Coming soon: Issue 7

Our seventh fiction issue won’t be hitting the Internet until next month, but we thought we should give you a teaser of things to come by way of a cover image and a bit of information on what abominations will await you.

This time around, the artwork on the cover is by freelance illustrator Scott Purdy. We’ve nicknamed the image “Treetulhu”.

The issue contains six stories and is headlined by W.H. Pugmire. It will also include fiction by Don …

IFPComing soon: Issue 7

April Giveaway Winners

Wow. April was jam-packed with giveaways to celebrate the launch of Historical Lovecraft. Oh, and we’re not done yet. The Blogging Buddies and Supernatural-Meets-Lovecraft contests are still going on.

Nevertheless, we’ve got the names of last month’s winners.

The winners of the three crocheted Cthulhus are: Elizabeth McClellan, Frances Rowat, Callisto D’Io.

The pre-sale customer who gets three additional Innsmouth titles is David Freireich. Thanks, David! We’ll ship Fraterfamilias, to you, as well as Candle

IFPApril Giveaway Winners

Blogging Buddies

Welcome to the first week of Bloggig Buddies! Every week until May 20, several Historical Lovecraft contributors will be blogging about the anthology. Your mission? To answer a few questions (answers found in blog posts scattered through the Internetz). Your reward? This week, it’s an autographed DVD copy of Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu and a bonus eldritch surprise!

Rules: The authors’ blog posts will go up, one by one, starting tomorrow, until Friday. Keep your eyes peeled for them. …

IFPBlogging Buddies

Historical Lovecraft: Launches Today, Win Cthulhu in Purple Suit

It’s here! April 20 marks the official launch date of Historical Lovecraft, an anthology containing 26 tales of horror through time. This is the last day to purchase the book with a 20% discount (see here for details) and we need your help to get the word out. Why should you help? ‘Cause you may win a Cthulhu in a purple suit  with a top hat.

We are giving away one print of Myke Amend’s “Reign in

IFPHistorical Lovecraft: Launches Today, Win Cthulhu in Purple Suit

“Supernatural”-meets-Lovecraft Contest

We’ve heard a rumour or two (three, four and five) that CW show Supernatural is going Lovecraft this year. Since we’re a Lovecraft zine and we review Supernatural, we just couldn’t let that one go. So, we’re having ourselves a contest here at Innsmouth Free Press to commemorate that happy conjunction.

What you could win

Grand Prize: Two tickets to the Lovecraft Film Festival in San Pedro, California (no travel, just the tickets) this September. …

IFP“Supernatural”-meets-Lovecraft Contest

Historical Lovecraft: Second Sample Story

They say the proof is in the pudding. In our efforts to prove Historical Lovecraft (on pre-sale now) is a tasty anthology, we’ve got another free sample story for you.

“Ahuizotl”, by Nelly Geraldine Garcia-Rosas, is set in Colonial Mexico. It mixes Prehispanic legends with Cthulhu Mythos and utilizes the creature known as the “ahuizotl” as a pivotal element of dread. Garcia-Rosas hails from Mexico. “Ahuizotl”, written originally in Spanish, is one of two stories translated for the anthology …

IFPHistorical Lovecraft: Second Sample Story

Historical Lovecraft: Also Available as an E-Book … and Discounted

The horror anthology Historical Lovecraft, featuring 26 tales of horror spanning the centuries and continents, is available for pre-sale now with a 20% discount. Copies start shipping on our official launch date of April 20. However, if you can’t wait for this tome of historical chills, or you just prefer virtual ink, head on over to Smashwords where you’ll find the book in multiple formats.

That’s not all. We are also offering 20% off the Smashwords e-book version of …

IFPHistorical Lovecraft: Also Available as an E-Book … and Discounted

March 2011: Review and Recap

March brought us spring, and spring brought a whole lot of goodies to Innsmouth. We have a new batch of columnists, who will be covering video games and comic books. We also put up a free sample of our Historical Lovecraft anthology, on pre-sale now with a 20% discount. If you’re interested in reviewing it, contact us.


  • Henry Saine, director of the horror-comedy Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu stopped by to chat about the movie.
  • Angel
IFPMarch 2011: Review and Recap

Join our Facebook Pages: Win Weetulhus

Innsmouth Free Press has official Facebook pages for itself and its books (Fraterfamilas and the upcoming Historical Lovecraft). If you haven’t “liked” us, here’s a great reason why you should: during the month of April, we will be giving away three Weetulhus to our Facebook followers. That means you can increase your chances of winning by following us on all three pages!

The Weetulhus are created by knitter extraoirdinaire Cthulhu Chick. They fit well in a purse …

IFPJoin our Facebook Pages: Win Weetulhus

Historical Lovecraft: Presale Discount of 20%

The anthology Historical Lovecraft features 26 tales of horror. Stalin’s Russia, 10th century Rome and Neolithic Mesopotamia are just some of the backdrops before which madness and history collide. It launches officially on April 20 and we’ve organized a presale with a 20% discount for early bird buyers.

Historical Lovecraft’s paperback retail price is $14.99 USD , $16.99 CAD and £11 GBP. With the early-bird discount, you pay $11.99 USD,  $13.59 CAD or  £8.8 GBP (plus shipping). Customers outside …

IFPHistorical Lovecraft: Presale Discount of 20%

Historical Lovecraft: Free Sample

They come. From across time and the world, 26 tales of horror. Stalin’s Russia, 10th century Rome and Neolithic Mesopotamia are just some of the backdrops before which madness and history collide.

Today, we bring you a sample story from the anthology Historical Lovecraft. Set in Ancient Egypt, “If Only to Taste Her Again” is a short, sweet bite of danger in Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s court. Author E. Catherine Tobler’s short fiction has appeared in Fantasy Magazine, Realms of

IFPHistorical Lovecraft: Free Sample

Historical Lovecraft: Early PDF Review Copies

Historical Lovecraft, featuring 26 stories of horror through time, will be released on April 20. A limited number of print review copies will be sent out next month. However, we are offering you a chance to read a PDF version of it in advance.

Bloggers or reviewers interested in obtaining PDF copies should contact us and indicate the blog or website where the review would appear.

Historical Lovecraft is divided into three sections: Ancient History, Middle Ages and Modern …

IFPHistorical Lovecraft: Early PDF Review Copies