Cthulhu Haiku Contest

Cthulhu Haiku Contest Rules and Prizes


First place:

Second place:

IFPCthulhu Haiku Contest

IFP Special Multi-issue: 2010

We’re running a multiethnic issue in 2010 and we want your scary, funny, exciting and plain-bizarre stories with a Lovecraftian twist.


  1. Must have a minority character in a major role. We are trying to produce an issue that showcases diversity in speculative fiction. We get a lot of slush with characters with English backgrounds, and a lot of stuff set in the United States. We are trying to do something different this time around.
  2. Special attention will be paid
IFPIFP Special Multi-issue: 2010

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Slush Tips

It’s been only recently that we opened to submissions and we have received lots of short fiction and Monster Bytes. We thank you for your interest. However, we’ve got some easy tips that might help you leap out of the slush box.

Short Fiction

  1. Flash fiction: We buy flash fiction under 1000 words but barely receive any. Your odds are much higher of making it out of the slush if you send flash.
  2. Unusual setting: More than 80 per cent
IFPSlush Tips