Innsmouth Free Press releases several  high-quality anthologies and novels during the year, available in print and as e-books. These are some of our latest and upcoming titles. Want to stock our titles? See here for more details. Purchase from us or through your favourite retailer such as, IndieBound and more.

Our latest releases:

Sword & Mythos. The blades of heroes clash against the darkest sorcery. Fifteen writers, drawing inspiration from the pulp sub-genres of sword and sorcery and the Cthulhu Mythos, seed stories of adventure, of darkness, of magic and monstrosities. From Africa to realms of neverwhere, here is heroic fantasy with a twist.

Innsmouth Magazine: 15. Innsmouth Magazine uncoils its tentacles with seven stories of the Weird and the macabre. Do you dare to stay in “The Peach Room”? Can you survive “The Lust of Ebon Teeth”? Could it be true that “The Ocean is Eating Our Graves”? Fiction by William Meikle and many others. Welcome to our final issue!