Column: Dark Matter: Review: Once Upon A Time 2.13: Tiny


[spoilers ahead]

Written by: Kalinda Vazquez and Christine Boylan

Recap: Fairytale Land That Was

Tiny, AKA Anton, is late to dinner at the Giants’ place. When he arrives, he is teased for being late and for not working. The leader of the Giants, Arlo (Abraham Benrubi), tells everyone that it’s time to harvest the beans. Everyone but Tiny is excited about it. When they go to make a toast, a small golden harp falls out of Tiny’s robe and Arlo realizes that he’s been in the treasure room. He calls Tiny on his fascination with humans. When Tiny protests that Arlo never allows them to go down below, Arlo reminds him that they once traded the magical beans with the humans, and the humans used them to conquer other worlds and pillage them. Tiny says that not all humans are bad, but Arlo tells them they can’t take that chance. Upset, Tiny runs out of the hall and goes to look at the beanstalk. Determined, he starts to climb down it.

Prince James, Charming’s twin brother, is making out with a young woman in his bedroom (Cassidy Freeman as Jacqueline), when his father interrupts and tells him that a Giant has appeared. Jacqueline figures to go kill it, but King George tells them no. They might be able to use the Giant’s appearance to their advantage.

James finds Tiny outside of a tavern, watching the people drink inside. James and Jacqueline approach him in friendship, telling him they will be happy to show him around, but he’s too big. Jacqueline offers him a piece of mushroom she claimed she got from another land where she slew a Jabberwocky (Wonderland). She tells him it will make him smaller for a time. When Tiny tells them that he has no way to repay them, she tells him that his happiness is payment enough for her and James. She then introduces herself as Jacqueline, but tells Tiny that most people call her “Jack.”

A normal-sized Tiny, James and Jack go into the tavern, where they introduce Tiny to the barmen and pretend to be his friend. James goes off to talk to someone. When they start arguing, Jack “admits” to Tiny that the kingdom is broke and if James and his father don’t pay back a neighboring kingdom, they will be in trouble. Jack asks about a magical bean, but Tiny admits he doesn’t have any of those. He says they do have a treasure room and it would probably pay off the debt. Jack is “touched” that he would offer that to them and he tells her that if he’s going to stay there, then he should make sure it’s a nice place to live. Jack calls him their “hero.”

Tiny returns to the Giants’ land and starts to take some treasure, when Arlo finds him. Arlo is horrified that he went to the humans’ world and even more concerned when Tiny tells him he wants to live there. However, all Tiny’s defiance changes when the sentry birds appear and Arlo realizes that they have trespassers on their land. The humans must have followed Tiny.

Arlo and Tiny go to the beanstalk courtyard, where James and Jack have just climbed up. Tiny tells them he has the treasure – they didn’t have to follow him – but they tell him they aren’t here for the treasure. They are here for the beans and they are not his friends. Arlo tells them that the Giants might be peaceful, but they will fight. James and Jack attack with their swords.

The humans overrun the Giants. Arlo finds Tiny to tell him that the others have fallen under the poisoned swords of the humans. He orders Tiny to raze the beanfields, so that the humans won’t get them.

Back in the treasure room, while James is gathering treasure, Arlo is fighting Jack when she pierces him with her poisoned sword. Arlo grabs her and manages to pierce her with her own sword. Tiny comes in and tells Arlo that he destroyed the fields, that no one is left of the Giants but them. Arlo tells him that he is dying. He gives Tiny a small cutting from the beans. He tells Tiny that someday he will find a place where he can grow the beans again. Until then, he is to protect them. Arlo dies. James takes off with the treasure, leaving behind a dying Jack.



Gold comes to the apartment to pick up Emma and is shocked to find that she plans to bring Henry with them. She doesn’t want to leave him in town with Cora around. Gold reluctantly agrees. Gold’s anger is pierced a little when David asks him to make sure nothing happens to his family, because he would be devastated if it did. Gold promises him that no harm will come to them. The trio take off for the airport, with Gold driving. Luckily, when he drives across the town line with his spell-cast scarf on, it works and he still retains his memories.

Regina shows up at the apartment to find only Snow and Charming there. They apologize to her for suspecting her of Archie’s murder and she “accepts” their apology. She pretends to be shocked that Cora is alive and worries over Henry. But she’s not too thrilled when she finds out that Emma has taken Henry out of town.

Snow, Charming and Grumpy get Hook to show them where his ship is, looking for clues as to where Cora could be and what she is up to. Only, instead of finding Cora, they find Tiny, the Giant, unconscious in a cage. Instead of being Giant-sized though, he’s been shrunk down to normal size. They release him, only to have him attack Charming when he sees him. Snow manages to stop him with the threat of her arrows, but Tiny rants at Charming that he will “pay” for his “evil” and then jumps over the side of the ship.

Later at Granny’s, Charming, Snow and Grumpy wonder what happened. Charming realizes that Tiny wasn’t talking about him; he was talking about his brother, James. He tells Grumpy to gather the Dwarves and keep a lookout for the Giant, while he and Snow try to figure out what happened with James.

Red goes to visit Belle, who doesn’t remember her. Belle is still freaked out about her being hurt and then Gold healing her, and starts to get really agitated when Red tries to calm her down. The nurse ends up sedating Belle and taking her back to her room, but Greg (Ethan Embry) sees the end of the confrontation and asks if Belle is okay. Red assures him he is, and then encourages him to get better so he can be on his way.

Gold, Emma, and Henry are at the airport, where Gold seems out of place and uncomfortable. He snaps a little when Henry keeps asking him questions. But the real problem comes when they have to go through the metal detector and Gold is instructed to take off his protection scarf. Gold objects, but Emma tells him she will help him get through and he will be okay. He takes it off and walks through, but it’s obvious he’s having difficulties. As soon as the scarf passes through the checkstand, Emma puts it back on Gold, and he nods at her.

