Column: Retronomicon: The Harker Legacy

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Glenn, Teel James. The Harker Legacy. Anachron Press, 2012. USD $6.99. ISBN 13-978-1481171816.

This story takes place in one of those parallel worlds where a bullet was not fired in Texas in 1937 and so the world was changed….

That bullet was actually fired in 1936, June 11th to be precise. The bullet was from a .380 Colt Automatic. It didn’t belong to the shooter. He’d borrowed…
JHaneyColumn: Retronomicon: The Harker Legacy

Review: The Bell Witch


By Amin Chehelnabi

Taff, John F. D. The Bell Witch. Books of the Dead Press (August 6, 2013).

The Bell Witch, by John F. D. Taff, is a ghost story based loosely upon the poltergeist legend from 19th century Tennessee, which has previously been adapted into the movie, An American Haunting, and might have served as inspiration for The Blair Witch Project. In this latest adaptation, the author shows how the Bell family endures this poltergeist …

IFPReview: The Bell Witch