way), Aidan reapplies as an RN at the hospital and encounters a young man with Bubble Boy Syndrome. Could this unfortunate person be the answer to Aidan’s prayers? Tune in next week.

Sally, for her part, decides it’s time to stop sponging off Josh and Nora, and that Aidan desperately needs her support. She tries to steal info for a new identity from the funeral home and gets caught by Max – who then offers her a job instead of having her arrested.

Meanwhile, Josh has confessed to Aidan that he’s taken Nora home to meet his mother, but he’s never met Nora’s family. Nora rectifies this situation by bringing Josh and Erin to her mother’s birthday at her parents’ house – which turns out to be the disaster that keeps on giving. Mom is a doormat; Nora’s brother’s a total townie screw-up; and Dad is a sinister abuser who never leaves the couch. Even streetwise Erin admits afterward that Nora’s entire family is a catalogue of pieces of work (Best line of the night goes to Josh: “I totally think we should invite your father over for Passover”).

On top of this, Nora admits to Josh that she killed Brynn and that’s why she’s terrified of Liam. She says it was self-defense after she angered Brynn by trying to save one of her would-be victims. Undeterred, Josh asks Nora’s father for her hand in marriage. The father shrugs and says he doesn’t care, adding a nasty aside about Nora’s mother. Charming.

Later, Nora’s brother, RJ, shows up drunk at the house, letting slip what Josh said to Daddy. While a nonplussed Nora goes into the kitchen to make him some coffee, Erin comes downstairs and RJ quickly talks his way into her room and bed. A fight breaks out when Josh discovers them there (since Erin is only 15). When Nora enters the room, she takes Josh’s side, despite a rather confused Erin lying on RJ’s behalf, and throws her brother out.

Later, Josh tries to apologize to Erin, saying he doesn’t blame her, but she has taken off. He and Nora ruefully conclude their lives are perhaps too chaotic to take in someone as damaged and fragile as Erin. Nora obliquely indicates she’s not ready for marriage, either. However, when Josh suggests they might get to that point someday, she doesn’t demur.

Review: This was a middle-of-the-season episode that managed to advance previously established plots without taking any of them to final conclusions. All four housemates reached crossroads and made important decisions to suck it up and face the music. There were varying results, but I think they all came off pretty well.

The mystery of Nora’s family, not to mention her tendency toward nasty boyfriends, was thoroughly solved. One look at Mom and Dad was all it took. The weird thing is that Nora’s family seems like a normal, nuclear clan in abstract. The devil is in the details. Dad makes Archie Bunker look like Prince Charming. And I’m sure this isn’t the last we see of creepy RJ.

While I thought Josh and Nora were in way over their heads with Erin – who was quite clearly damaged by her time on the streets, let alone becoming a werewolf – I did feel sorry for her this week. As the interactions between Nora’s parents Showed more than any possible Tell why Nora is Nora, Erin’s confused reaction to RJ’s inappropriate and predatory behavior revealed some uncomfortable truths about how she had survived on the streets. While it looked consensual on the surface, Erin’s interaction with RJ showed why statutory rape laws exist in the first place. There was no way she could make appropriate decisions with her own best interests in mind when an older guy like RJ knew which of her buttons to push. Kids like her deserve to be protected against button-pushers.

I have a feeling that Erin (who is basically Brynn’s replacement in the show) will end up running with Liam as a surrogate daughter, causing all sorts of unpleasant complications for Josh and Nora. Especially if she overheard Nora’s confession to Josh.

I liked Sally and Aidan together, though it appears most of the actual shipping going on is between her and Max, the undertaker who was introduced last week. At least for a while. As for Aidan, the show seems to be playing it that Henry is dead and gone for good, though I’m skeptical a cockroach like Henry would go down that easily. I guess I’ll buy it when I see his dust. Even then, I’ll wonder if it’s some kind of dodge. We’ll see. And we’ll see how Aidan’s survival instincts kick in, once he finds his own pristine blood source.

Next Week: Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Mouth: Aidan moves in on his new clean blood source, while Sally discovers that her new employer has the Ghost Mom from Hell.

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Paula R. StilesColumn: Gods and Monsters: Recap and Review: Being Human (Syfy) 3.04: I’m So Lonesome I Could Die