Winners of Our Giveaway

Our giveaway of autographed novels is now over and we’ve got a couple of winners. Matt has won a print copy of The Mighty Quinn and castiel’scat has won a print copy of Fraterfamilias. Congratulations, and many thanks to those to shared and posted!

Winners should email us at innsmouthfp(at)gmail(dot)com with their full names, postal addresses and any short message they want with the signature in the book.…

IFPWinners of Our Giveaway

Fungi Is On Sale!

The Fungi anthology is now officially on sale! The book is available in special edition hardcover (contains three extra stories and 10 illustrations), paperback or e-book form. Please note that the paperback and e-book are the same and do not contain the special edition extra stories, nor the illustrations. The hardcover can be purchased through Innsmouth Free Press. Paperback and e-book copies can also be purchased through our website directly from us or through a retailer of your choice (…

IFPFungi Is On Sale!

Innsmouth Magazine closed to subs in January

For the first time in its history, Innsmouth Magazine is closing to subs. No subs will be accepted during the month of January. Subs will re-open February 2013. Innsmouth Magazine is interested in Weird fiction of all stripes, from flash fiction up to 5,000 words.

Also, a reminder that the Sword and Mythos anthology opens to submissions in January. Payment is 5 cents per word (pro rate) and two contributor copies. We are looking for stories that combine sword and …

IFPInnsmouth Magazine closed to subs in January

PDF Review Copies of “Fungi”

For those interested in sampling our mushroom goodness, PDF copies of Fungi are now available for review. Fungi is not out until December. We won’t be shipping review copies until that time and will only have a handful of those (We are a small operation, sorry!), but you can have a handy-dandy PDF today.

Interested? Please contact

Fungi is an eclectic anthology with stories that run the gamut from horror to dark fantasy. A mushroom submarine, anthropomorphic cats, hallucinogenic …

IFPPDF Review Copies of “Fungi”

The Super Big Fungi Pre-Sale

Fungi goes on sale December 1st, but you can get a discounted copy if you purchase it during our pre-sale!

Get 20% off a paperback or hardcover copy of this anthology when you order by November 16. Please note: The paperback and hardcover are different!

The paperback ($15, regular price) and e-book ($8) editions of Fungi contain 22 stories and a poem. The hardcover ($28, regular price) comes with three extra stories not included in the paperback and ten black-and-white …

IFPThe Super Big Fungi Pre-Sale

Sword and Mythos Guidelines

Sword and Mythos is an anthology paying professional rates (5 cents per word) looking for short fiction of up to 5,000 words which combines the pulp genres of Cthulhu Mythos and sword and sorcery.

What we want

Sword and Mythos. This includes any element of the Cthulhu Mythos (creatures such as shoggoths, characters like the King in Yellow, locations like Leng) combined with sword and sorcery (heroic fantasy). Stories can be told from the viewpoint of sorcerers or other non-traditional …

IFPSword and Mythos Guidelines

We Sprout a New Tentacle

Innsmout is sprouting a new tentacle! We have an Editorial Assistant. Nathaniel Katz joins us this month. He will be writing bite-size movie and horror book news items (So, if you have something of that nature, he’s your ghoul!). In addition, Nathaniel will be helping us out with sundry publishing items. Like tying Orrin Grey to the sacrifical stone. I mean, contacting reviewers and such.

Nathaniel Katz is working towards a handsome pair of degrees in English and History at …

IFPWe Sprout a New Tentacle

“Sword and Mythos” is Fully Funded

Writing in all-caps is unprofessional but no matters: OMG YOU GUYS WE REACHED OUR GOAL.

I’m sure you noticed that we’ve been promoting the Sword and Mythos IndieGoGo in an effort to raise enough funds to pay professional rates for our next anthology. There was a lot of nail-biting, a lot of begging, and finally a happy dance when we not only reached our goal, but surpassed it by $400 dollars.

Many thanks to everyone who tweeted about us or …

IFP“Sword and Mythos” is Fully Funded

Found on the Net: Cthulhu Fluxx

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Well, here’s a card game I had not seen before: Cthulhu Fluxx. The official website provides the following description:

Follow the wild-eyed Poet, the obsessed Artist, and the expeditions of the Professor, as they investigate Eldritch Secrets no mortal was meant to discover. Someone has stolen the Necronomicon from the library at Miskatonic Univeristy, and a Farm in the hills is undergoing a horrifying Metamorphosis. Meanwhile, unspeakable abominations stir in Penguin-riddled Tombs beneath the ice. Are …

Silvia Moreno-GarciaFound on the Net: Cthulhu Fluxx

Laoatian Weird poetry comes to Innsmouth

IFP is proud to announce that Demonstra, a collection of Weird poetry by Laotian-American poet Bryan Thao Worra, will be joining the slate of releases scheduled for next year.

Bryan Thao Worra is the first Laotian-American to receive a Fellowship in Literature from the United States government’s National Endowment for the Arts. He received the Asian Pacific Leadership Award from the State Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans for Leadership in the Arts in 2009. His previous books include On

IFPLaoatian Weird poetry comes to Innsmouth

Sword & Mythos Needs Your Assistance

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Innsmouth Free Press is crowdsourcing its next project. The anthology, Sword and Mythos, which will combine sword and sorcery with Cthulhu Mythos. Two pulp sub-genres for the price of one!

We are trying to make enough money to pay the writers pro rates and would dearly appreciate your assistance, either by making a contribution or by telling other people about it.

So far, we have $1,500, but we are far from our …

IFPSword & Mythos Needs Your Assistance

Sword and Mythos

We have been talking for a long time about a Sword and Mythos anthology. Well, the day has come to make it a reality! We are currently at IndieGoGo, trying to raise enough funds to finance professional rates for our next book, which combines the pulp traditions of sword and sorcery and Mythos.

The money will go towards paying the writers, an illustration for the cover, and other associated costs. Although we have produced other anthologies before, we have never …

IFPSword and Mythos