Monster Byte: Bodies Found on Devil Reef Were Members of Local Gang

by Paula R. Stiles

Innsmouth, MA – Three bodies were found on Devil Reef on Thursday, only days after an attack put actor Peter McCallister in the hospital. Though all three were badly mangled, two of them have been tentatively identified as Hermann Krahen (20) and his younger brother Friedrich (17). The third is believed to be Hermann’s friend Greg Hasler (19). All three were reputed members of the local gang, the Lichens, suspected of setting the wildfire currently scorching the banks of the Manuxet River. Friedrich Krahen was also a suspect in the disappearance of a local woman, Mary Williams. Her whereabouts remain unknown.

The men were identified by their clothing and some gold jewelry. “Poor Herm. He always did like his bling,” the older Krahen’s girlfriend, Susie Dorchester, told police when informed of his death. The bodies had been too badly decomposed for facial identification.

“It looks like they were in the water for several days, at least,” Officer Sandra Lewiston said. “The fish got to them before we did. We’ll investigate every lead, of course, because with their backgrounds, you can’t rule out the possibility of a rival gang hit or vigilante killing. Somebody could have, say, killed them and dumped them off a boat on the reef. They had a lot of enemies. But so far, we’re finding no signs of robbery or foul play on the bodies. Our current theory is that it was a shark attack. Those boys did like to spend a lot of time out by the Old Lighthouse and they were known to go swimming at night.”

“That’s crap,” Lewiston’s colleague, Deputy Adam Sargent, stated flatly. “Sharks won’t even go near Devil Reef at night.” Sargent said he had dealt with the Krahen brothers, both as a part-time deputy and the building manager for New Church Green. “They weren’t bad boys. They used to help me around the Hall [New Church Green used to be the Order of Dagon Hall and is still called that by some locals]. They just had a bad reputation because they were locals and there are some folk come in the past few years as think all locals’re trash. You mark my words – that McCallister boy had something to do with this.”

Sargent was referring to Peter McCallister, the lead actor on film production Tentacles from the Sea 3D, who was attacked and left for dead on the beach opposite Devil Reef earlier this week. McCallister was discharged from Innsmouth General Hospital on Wednesday, but won’t be fit to resume work on set until Monday, according to Director John Mbuntu.

Police had sought the brothers for questioning in the attack due to an altercation McCallister had with Hermann Krahen three weeks before at The Siren, but the brothers were nowhere to be found. Sargent claimed this was no coincidence. “That lying [expletive deleted], he did something to them. He’s just acting dumb, playing that amnesia card. And people believe him ’cause he doesn’t have the Innsmouth Look on the outside. But I bet the inside’s a whole different story.”

When asked about statements he’d made at the time of McCallister’s assault that indicated he thought McCallister had deserved the attack, Sargent abruptly terminated the interview.

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IFPMonster Byte: Bodies Found on Devil Reef Were Members of Local Gang