February 2011 Recap

Wow! Now that’s what we call a busy month. Not only did we release our sixth fiction issue, it was also Fundraiser Month and Shivers and Sighs Week. All the articles, reviews and interviews, related to romance and horror published during this special celebration in honour of Valentine’s Day, can be found here.


IFPFebruary 2011 Recap

Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to Scott Rassbach and Tracey, who won our Nina Bangs giveaway items! Shivers and Sighs Week was great fun.

Also congratulations to the three people who’ll get free copies of the urban fantasy Fraterfamilias: David Dells, Katherine Tomlinson and R.S. Hunter.

We hope you’ll keep coming back for more Innnsmouth goodness.…

IFPGiveaway Winners

Innsmouth Fundraiser: Final Plea

The Innsmouth Free Press fundraiser is not going super-well. Last year, we made a little over $800. So far, we’ve made $400. This means we’ll end with less money this year, even though we have more readers. To meet our goal, we’ve considered sacrificing a staff member to Dagon in exchange for money (but Orrin refused to die), asking for a rich patron to sponsor us (turns out I have no rich relatives) and creating a Tyler of V Must …

IFPInnsmouth Fundraiser: Final Plea

Wanna a Free Book? Blog

We’ve got three print copies of the urban fantasy thriller Fraterfamilias. You can help yourself to one. With one condition: you’ve got to blog about it. Good, bad, indifferent, all we ask in exchange for one of these fine books is your blog post. Caveat: we’ll only ship to the United States or Canada.

The book, in a nutshell: recently deceased artist Paul Farrell is in trouble. And his suicide-by-cop didn’t make trouble go away. When Paul’s Russian paleoanthropologist …

IFPWanna a Free Book? Blog

Fundraising Fun Continues!

Donate to Innsmouth and win cool stuff! That’s right; we’ve added more funtastic prizes for those who donate to us (If you’ve already donated, we’ll automatically enter you in these raffles):

  • A print copy of the limited-edition novella, The Mysterious Flame, by Orrin Grey. Only 100 copies were ever printed. We have one! It’s about a golem named Barnabus running up against an obsessed necromancer. You can read more about it here.
  • Tom English of Dead Letter Press
IFPFundraising Fun Continues!

2011 Fundraiser: Week 2

Here we are, two weeks into our fundraiser and I must be honest: it’s not looking good. We’ve raised $350, which means that, at this rate, we are bound to make less money than we made last year and finish extremely far from our intended goal of $1500.

If every person who follows us on Twitter gave a dollar, we’d have enough money to cover the fundraiser. If every person who visits us every month gave a dollar, we’d have …

IFP2011 Fundraiser: Week 2

Shivers and Sighs Week

Welcome to Shivers and Sighs week, running February 7 to February 14. Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to bring out your mushy side, but since this is Innsmouth Free Press, we can’t offer you a heart-shaped box without a beating heart in it. Thus, we are presenting a whole week of interviews with paranormal romance writers, articles on horror and romance, reviews and other goodies.

Join us for a bit of romance and a bit of darkness:

IFPShivers and Sighs Week

Shivers and Sighs Week: Giveaway: Nina Bangs novels

Paranormal romance author Nina Bangs will be with us February 14, to close off Shivers and Sighs week. Oh, and she will have goodies for Innsmouth readers! Two lucky people can win a complete set (three books) of the Gods of the Night series, or a complete set (four books) of the Castle of Dark Dreams series. You pick which set you want! And that’s not all. Nina has graciously offered to sign the books.

What do you have to …

IFPShivers and Sighs Week: Giveaway: Nina Bangs novels

2011 Fundraiser: Week 1

The “I Heart Innsmouth” fundraiser has been going on for a week and we have amassed a little over $100. That’s far from our goal of $1500.

Times are tough, but Innsmouth depends on your donations. We are not a subscription-based website, so you, dear reader, are the lifeblood of Innsmouth. Every year, we hear of zines and magazines which went the way of the dodo. We don’t want to let Innsmouth go extinct. To keep going, we need your …

IFP2011 Fundraiser: Week 1

January 2011 Recap

The first month of the year is over and we’ve been busy here at Innsmouth, preparing for February. February is Fundraiser Month and marks the release of our sixth fiction issue. We are also offering special, romance-themed content for Shivers and Sighs Week, which runs February 8-14 in honour of Saint Valentine’s Day. But, before diving into February, take the time to look at the month that was.


IFPJanuary 2011 Recap

February is Fundraiser Month

February marks the beginning of the “I Heart Innsmouth” campaign. Last year, we raised more than $800 CAD and this year, the squidlings behind this little eldritch operation are attempting to raise $1500 CAD.

Innsmouth Free Press was officially born in March of 2009, out of little more than spunk and cyclopean dreams. Last year, the folks at Innsmouth produced three short-fiction issues, including a special multiethnic issue; organized several contests, including the Poe Haiku competition; and reviewed, interviewed and …

IFPFebruary is Fundraiser Month

New Locations for Walking Guide

The following three locations will be added to the Walking Guide to Innsmouth beginning in February. These locations can be used in the creation of new Monster Bytes. Monster Bytes are short, fictional newspaper-like accounts of incidents around the imaginary town of Innsmouth.

Marsh Hotel

Innsmouth’s finest hotel – and once a mansion owned by the affluent Marsh family – is decorated with lovely, sea-faring motifs. Although the rooms are small and the plumbing can be rickety, Marsh Hotel …

IFPNew Locations for Walking Guide