Column: On the Marches of Dreamland: Review: Hellifax (Mountain Man Book 3)

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Blackmore, Keith C. Hellifax (Mountain Man Book 3). Amazon Digital Services Inc, 2012. USD $3.99 Kindle; USD $14.99 paperback. ISBN 1481875876.

As the cover blurb says, “There are worse things than the dead.”

Here, that would be the first two batches of characters we meet. The first are the Norsemen: “…born killers, once unaware of their true potential, which had been unleashed after the …

Randy StaffordColumn: On the Marches of Dreamland: Review: Hellifax (Mountain Man Book 3)

Review: The Last Final Girl


By Jesse Bullington

Stephen Graham Jones. The Last Final Girl. Lazy Fascist Press. September 16, 2012. $11.95. ISBN-10: 1621050513.

BLACK SCREEN, HUSHED VOICEOVER: By the end, everyone knew about Stephen. About what he was into. About what he did. Some people didn’t get it. Didn’t even try to understand. But there were those of us who did, those of us who still do, even after…everything. For us, he wasn’t just some guy spinning clever stories that spun round and…
IFPReview: The Last Final Girl