Found on the Net: Cthulhu Toys and Items

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Now that October has left the building, you might be sharpening your pencils, ready to write that Christmas shopping list. We are ready to help you with a number of Lovecraft-themed items, which could easily go into your stocking.
First up, the Cthulhu Bobble Head. The figurine stands approximately six inches tall and has a price tag of $12.99. Fun, eh?

Cell phone fans would do well with a Cthulhu Plush Cell Phone Holder. Available …

IFPFound on the Net: Cthulhu Toys and Items

TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 11/10/10

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This week, we have spoilers from V and Supernatural:

(Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)
By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

The biggest V news this week is the release in DVD and Blueray of the complete first season. You can see some analysis on the release here.

On Twitter, Jane Badler described her character as “much wiser than the old Diana Not as quick to temper and less …

IFPTV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 11/10/10

Found on the Net: Cthulhu Colouring Book

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Hey, kiddies. What is the best gift Mom and Dad can get a little cultist and budding Pickman? Why, the Cthulhu Colouring Book! From Amy Crook, the same Mythos-lover that brought you the Cthulhu holiday greeting cards, now comes a new dimension in colouring books. Use crayons, pencils, or markers, and enjoy the experience of bringing Cthulhu into the world of colour. Plus, the book includes an extra helping of zombies! Because, who doesn’t want some free …

IFPFound on the Net: Cthulhu Colouring Book

Found on the Net: Winter is More Fun With Cthulhu

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

With cold weather approaching, you are probably looking for warm mittens and scarfs. But why go with any scarf when you can have a Cthulhu scarf? The Pink Toque Shop sells Cthulhu toques (for adults and babies), scarfhulhus, mittens and sockthulhus made with 100% acrylic yarn. If you have some knitting talent, you can purchase a pattern and make one for yourself.

If you’re looking for something a little more intimate, try the 100% cotton Baththulhu Cthulhu

IFPFound on the Net: Winter is More Fun With Cthulhu

TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 11/02/10

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This week, we have spoilers from V and Supernatural:

(Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)
By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Not much to report this week. V fan Ilana has posted a picture of Jane Badler on the set of the TV show. She is wearing the retro-red dress we’ve been hearing about.

TV Guide reported that Jane Badler has been signed up for the whole second season of the …

IFPTV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 11/02/10

Poe Week: Poe on Women

By Lyndsey Holder

At the risk of ruining my literary geek cred, I have a secret to admit to you: I read Lovecraft long before I read Poe. Any desire I would have had to read Poe was murdered during the high school English class in which we dissected “The Raven”. No matter how cute the specimens we were given to cut up in Biology class happened to be, there was never anything quite as traumatic as clumsily dismembering literature …

IFPPoe Week: Poe on Women

Poe Week: The Great Detective

By Stewart Sternberg

Around Halloween, it’s easy to focus on the horror of Poe, but one shouldn’t lose sight of his contributions to another genre – the detective mystery. Unfortunately, few modern readers tackle Poe’s mysteries. Instead, they are given through school a handful of stories, usually consisting of “The Tell Tale Heart”, “The Masque of the Red Death”, and “The Pit and the Pendulum”. And they are made to analyze “The Raven”, a poem about the hopelessness of life …

IFPPoe Week: The Great Detective

Poe Week: Vincent Price: The Poe Hero

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

There are actors who appear in movies and there are actors who embed themselves in our minds. In horror, we have people like Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. These are performers who not only read their lines and donned the appropriate makeup, these are actors who made the movies…well…the movies. They defined, and sometimes redefined, horror and suspense. Key among these is Vincent Price, a personal favourite. My daughter Victoria would have been named ‘Vincent’ …

IFPPoe Week: Vincent Price: The Poe Hero

TV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 10/28/10

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This week, we have spoilers from V and Supernatural:

(Tuesday nights, 10pm, ABC)
By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

ABC has downsized its second V season to only ten episodes, down from 13, Deadline reported. This has spurred comments among fans who think the show will not live to see a third season. Considering the almost manic way the show has been handled until now, I wouldn’t be …

IFPTV Spoilers & Speculation Corner: 10/28/10

Poe Week: Tell-Tale Homes

By Nick Mamatas

This article was originally published in Weird Tales, 2009. It is reprinted with permission from the author. Do not reproduce.

For writers, Edgar Allan Poe is a hard man to avoid, especially for those scribes who happen to live on the East Coast of the United States. Not just because Poe created the genre of mystery fiction, founded modern horror by eliminating the moral instruction formerly universal in such stories, and also planted the seed of …

IFPPoe Week: Tell-Tale Homes

Poe Week: Poe Movies for Halloween

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

So, it’s Halloween and instead of zombies, you’ve decided to play it Gothic. What sort of Poe-inspired stories should you be watching? Ah, you’ve come to the right place. Fortunately, Roger Corman made a ton of Poe adaptations with Vincent Prince in the lead role. But he wasn’t the only filmmaker who found Mr. Poe’s work ripe for adaptation. There are many to pick and I’m going to tell you which ones should be at the top …

IFPPoe Week: Poe Movies for Halloween

Poe Week: Poe and Lovecraft

By Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Poe and Lovecraft share an important connection, which has not passed unnoticed by fans of horror. Aside from the obvious geographical traits (they were both from New England) and interests (a proclivity for science or poetry), there is the fact, as Robert Bloch said, that “Poe and Lovecraft deliberately chose to turn their backs on contemporary styles and subject-matter and created their own individual worlds of fantasy. In this above all else they were similar.”

Poe was …

IFPPoe Week: Poe and Lovecraft