Vampire Thursdays: Bloody Funny: Vampires and Comedy

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Welcome to another Vampire Thursday, as we explore the world of the undead this September.

Everything that was scary will eventually be funny. One need look no further than zombie movies to see that parody and humour eventually seep into horror. Vampires, by the virtue of being one of the oldest monsters to make it into cinemas, have a long history of being funny.

Early examples of vampires and humour come courtesy of the Abott and Costello …

IFPVampire Thursdays: Bloody Funny: Vampires and Comedy

TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 9/6/10

This entry is part 13 of 27 in the series Spoilers 2010

We had no spoilers column last week because Paula, who usually edits them, was out of town. This week, we continue with spoilers from V, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural:

V (Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)
By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

V has started shooting around Vancouver, including near the Art Gallery, which passes as everything in this city when it comes to TV and film crews. Pictures from …

IFPTV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 9/6/10

Found on the Net: Lovecraft, Dreams and Religion

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

The Old Ones as a religious movement? A recent article by Dennis P. Quinn discusses how Lovecraft, an atheist, has become a source for religious inspiration. Quinn goes on to talk about the “enigmatic Chaos Magician Frater Tenebrous, active since the late ’80s, wrote Cults of Cthulhu, which is a manual of magick that invokes Lovecraftian deities to do the magician’s bidding,” and explains why Lovecraft’s stories may be a deep well of inspiration for the …

IFPFound on the Net: Lovecraft, Dreams and Religion

Supernatural Fridays: Who Are Sam and Dean in the Supernatural Mythology, Redux

By Paula R. Stiles

[spoilers up through season five and some speculative spoilers for season six]

A New Mythology

The first five seasons of CW show Supernatural followed a season-specific pattern (Finding Dad, Saving Dean), an overall pattern (largely focused on Sam Winchester, with some switchover to his brother Dean in seasons four and five), and character-or-monster-specific arcs (like the ongoing feud between Dean and shapeshifters). The season-specific patterns were about equally shared between the two brothers. The show’s uberplot …

Paula R. StilesSupernatural Fridays: Who Are Sam and Dean in the Supernatural Mythology, Redux

Vampire Thursdays: Dracula Lives! and Other Comic Book Tales of Vampire Terror

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

This article is part of Vampire Thursdays, a series on vampires running this September to celebrate the return of The Vampire Diaries to our regular review slot and…well…to just plain celebrate vampires.

I was at the bookstore the other day and I bumped into some issues of Dracula Lives!, a comic book series that ran in the 1970s for 13 issues. In 2004, Marvel released a four-issue miniseries called “Stoker’s Dracula“, drawn and written …

Silvia Moreno-GarciaVampire Thursdays: Dracula Lives! and Other Comic Book Tales of Vampire Terror

Found on the Net: Don Kenn Gallery

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Don Kenn is a Danish director and writer of childrens’ shows who in his spare time, draws monsters on post-it notes. His numerous creations can be found at his online gallery and there are even creatures that look very Lovecraftian, with tentacles aplenty, including this Cthulhu rising from the water or these tentacles snapping a boat. Bizarre tree-monsters, a group of vampires (?), and voyeuristics ghosts complete the ensemble. It’s all lovely and creepy.
But …

IFPFound on the Net: Don Kenn Gallery

Summer of Unknown Writers: Daphne du Maurier

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

We continue our Summer of Unknown Writers series. Today, we talk about Daphne du Maurier, master of suspense.

I picked Daphne du Maurier for Summer of Unknown Writers because just a few weeks ago, I had hardly read anything by this English author. It seems most people know du Maurier because they have either watched one of the movie adaptations of her stories or read Rebecca, her most famous book. Most of the people in my …

IFPSummer of Unknown Writers: Daphne du Maurier

10 Mean and Scary Plants

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Animal attack movies kind of make sense (nature versus civilization, beasts versus man). Killer plant movies make less sense to me. I’ve never been terrified of my broccoli, though I do think there was a carnivorous-looking tree that used to eye me suspiciously.

The fear of killer plants probably stems from the discovery of some of the more bizarre species around, such as the Venus Flytrap, or exotic flora in distant locations such as the Amazon. Indeed, …

IFP10 Mean and Scary Plants

Found on the Net: Lovecraft Body Lotion

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Prove your allegiance to Lovecraft by moisturizing and beautifying your skin with a cream that is out of this dimension. The body lotion is available from Alchemic Muse on Etsy for $7.50 (USD) and is made of provincial lavender blossoms grounded in fresh pumpkin, sweet cream, blackstrap molasses with a thick dusting of harvest spice, and shea butter.

The body lotion promises to “deeply moisturize and protect against the damaging effects of the sun. Macadamia nut, hemp …

IFPFound on the Net: Lovecraft Body Lotion

Guest Post: Cthulhu in Your Game

By Monica Valentinelli

The first incarnation of was a site dedicated to the editor-in-chief’s Vampire: the Masquerade Live Action Role-Playing game, or LARP for short. Since those early days almost ten years ago, our horror and dark fantasy webzine has grown from its humble beginnings to include news, reviews, interviews and additional coverage of all things horror. As Project Manager for the site, I’ve watched how our readers have evolved over time and what they are interested in. As …

IFPGuest Post: Cthulhu in Your Game

Happy Birthday Lovecraft!

Today is August 20. I bet all you Cthulhu fans know what that means. It’s Lovecraft’s birthday! But how to celebrate the father of Mythos? We didn’t think an unspeakable cake would do it (and how, exactly, do you make non-Euclidean frosting?). Instead, we organized a Tweet Cthulhu contest, asking our readers to send 140 characters’ worth of Lovecrafty goodness. Meet the winners! We’ll be Tweeting their entries during the day. Or you can read them all at once below.…

IFPHappy Birthday Lovecraft!

Column: Writing the Mythos: Why Mythos Movies Suck (A Lot)

By G. W. Thomas

The earliest Lovecraft adaptation was The Haunted Palace in 1963. Using a title of Poe’s and a plot of HPL’s, Roger Corman serves up a Vincent Price fest written by master horror writer Charles Beaumont. Since then, if you can believe Andrew Migliore and John Strysik’s The Lurker in the Lobby: A Guide to the Cinema of H. P. Lovecraft (2005) (and you can) there have been about a 100 films (both major and minor budgeted …

IFPColumn: Writing the Mythos: Why Mythos Movies Suck (A Lot)