Column: Global Ghoul: Flowers of Evil

By Dale Carothers

Oshimi, Shuzo. The Flowers of Evil. Vertical Inc., 2012. USD $10.95. ISBN: 978-1-935654-46-9.

Go out and buy this book. It’s okay. I’ll wait….

Are you back? Good. Now look down at its cover. It’s white and pristine like a cake of the sweetest frosting. And if you cut a slice of that cake, you’ll find a story most alluring and sweet, but dark like chocolate. Within the lacy-moist nooks and crannies sits a spider’s egg. An …

DaleColumn: Global Ghoul: Flowers of Evil

Review: Deadfall Hotel

By Orrin Grey

Tem, Steve Rasnic. Deadfall Hotel Solaris, 2012. USD $9.99. ISBN 978-1907992834.

Before I talk about Steve Rasnic Tem’s Deadfall Hotel, let me talk a little bit about John Kenn Mortensen. Mortensen is a Danish artist whose work took at least one small corner of the Internet by storm. Basically, he draws amazing, Richard Gorey-esque pictures of monsters and other weirdness onto Post-It notes. You can see why I love him. He’s rapidly become one of …

Orrin GreyReview: Deadfall Hotel

Review: The Weird

By Mason Ian Bundschuh

VanderMeer, Ann and Jeff, ed. The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Tales. TOR/Tom Doherty Associates, LLC (May 8, 2012). 1126 pages.

Let me be forthright: If you love that which is weird, inexplicable and eerie, then stop what you’re doing and pick yourself up a copy of The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Tales. The hundred-plus stories chosen by editors Ann and Jeff VanderMeer, spanning over a century, showcase how …

IFPReview: The Weird

Review: Haunted: Eleven Tales of Ghostly Horror

By Sarah Hans

Valentinelli, Monica. Haunted: Eleven Tales of Ghostly Horror. FR Press (October 2011).
Ebook: USD $4.99.

Haunted: Eleven Tales of Ghostly Horror is the editorial debut of rpg and horror writer Monica Valentinelli. The cover is slick and professional, and promises stories by reasonably well-known names in spec-fic like Alex Bledsoe, Jason Sizemore and Chuck Wendig.

The book opens with an introduction by Jaeson K. Jrakman, a real-life ghost hunter. Ordinarily, I read a few lines and …

IFPReview: Haunted: Eleven Tales of Ghostly Horror

Column: Retronomicon: William Hope Hodgson’s “The House on the Borderland”

By J. Keith Haney

Corben, Richard; Revelstroke, Simon; Loughridge, Lee. William Hope Hodgson’s The House on the Borderland. DC/Vertigo Comics (December 1, 2000). ISBN-13: 978-1563895456.

There is a certain kind of critic I have always despised. I realise the irony in that statement, considering the number of reviews, columns and, yes, critiques of my own that I have done for this website. That being said, humour me for a moment…because the chances are excellent that you’ve hated this sort …

JHaneyColumn: Retronomicon: William Hope Hodgson’s “The House on the Borderland”

Review: Strange Eons

By J. Keith Haney

Bloch, Robert. Strange Eons. Pinnacle Books (June, 1979). ISBN-13: 978-0523404479.

The late 1970s were a curious crossroads in the recognition of the life works of one Howard Phillip Lovecraft. By this point, his work had acquired a respectable cult following, but was still terribly hard to find outside of Arkham House reprints (a state of affairs that would remain true until, maybe, sometime in the mid-1990s). A new generation of writers such as Stephen King, …

JHaneyReview: Strange Eons

Review: Armored

By Randy Stafford

Adams, John Joseph, ed. Armored. Baen, 2012. 608 pp. USD $7.99. ISBN 1451638175.

Titling an anthology ‘Armored’ offers about as much promise as anthologies titled ‘Guns’ or ‘Spaceships’ would. You could get a lot of variety, or you could get a lot of the same. Admittedly, at times, reading this book cover to cover, I approached the tedium point. But Adams is a smart-enough editor to break up the line …

IFPReview: Armored

Column: Global Ghoul: Dororo: Omnibus Edition

By Dale Carothers

Tezuka, Osamu. Dororo: Omnibus Edition. VerticalInc., 2008, 2012. USD $24.95. ISBN: 978-1-935654-32-2.

When I opened Dororo, I was overcome with feelings of childlike glee. If I’d been at a movie, I would’ve turned to the person next to me and said, “This is going to be awesome!” I wasn’t disappointed.

Lord Daigo’s quest for power leads him to a shrine on a dark and stormy night. Inside, he finds 48 demons and offers them 48 …

DaleColumn: Global Ghoul: Dororo: Omnibus Edition

Review: Reflections in a Glass Darkly

By Orrin Grey

Crawford, Gary William; Rockhill, Jim; and Showers, Brian J., eds. Reflections in a Glass Darkly. Hippocampus Press, 2011. USD $25.00. ISBN 978-1614980056.

For someone writing a review of a comprehensive collection of scholarship on J. Sheridan le Fanu, I’ve actually not read all that much of Le Fanu’s fiction. I’ve never read any of his novels and I’m only really familiar with a few of his better-known short stories. That’s actually part of why I wanted …

Orrin GreyReview: Reflections in a Glass Darkly

Column: Retronomicon: H.P. Lovecraft’s Haunt of Horror

By J. Keith Haney

Corben, Richard; Margopoulos, Rich. H.P. Lovecraft’s Haunt of Horror. Marvel Comics (November 5, 2008). USD $9.95. ISBN: 13-978-0785132875.

This month, we’ll be looking once again at the work of Richard Corben, who was profiled in this column for his Edgar Allan Poe’s Haunt of Horror under the Marvel MAX imprint. Of course, once you’ve adapted dear old Uncle Edgar, HPL is the next logical step, right? Corben apparently thought so, as H.P. Lovecraft’s Haunt of

JHaneyColumn: Retronomicon: H.P. Lovecraft’s Haunt of Horror

Review: Cthulhu Comes to the Vampire Kingdom

By Nathaniel Katz

Pierce, Cameron. Cthulhu Comes to the Vampire Kingdom. Eraserhead Press, 2011. ISBN-10: 1-936383-95-0. ISBN-13: 978-1936383955.

We open with the vampires Franz and Lola, and the death of their child. From there, we zoom out with brusque chapters and myriad perspective shifts to see the vampire world’s growing crisis. The vampires, you see, are running out of blood. Numerous, desperate solutions have been proposed, and the idea of fleeing to the underground grows more and more tempting. …

IFPReview: Cthulhu Comes to the Vampire Kingdom

Review: Free Comic Book Day: Locke & Key

By Paula R. Stiles

Hill, Joe, writer; Rodriguez, Gabriel, artist. Locke & Key: Free Comic Book Day. Jay Fotos, colors; Robbie Robbins, letters; Chris Ryall, ed. IDW Publishing, 2011. 28pp.

I went to Free Comic Book Day this year (It was last Saturday) and picked up some stuff. Most of it was promotional material, involving snippets of stories, but there was one interesting find: a Free Comic Book Day special issue of Locke & Key from last year. It …

Paula R. StilesReview: Free Comic Book Day: Locke & Key