Fiction Issue 5: October 2010

Welcome to our fifth issue. This time, we offer you eight tales of horror and the bizarre, a number of them connected by the thread of dark gods. Sword-and-sorcery meets horror in “The Song of Tussagaroth”, while a deity of the forest haunts a widowed man in “The Green World” and a terrible plague must be contained in “The Night We Burned Our Hearts Out”. A goddess of the Egyptian variety might be the cause of a strange infestation in …

IFPFiction Issue 5: October 2010

Fiction: The Green World

By Julio Toro San Martin

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Like warm breath that’s exhaled and evaporates in winter was Annie’s life. She came and was gone. But what an amount of happiness and eternity was held in that time! How can I describe to someone who hasn’t felt the intensity of true, unselfish love, and hasn’t met her, how I felt? Like a lightning bolt that flashes across a dark sky was Annie’s love and …

IFPFiction: The Green World

Fiction: Beneath The Cold Black Sea

By Martin Hayes

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It was halfway through the fierce winter of 1942 when the monsters came to Blackwater. They came silently. No one in the sleepy fishing town even noticed their presence until the first body washed up on the unforgiving beach. Even then, some people said that the fisherman’s death was probably just an accident, one of those things. You always get people like that. People who refuse to believe …

IFPFiction: Beneath The Cold Black Sea

Fiction: The Song of Tussagaroth

By James Lecky

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In my life, I have fought with both sword and pen. With the former, I helped storm the last citadels of the Onyx Empire and brought to an end the wars that had plagued the continent of Jendia for too many centuries. With the latter, I have sought to shine light into the dark places of mankind’s knowledge and to seek answers as to the nature of this …

IFPFiction: The Song of Tussagaroth

Fiction: The Night We Burned Our Hearts Out

By Paul Jessup

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Even from back here, I felt the heat rising. Calling to me. Burning the fine hairs on my arm to a crisp. I saw the northern tower fall, crumbling, burning. “We’re trouble, through and through.”

Galik opened his eyes. “You’re trouble. Brother, you’re trouble. Me? I’m good as gold. Kind-hearted.”

Galik was good as gold, but only when he was Galik. When he was Mercer, he was different. …

IFPFiction: The Night We Burned Our Hearts Out

Fiction: The Concierto Of Señor Lorenzo

By Kenneth Yu

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The kalesa halted right in front of my humble boarding house. I folded my newspaper and looked up from behind the front desk, just as the sound of the horse’s canter on the cobbled street ceased. The early afternoon sunlight, as bright as my lobby was dim, caused me to squint to get a better look at the two people disembarking from the upper carriage. All I could …

IFPFiction: The Concierto Of Señor Lorenzo

Fiction: Nibbling

By Cheryl McCreary

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Crouched down and hidden beneath layers of metal and concrete, I hear them approach. The slow rumble of a writhing mass of worms eats away at the rock and steal of the bunker. My heart beats a steady rhythm in time to their nibbling. Even if I survive, I fear the man I was will not.


The heat of summer settled into the hills of Appalachia, the …

IFPFiction: Nibbling

Fiction: The Changeling

By Tom Hamilton

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If you look at city blocks from an airplane, there are way more squares then there are rocky diamonds. I remember this when I’m on the ground. And I did as I drove around searching for a mark. It’s not as easy as just finding the house with the most expensive car. The people who have all the money are smart enough to want to keep it. No …

IFPFiction: The Changeling

Fiction: Borgan’s Deli

By Jarrid Deaton

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Her hair still shedding dust from the collapse, Carol Borgan speaks with a health department official who glances at the remnants of the small deli that continues to creak and break apart in front of them.

“I guess you could say I saw this coming,” she says. “My mother said I was crazy for even moving here, let alone starting a business. She said it was madness, that …

IFPFiction: Borgan’s Deli