Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 7/28/14

Don’t forget to pick up Sword and Mythos, which is out in its handy-dandy travel size in print, as well as on Kindle and other e-formats. In addition, our last issue of Innsmouth Magazine is out.

Also, editor Paula R. Stiles has a Dog Days of Summer sale going on all month on her site. Her novels are 20% off July 24-August 24.

This week, we have more news and spoilers about Doctor Who, sci-fi series and Supernatural

IFPWhispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 7/28/14

Review: The New Gothic

By KL Pereira

Lewis, Beth K., ed. The New Gothic. Stone Skin Press, 2013. ISBN: 9781908983053.

I’m a sucker for gloomy moors, craggy manor houses, and the errant spectre flitting through echoey halls, so I was pretty excited to read The New Gothic. In the introduction, the editor describes her own obsessions with this literary mode, which include a love of Wuthering Heights and works that display a commitment to emotional intensity. What marks this anthology as one …

IFPReview: The New Gothic

Column: Gods and Monsters: Jesus in “Supernatural”

spoilers but no proselytizing ahoy

The most common trope out there

A perennial question among fans of the show, Supernatural, is “Where is Jesus in all of this?” The question makes sense, because this has always been at its heart a show about the Christian Apocalypse. As this fan-made video from 2007 shows, even in season one, the religious imagery was heavy-duty:

As the central figure in the most important story of Christianity, Jesus Christ is one of the …

Paula R. StilesColumn: Gods and Monsters: Jesus in “Supernatural”

Whispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 5/19/14

This week, we have more news and spoilers about Once Upon a Time, Doctor Who, sci-fi series and Supernatural. You can access previous spoilers columns here.

Once Upon a Time (Sunday nights, 8pm, ABC)
By Heather S. Vina

There are a few post-finale articles/interviews that came out this past week for the show! TV Guide has one. TV Line has one. And E! Online has one.

TV Guide‘s Mega Buzz had some Rumple/Belle scoop for …

IFPWhispers, Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 5/19/14

In Xochitl in Cuicatl in Shub-Niggurath

The following story appears in Sword & Mythos, on sale now. Purchase it as an e-book or paperback.

In Xochitl in Cuicatl in Shub-Niggurath

Nelly Geraldine Garcia-Rosas

Translated from the Spanish by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

“These Tolucans — and, by another name, Matlazinca — did not speak the Mexican language but another different and obscure tongue.”
— Fray Bernardino de Sahagún. Historia general de las cosas de la Nueva España

S creams. The sun had not risen yet when the…
IFPIn Xochitl in Cuicatl in Shub-Niggurath

“She Walks in Shadows” Artwork

Our 2015 all-woman anthology She Walks In Shadows will include some black-and-white interior artwork. We are therefore looking for a few women artists in order to fill the pages with awesomeness. We’ll pay $100 for original, commissioned black-and-white artwork printed in the book, $50 for previously published pieces or pieces included in your existing portfolio (so if you drew something for a magazine and it was used two years ago, or something for display on deviantART, we’ll consider it). We …

IFP“She Walks in Shadows” Artwork

Open Call Guidelines for “She Walks in Shadows”

She Walks in Shadows, the first all-woman Lovecraft anthology, will hold an open submissions period from November 15, 2014 to December 15, 2014. DO NOT SEND STUFF BEFORE THAT DATE. Keep the following in mind:

Submit short stories inspired by the work of Lovecraft that focus on a woman or female deity. It may be a character from Lovecraft’s work or someone of your own creation. You are not restricted to the 1920s as a setting. Steampunk, dieselpunk, noir, …

IFPOpen Call Guidelines for “She Walks in Shadows”

2014: The Books that Will Be

What awaits you this year at Innsmouth Free Press? We’ve got a few lovely covers ready to show to you and we thought it was a good time to remind you of our releases this year.

First of all, Sword and Mythos will be out this May and you can pre-order your copy today. This paperback contains not only fiction from talented writers such as Diana Paxson, Maurice Broaddus and William Meikle, but also four essays on heroic fantasy. …

IFP2014: The Books that Will Be

“Sword and Mythos” pre-sale

Sword and Mythos, our latest anthology with stories by Diana Paxson, William Meikle, Maurice Broaddus, and many more writers is on pre-sale from now until April 20. And if you purchase the book during the pre-sale, you get 10% off from the $15 cover price, so don’t wait. Shipping is $4 for the USA and $10 for other countries, and is included in the calculations below.

Sword and Mythos will officially launch in May. Interested in a review copy? …

IFP“Sword and Mythos” pre-sale

Goodbye Innsmouth Magazine

Well, it had to happen sometime. Innsmouth Magazine says a fond farewell with its final issue, number 15, this spring. We’ve had fun putting together this little zine, but don’t make enough sales to keep it afloat. So, it must go. More details about the final issue later on.

As for Innsmouth books, we will still continue to produce collections and anthologies, though we are scaling back on the number of titles out each year. The anthology, Sword and Mythos

IFPGoodbye Innsmouth Magazine

Official Release of Demonstra

Bryan Thao Worra’s poetry collection Demonstra is making a splash today. The book, which amasses two decades of Weird and bizarre poetry, also includes a bestiary of mythological creatures from Laos folklore and a few illustrations of said creatures.

Demonstra will not be available as an e-book, so get your paperback copy today in time for the holidays.

In the depths, half-hidden under still waters, await strange and vicious creatures …. Cthulhu, Godzilla and nagas mingle in Demonstra, a …

IFPOfficial Release of Demonstra