Back in town, Regina meets up with Hook, who was expecting to see Cora. She informs him that she and Cora have reunited, and Cora thought it more prudent to stay in hiding for now. Regina wants to know if Hook got Cora’s things off the ship, but he said there was a problem. He informs her that the Giant got loose and when he saw Charming, he went on a murderous spree. Both decide to use this to their advantage.

Regina finds Tiny sitting in the forest and offers him a mushroom to become huge again. She tells him that she has no love for the Prince he is after, and encourages him to pillage through the town and find him.

At the airport waiting area, Gold is agitated and goes off to the restroom, where he proceeds to punch the wall until his hand is bloody. But when he tries to heal himself, he can’t. His magic doesn’t work there.

Now Giant-sized, Tiny goes on a rampage through the town. Charming approaches him and tries to explain about his brother, James, and tells Tiny that James is dead. Snow tells Tiny that Emma is their daughter and they are the ones that Tiny helped when he gave Emma the bean. But when Tiny wants to talk to Emma, Snow is forced to admit that Emma is out of town. Fed up, Tiny starts to go after them.

Charming, Grumpy and Snow run off. While they are on the run, Grumpy questions Charming about James. He admits that James was his twin brother and tells Grumpy that his real name is ‘David.’ His cursed name is his real name. The trio reach the end of the town line. Charming decides to turn around and give Tiny what he wants: himself. He offers himself to Tiny in exchange for Tiny sparing the town. Tiny agrees, but just as he goes to jump on Charming, Snow pushes her husband out of the way. Tiny falls into a crater in the ground he created and the magical spell that made him a Giant wears off, leaving him hanging from a pipe in the ground.

The townspeople get together and manage to save Tiny, welcoming him into their midst. Tiny realizes that David isn’t James and that not all humans are bad. The gang bring him into Granny’s and offer him a room there, but he tells them he would prefer to live in the forest. He then asks about going back home, but is informed that right now, they have no way to return home. He tells them that maybe he has a way and brings out the tiny cutting.

The Dwarves, Charming and Snow take Tiny out to some farmland that he might be able to use to grow the beans. Tiny tells them that Cora will want to get her hands on the beans and whatever she wants to use them for won’t be good. Grumpy tells him that they won’t let Cora get her hands on their crop. When Tiny questions the Dwarves helping, Grumpy tells him that work is work. They give Tiny an axe of his own and it names him as “Tiny,” the name that his brothers use to call him. As Tiny settles in as an honorary Dwarf, the gang start to till the fields.

At the hospital, Greg approaches Belle about what she saw that night. When she starts to protest that she’s not crazy, Greg assures her that he doesn’t think that, because he saw it, too.

That night, Snow and Charming are talking about having “fun” having an adventure together again. Snow admits she’s missed it. Charming tells her that they could have them all the time again, if they used the magic beans and returned home. But Snow isn’t so sure. She tells him that home is where their family is and she isn’t sure that Emma would want to come with them. She won’t leave Emma again. Charming assures her that wherever Emma and Henry are, they are okay. Emma can take care of them.

On the plane, Gold is looking nervous and uptight, while Henry is excited about their adventure. Emma reassures Gold that they will find his son and the plane takes off for New York.


Review: I have to admit that I kind of found this episode boring. I don’t really find Tiny to be that interesting of a character, though, strangely enough, I am glad he is sticking around and found his happy ending. I think the whole story of someone being warned against a group of people, going off on their own anyway, and ending up being the destruction of everyone they loved because that warning was correct, is just not one of my favorites. I found myself really annoyed that Tiny disobeyed and went to see the humans and that, because of that, all of his people died. I felt for him in the present-day story, but in the past one, I just wanted to smack him. All of those Giants dead because of him. I was sad about the Giants dying. They were all good beings, who were protecting their magical beans from the humans who would exploit them. It was just sad.

It was kind of interesting to find out that James really was as disreputable as his adopted father was. Was this a case of nurture or nature? When Charming wondered to Snow if he would have turned out like James did, and she denied it because he has a good heart, it made me wonder. Would Charming have turned out to be as much of a jerk as James did? James even left Jack behind to die. He was not a good guy. Interesting twist that Jack was actually a Jacqueline. And nice to see Cassidy Freeman again.

I liked the little reveal that Charming’s name really IS ‘David.’ Guess the curse got that part right!

I also liked Snow finally admitting that her biggest reason for not wanting to return home is that she fears Emma won’t want to go with them and she won’t leave her daughter again. I can totally understand that. And I kind of doubt that Emma would want to go back to Fairytale Land to live. Or that she would want Henry to and I can’t see her leaving Henry. So, it is an interesting dilemma they are all going to face…if they ever get to that choice.

Not thrilled that Regina really does seem to be following through on working with her mother. Guess her will to be good didn’t last very long at all!

Also hoping that the story of Greg ends soon. I don’t at all find him interesting. Just kind of annoying. There’s already so much going on that we don’t need an outsider interloper making things worse, or pulling focus away from more interesting stories.

All in all, though, I really found myself more anxious to follow Gold, Emma and Henry’s story as they try to find Baelfire. Gold losing his magic really wasn’t that big of a surprise, but I hope that he hasn’t lost any of his memories. Hopefully, he was strong enough, or it wasn’t long enough, for that to have happened. Having Belle with her memories gone is bad enough. We don’t need Gold without them, as well!

I liked seeing Emma actually concerned for Gold. And I liked seeing Gold actually back down on his threats when David asked him to watch over Emma and Henry. Considering my theories on who Baelfire might be, this all could get very interesting….


Next episode: Gold, Emma and Henry track down Gold’s son. Will they really find Baelfire?

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