Missing Businessman Found

by David Birch

Local computer tycoon Norton Bright (35), owner of SunTech Inc, was found wandering delirious on the banks of the Manuxet River in the early hours of yesterday morning. Bright had been missing for the past week and was discovered by a group of night fishermen about half a mile east of the small laboratory he had set up two years ago after leaving Cerulean Skies to pursue personal projects.

“He wasn’t making no sense at all,” Jacob …

IFPMissing Businessman Found

Templar Week: Monster Byte: Templar Find Near Devil Reef

By Paula R. Stiles

Innsmouth, MA – A new shipwreck discovered under the sand on the beach northwest of Devil Reef has sparked a controversy among archaeologists, treasure hunters and, of all people, medieval historians. The wreck, which appears to be a ship of medieval design, was discovered a month ago by treasure hunters with metal detectors. Authorities have kept it secret until now, while archaeologists hurriedly excavated the site to beat out thieves.

Local bartender Linda Wray, one of …

IFPTemplar Week: Monster Byte: Templar Find Near Devil Reef

Reef Monitoring Equipment Smashed

by Mari Ness

Unidentified vandals smashed reef monitoring equipment–including fiberglass transect tape, two video DVD recorders, and a new laptop computer specifically designed for rugged environments–in one of the marine biology labs of Arkham University, police and university officials reported.

The motives for the vandalism remain unclear. A few professors reportedly suspect disgruntled students, while students have suggested that disgruntled taxpayers may be to blame. Some Innsmouth residents have objected to the use of federal funds for the Devil’s Reef …

IFPReef Monitoring Equipment Smashed

Justice Delivered?

By Amanda J. Spedding

Arkham, MA – Albert Thomas Hendrickson was rushed to Arkham County Hospital last night after a knife attack left him fighting for his life. Hendrickson, 69, was found early this morning, bleeding heavily from wounds to his face, neck and arms.

Dr. Nicholas Werribee, Chief Surgeon of Arkham County Hospital said, “Mr. Hendrickson suffered significant blood loss from the attack. He is in a critical condition, but we anticipate a full recovery.”

Werribee would not make …

IFPJustice Delivered?

The Fisherman’s Almanac – October 4th, 2009

By Simon Berman

Innsmouth, Massachusetts – Sunday, October 4th, 2009

AM 11:43
hgt 8.62

AM 5:24
hgt 0.43
PM 6:20
hgt 0.04

Sunrise 6:44 AM
Sunset 6:18 PM

Full Moon

High Temperature: 68°
Low Temperature: 47°

Record High: 83° (July 15, 1941)

Record Low: 31° (Feb. 9, 1934)

Weather: Fog in the morning, lifting with the tide upon the beach and town, but lingering in the marshes. By night, the fog will have grown high like …

IFPThe Fisherman’s Almanac – October 4th, 2009

“Fishman” Scare In Lawson’s Bay

By Jai Andurtai

Vizag, India: Oct. 2 – Alleged sighting of a “Fishman” caused panic in Lawson’s Bay on Wednesday night. Witnesses claimed that a creature described as a “half-man, half-fish” was roaming about the section of the beach road that runs along Lawson’s Bay Colony.

According to unconfirmed reports, some youths, after consuming alcohol, decided to take a dip in the sea. After returning to the beach road, they realized that one of their number was missing. While searching …

IFP“Fishman” Scare In Lawson’s Bay

Albert Thomas Hendrickson Released

By Amanda J. Spedding

Arkham, MA – Albert Thomas Hendrickson, “The May Eve Slasher”, was today released from Arkham Sanitarium. Hendrickson, 69, walked free this morning after serving a 48-year sentence for the attempted murder of Josiah and Julia Cummings in 1961.

Josiah and Julia Cummings, age eight at the time of the assault, were permanently disfigured when Hendrickson broke into their home and attacked the twins with a straight razor. The children’s father, Patrick Cummings, stopped the attack, suffering …

IFPAlbert Thomas Hendrickson Released

Fossilized Tentacle Petrifies Scientist into a Coma!

By Michelle Crabb

Sapelo Island, GA – A lab assistant from Sapelo Island fell into a mysterious coma last Saturday during a hiking trip on Blackbeard Island. Doctors are baffled by the stiff state of the individual, Justice Pruitt. Representatives at the hospital refused to give further details on the matter; however, information about Pruitt’s condition has been leaked by two of the four biologists who were with him at the time of the incident.

Miles McGreen, an intern who …

IFPFossilized Tentacle Petrifies Scientist into a Coma!

Tragedy Breathes Life into Dunwich

By Amanda Spedding

Dunwich, MA – Increased police presence at the limestone caves at Dean’s Corner seems to have breathed new life into the moribund search for two missing lovers and the village of Dunwich. The once quiet and reclusive town is now a hub of activity not seen in the area for years.

New information about the disappearance of Thomas Bennett and his girlfriend, Bella Langford on June 17 has police concentrating their search on the area in and …

IFPTragedy Breathes Life into Dunwich

Arkham to Start Monitoring Reefs – and an Octopus

by Mari Ness

Could the infamous black reef near Innmouth really be harboring one of the world’s largest octopuses – or octopodes,  should you encounter an over-fussy grammarian with a fondness for the eight legged creatures?

That’s what Dr. Ted Fukazawa thinks – and now, he has the federal funds to help him look.

Technically, the Arkham University ecologist and marine biologist hasn’t been told to look for mysterious octopi. But he received a five-year grant from NOAA to monitor …

IFPArkham to Start Monitoring Reefs – and an Octopus

Discovery of Lost USS Innsmouth Still Leaves Mystery Unsolved

By William Bullard

Astoria, OR – Marine archaeologists have discovered the wreck of USS Innsmouth – a 200 year old sloop of war – in Young’s Bay at the mouth of the Columbia River.

After two years of searching followed by months of mapping the wreck with imaging SONAR, and pulling artifacts from the wreck and its surroundings, there is no doubt of the identification.

“The water is murky down there and there’s not much left to the wreck, but …

IFPDiscovery of Lost USS Innsmouth Still Leaves Mystery Unsolved

Bodies Recovered, Search for Missing Fishermen Called Off

by Jaideep

The following appeared in the Vizag [India] Review:
Vizag, August 23:

Two bodies have been recovered by search parties looking for the crewmembers of the fishing boat which disappeared four days ago. Coast Guard vessel Gargeyi spotted the bodies floating near Centurion Bay yesterday afternoon.

All six crewmembers onboard boat FNZM 542 are now feared lost. Fishery Department official Mr. Pranav Babu announced this pending confirmation from King George Hospital where the bodies have been sent. On being …

IFPBodies Recovered, Search for Missing Fishermen Called Off