Candle in the Attic Window: The Pre-Sale

It’s here. The moment to dim the lights and begin your journey into that old, dark house. Candle in the Attic Window, our Gothic horror anthology, goes on pre-sale from today until September 19 with a 20% discount. Yep. Pre-order and save some cash, or wait until September 20 and pay full price. Anthology ships September 20. You know what you want to do.

Candle in the Attic Window contains 27 poems and short stories inspired by Gothic themes. From a modern-day case of romantic vampirism (“Desideratum” by Gina Flores) to a vengeful mummy (“The Ba-Curse” by Ann K. Schwader); from a haunted Cambodia (“Liminal Medicine” by Jesse Bullington) to a German industrial complex where an ancient evil lurks in the corridors (“The City of Melted Iron” by Bobby Cranestone). A Siberian Frankenstein creates a monster in WWII Russia (“Vodka Attack!” by Meddy Ligner), a documentary crew roams an abandoned mansion (“Seventh Picture” by Orrin Grey), and a man is literally trapped by his home (“Housebound”, by Don D’Ammassa). Fairy tales and children’s stories go wrong (“Stone Dogs” by Paul Jessup), and a ghostly lover waits in the attic for you (“In His Arms in the Attic” by Alexis Brooks de Vita).

Come. Come into our house and explore its tales.

A full table of contents is available here and you can read a sample story. Click on the PayPal button below to order. If you are not in Canada, the USA or the UK, contact us by e-mail so we can calculate the shipping (you’ll still get a discount).

Please note all pre-orders begin to ship September 20.

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