Collection of Nick Mamatas stories out in 2014

Innsmouth Free Press is proud to announce that next year, it will be releasing a collection of Lovecraftian stories penned by Nick Mamatas. The Nickronomicon will collect all of Mamatas’ Lovecraft-inspired fiction into a single volume, including a new, never-before-published novella, titled “On the Occasion of My Retirement.”

Nick Mamatas is the author of two Lovecraftian novels, Move Underground and The Damned Highway (with Brian Keene). “The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft,” written by Mamatas and Tim Pratt, was nominated for the Stoker award for achievement in Short Fiction in 2009. He was recognized for his editorial work in Haunted Legends (with Ellen Datlow) with a Bram Stoker Award, as well as a World Fantasy Award and Hugo Award nominations.

Mamatas’ first crime novel, Love is the Law, will be out this year.

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IFPCollection of Nick Mamatas stories out in 2014