Demonstra has a Fishy Cover


Our upcoming poetry collection Demonstra now has a snazzy cover for its paperback edition. If you participated in Bryan’s Kickstarter for the illustrated edition, the cover for that one will be different and will contain, of course, illustrations.

At any rate, behold the beauty of Demonstra and our giant fish.

In the depths, half-hidden under still waters, await strange and vicious creatures ….

Cthulhu, Godzilla and nagas mingle in Demonstra, a speculative poem collection which assembles 20 years of …

IFPDemonstra has a Fishy Cover

Donations are Good for the Soul…and for Cthulhu

Canadian money. Image: Xiaozhuli. Creative Commons.

Innsmouth Free Press survives thanks to our book sales and donations. Sadly, so far this year, we haven’t had many donations. In past years, we’ve run small fundraisers to get the $1,500 or so dollars that help us operate. We don’t want to consider a formal fundraiser, yet, but we thought we might ask if you’d consider donating a few dollars to help Innsmouth stay healthy.

We know times are tough, but every penny helps us create and maintain awesome …

IFPDonations are Good for the Soul…and for Cthulhu

Giveaway: “Stitches,” an Irish horror-comedy

IFPGiveaway: “Stitches,” an Irish horror-comedy