Giveaway: Buy “You Shall Never Know Security”, Get Free Swag

Are you interested in purchasing the collection, You Shall Never Know Security, by J.R. Hamantaschen (recently reviewed right here in Innsmouth)? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve partnered with West Pigeon Press and, if you send us a receipt of the purchase of this title by March 30, you’ll be entered in a draw for an Innsmouth Free Press mug and t-shirt.

What do you have to do? E-mail (Scan a receipt or forward your electronic receipt) proof of purchase …

IFPGiveaway: Buy “You Shall Never Know Security”, Get Free Swag

February Fundraiser: We Did It!

You might have figured this out by now, but here it goes: We did it! We asked you to help us raise $1500 for Innsmouth Free Press and you came through.

The yearly fundraiser is not just about money. Well, it is, in part. However, it is also a show of support for Innsmouth Free Press and the interest of readers in seeing it stay afloat. For that, all contributors at Innsmouth thank you.

Now, about the prizes. We have …

IFPFebruary Fundraiser: We Did It!

February 2012 Recap

Hello and thanks for all the fish! Or should we say, thanks for the money? February marked the month of our fundraiser. We also released a new issue of Innsmouth Magazine. Feel free to check it out and to look at some of the items you may have missed last month. We’ve also closed submissions for the Fungi anthology and will get back to everyone who subbed, in April.


IFPFebruary 2012 Recap

Review Me! Get free e-books from IFP

Have you read an Innsmouth Free Press book or one of our digital issues? Then you can earn another one, for free! During the month of March, post a review of one of our titles on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Goodreads, Chapters, or any other similar site and we’ll send you an ePub or Kindle title of your choice, free.

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Review the issue or book of your choice.
  2. Send us the link to the review at
IFPReview Me! Get free e-books from IFP

2012 Fundraiser: Update 3

There’s no easy way to put this, but it’s time we sacrificed columnist Orrin Grey. Generally, we try to keep our contributors alive, but we are $250 short of our goal. Donate now or Orrin will die!

Kidding. However, we do need the $250. Our fundraiser ends Wednesday and we are hoping you have it in your dark hearts to spare a few dollars in order to reach our goal.

Innsmouth Free Press works hards to bring you quality …

IFP2012 Fundraiser: Update 3

2012 Fundraiser: Update 2

We have a few days to go until the end of the month and the end of our fundraiser. We still need your help if we are going to reach of our goal of $1500: Currently, we have raised over $1000. We still need $400 more.

Last year, Innsmouth Free Press uploaded daily content, produced three free issues of Innsmouth Magazine, and released three anthologies. This year, we will continue to provide regular content and we are working on …

IFP2012 Fundraiser: Update 2

2012 Fundraiser: Update 1

We are halfway through our fundraiser and have raised $690. We are aiming for a total of $1,500, so that means we have some ground to cover.

If every person who visits this website in a month donated one dollar, we would have enough money to cover all of our expenses for a year. Innsmouth Free Press delivers daily news, columns, reviews and articles. It publishes three free fiction issues during the year. It assembles themed anthologies focusing on the …

IFP2012 Fundraiser: Update 1

Recap: January 2012

The first month of the year is out of the way. Before we sink fully into February, turn back the clock to see if you missed anything. Oh, and remember that our fundraiser is going on right now. Please donate and tell others about us.


We talked with Mike Davis of The Lovecraft eZine.


Finds on the Net: Cthulhu Transformers, Lovecraft Carpet, New “Evil Dead” Totally A Go, Animated Madness and YouTube Edition.


  • Cthulhu Eats the
IFPRecap: January 2012

2012 Fundraiser

It’s that time of year, yes. The moment when we grab our tin can and begin the yearly fundraiser. Innsmouth Free Press is a micropress with a tiny budget. We survive thanks to sales from our books and donations. This year, we are hoping to raise $1500, which will help pay for our web hosting, artwork, stories, and other sundry items. You can click on the PayPal button below and no amount is too small.

If you donate to us …

IFP2012 Fundraiser

Fungi Anthology Now Open to Submissions

What mushrooms sprout in Yuggoth? You tell us! The Fungi anthology, edited by Orrin Grey and Silvia Moreno-Garcia, opens to submissions today for a whole month (until February 15). Full guidelines are here.

In advance of the publication of this anthology, we are assembling a fungal fiction spreadsheet. Do you know of any speculative stories, movies, TV shows, video games, or the like that feature fungi as an important plot element? We have a list here of what we’ve

IFPFungi Anthology Now Open to Submissions

Recap: December 2011

Goodbye to the old year! In December, we had the launch of our latest anthology, Future Lovecraft. If you were eating fig pudding and were too busy to check our website, here’s what went up last month:



IFPRecap: December 2011

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year from the denizens of Innsmouth! We hope you will have an exciting and prosperous 2012.

As we look back at the year that was in Innsmouth, we can see it was a very busy time. We released three anthologies, published three fiction issues and started selling Innsmouth Magazine in an electronic format. We also continued to feature columns, articles and reviews from our talented collaborators.

What’s in store for 2012? Well, our regular content will continue …

IFPHappy 2012!