Call for Submissions: Historical Lovecraft Anthology


We are opening this September to submissions for our Historical Lovecraft anthology. The anthology will be available in print and as an e-book in 2011, and is produced and edited by the eldritch duo of Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles.

What We Want

Historical fiction with a Lovecraftian twist. Stories should be set in a variety of places, cultures and time periods. While we might buy one story set in 1920s New England, we want to stray far from the normal Lovecraft milieu. If you’re going to do 1920s, why not ship us off to China and tell the story from the point of view of a native of Shanghai? Some examples of ideas we’d like to see:

  • There’s something afoot in Henry VIII’s court.
  • A Mayan warrior discovers evil lurking in Tikal.
  • A trader in Byzantium finds a rare artifact.
  • The Pharaoh’s latest advisor is a man of vast knowledge and even vaster secrets.
  • The Necronomicon! Take us to Damascus as Alhazred pens the manuscript. Or to the printing of the 17th century edition in Spain.
  • Journey to Inuit Canada, where the ice holds prisoner an old foe.
  • Political intrigue in Edo leads to blood, tragedy and a brush with a fearsome entity from beyond the stars.
  • What happened to Machu Picchu? How bloody were its last days?
  • How did the jungle really claim Angkor Wat?
  • The rainforests of the Congo groan under Belgian tyranny at the turn of the 20th century. What deadly deals are made to free it?

Please note that for our purposes we consider historical anything up to 1937 (the year of Lovecraft’s death). Please, no stories in contemporary settings where the hero flashes back to the past or finds a convenient diary/letter set in the past. It’s an extra layer of onion we don’t want to peel. If the meat of the story is in 4th century China, then take us to 4th century China without having to detour into New York 2010.

If you are curious to know what we enjoy reading, look at some of the fiction issues of Innsmouth Free Press. The latest one is here.


From flash fiction (1,000 words or under) to novelette (10,000 words). Keep in mind we have a payment cap of $50 CAD, so your long novelette might be better served by finding another home.


One cent per word up to a maximum of $50 CAD. One physical copy of the anthology and one e-book copy.

Payment made via PayPal or Canadian check upon acceptance.

We are purchasing first English print and electronic rights for the anthology.


Considered, with a few caveats:

1. Indicate where and when the story was originally published in your cover letter.
2. Reprints offered should not be easily available in print or online.
3. Payment is a flat $25 CAD for reprints.

If you published it in a small collection in 1985 and it’s no longer on the market, that’s fine. If it was published in a German magazine and never translated to English, we’d like to see it. If it appeared in a now-defunct zine, that’s okay, too. If it was in a recent issue of an English-language zine that is currently online, no.


E-mail us at innsmouthfp AT Subject line: Historical Antho, [Title of your Story, Author’s Name]. The subject line is important; otherwise, the story might go into the wrong pile.

Do not send simultaneous submissions. Do not send more than one submission. If we reject one story, you can send another one.

Include a cover letter with the story word count, salient writing credits and any reprint information (if applicable). Yes, we do read cover letters, so please include the information (Paula gets cranky when stories arrive sans byline, title or cover letter).

Attach story as RTF (preferred) or Word (doc, not docx) document. Use standard manuscript format. Italics as italics, bold as bold. No fancy fonts.

Stories can be sent in English, French or Spanish.

Submissions are accepted from September 1, 2010 to January 3, 2011. Do not send anything before or after that date.

We will reject some stories as they come in and send others to the hold pile. Final story selection will take place in January 2011. Check back for updates.


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IFPCall for Submissions: Historical Lovecraft Anthology

13 Comments on “Call for Submissions: Historical Lovecraft Anthology”

  1. Jason Parker

    What do the editors consider historical for the purposes of this anthology? You mention the twenties in the call for submissions so that suggests that the Great War is historical, but how far into the last century is generally allowed (barring tales of extraordinary quality)?


  2. Paula R. Stiles

    I dunno. I’d think anything post-Lovecraft’s life would really qualify as “future” Lovecraft and not Historical.

  3. Tom Powers

    Do you want page numbers and other pertinent info in headers? Normally, I use them, some editors I’ve submitted to recently prefer not to have them included.

  4. Andrew C Ferguson

    Hi Guys,

    I’m running a little late on this, but do you still have space at the moment please? I have something I’d like to do set in late 18th century Edinburgh during its Enlightenment, unless you’ve had something similar.

  5. Michael H. Hanson

    Hello. Talk about down to the wire. I just submitted my short story “The Night-Jaunt of F.P. Willenby,” a Reprint (expanded and rewritten) of a tale originally published in a trade paperback anthology in 2005 (a P.O.D. endeavor that is no longer available). I can only cross my fingers and hope my story meets the standards of this exciting endeavor. Michael :o)

  6. Gary

    Well, I wasn’t able to complete it in time, but I will finish it. It’s turning out very good, and I’ll find someplace for it. It’s a shame, because I was featured in Cthulhu Unbound 2 and I was looking forward to being in this anthology, too.

  7. Andrew C Ferguson

    Sorry for not submitting in the end – it sounds like a great anthology, Sylvia, but having read the comments you directed me to I got the strong impression you probably had enough stories based in the States or the UK (Scotland not being England, obviously) with male protags. Although I do write female protags, this one was going to be male.

    You have inspired me to write the story some time, though – I think the concept of a Lovecraftian abomination being the engine for all the intellectual flowering that came out of Edinburgh in the late 18th c. is just too good to pass up…

    Best of luck with the antho.

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